She was so lost in herself that Nissa didn't sense her Master coming into the bathroom. It was his words, the timber his voice, and the slight noise the glad as his hands pressed the shower door that brought her to her senses.

'"I can sense you in here," he said.

Those words, alone, made her realize he was on the precipice of the Abyss. He'd talked of it often enough, and she'd been present one other time when he was returning from one of his 'looks' into it.

When his voice wavered and he turned to lean the wall, she cut off the water and used the Force to fetch the towel from the rack across from him. Wrapping it around her, the soft linen covering her from just under her arms to nearly her knees, she opened the door to the shower.

Gently she touched his left shoulder as she stepped out and came around to face him. Without thinking, she reached her left hand up to gently brush the hair from his down turned face. Her fingers lightly brushing his cheek as she tried to lift his gaze. Her voice was soft, soothing, 'for to be a healing Jedi' he'd once called it. "Jacob... I'm not a child. I haven't been for a very long time." Her smile was as soft as her voice, though she wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't seeing it. Whether by choice it design, she felt the darkness tightly could around him.

"Come back to bed..." she whispered as she tried to lead him back to his room. She was strong enough to bear his weight the short distance if needed. Another lesson from her training. She probably couldn't carry his full, unconscious weight more than halfway to the Council Chamber. But she only had to worry about how bed less than twenty feet away, if he collapsed.

"You aren't any older than I am young, and you know it." She tried to laugh as she took a few steps, hoping he'd stay upright ready in either case. "Come lay down, again. You need to rest. I'll lay with you if you want."

The words weren't tinted with overtures or innuendos. In drunken stupors years ago, her often hold her right enough when the nightmares came that it was easier to lay with him than hold him up. Something told her this was one of those times.

As they reached the bathroom doorway, a thought occurred to her. She paused long enough to close her eyes and take a deep breath. As she exhaled, she opened her eyes and imagined a Force Shield around them both. Being an apprentice, she couldn't block anything tossed their way by anyone more skilled than her. But what she 'could' block was some of the pain from those with no Force abilities. Because of where they were, it only deadened about half of the emotions he was feeling the onslaught of. But she hoped it would be enough to let him catch his breath. "Come last down with me," she crooned once more as the passed they the doorway to the room.