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      Sabriel Akane - Recruitment Bio

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      Name (Full) : Sabriel Akane

      Age: 15

      Species: Human

      Birthplace: Kesh

      Physical Appearance: Sabriel is a rather scrawny looking girl who stands at 5'1. She has short black hair in a twintail style and dark coloured eyes.

      Personality: Due to the events on Kesh, Sabriel finds it difficult to open up to others and keeps to herself as much as possible. She hardly speaks a word to those she doesn't know or when in a group and tends to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself, partly to avoid conflict and partly because she fears that she may embarrass herself or break down in tears. A pacifist at heart, she despises combat and refuses to even consider the thought of taking part in it herself and just wielding a weapon can cause her discomfort. In truth, she is more comfortable with animals than she is with people at this point and can usually be found outside the temple, in the company of the animals that roam around the Temple and the planet itself. She also has a sweet tooth which can sometimes be used as a way to break through her sensitive and fragile state of mind.

      Family: Desmond Akane - Father (Deceased), Lorna Akane - Mother, Cierra Akane - Sister


      Sabriel's early childhood could not have been any different from that of her older sister's. Practically ignored by her father, she was raised single handedly by her mother and given the love and care that Cierra could only dream of having. Where as Desmond was obsessed with ridding the galaxy of the Tapani houses in order to resurrect their own house, Lorna was content with where they were now, living among the native Keshiri people. She raised Sabriel to treat the natives as their own kind and the girl soon became attached to them and their way of life. Her early years were plagued by sickness and her body still is still suffering from the effects to this day, leaving her with a rather small frame and prone to picking up any disease or ailment that was going around. Yet, despite that, she was happy with her lot in life.

      As she grew, the girl began to display her affinity with the Force although her powers seemed to differ greatly from her sibling's. Sabriel seemed to be able to pick up the emotions and feelings of those around her, regardless of whether they tried to hide them or not. It was as if she could see through them and read them like a book. Her mother was both astounded and slightly frightened by her ability but encouraged her to try and learn to use it properly although it never became anything more than just a random event, no matter how hard she tried. Along with this, she also discovered that she had a gift when it came to languages as well, both with people and animals. Her innate gifts seemed to revolve around communication, much to her delight. Sadly, her father simply dismissed both her gifts and her as simply weak and helpless, useless to aid him with his goals which only pushed them further apart.

      One fateful day, when Sabriel had just turned 15, her father's ambition turned to madness and he and his men attacked the Keshiri, slaughtering them. Her sister was at the forefront of the carnage, twisted by Desmond's twisted philosophies, carving a bloody path through all those before her, her own powers bursting forth. It was catastrophic, not just for the natives but for Sabriel as well. She could feel every panic filled moment of it, the thoughts and emotions of those being killed flooding through her mind, causing her to have to suffer through it all as though it was her being struck down. The fear, the anguish, the mindless panic, it was overwhelming and even the comfort of her mother could not stop her from becoming just a quivering wreck by the end of it. The mental scars were deep and the girl was never quite the same, unable to escape from the nightmares that would come every night, forcing her to relive that horrible day, having to feel all of those painful emotions on a nightly basis.

      As it turned out, her father had been killed by her sister, his philosophy coming back to bite him in the end. The only known survivors were Sabriel and her mother although they doubted that it had been done deliberately. Cierra was nothing more than a savage, twisted and cruel.

      Desperate to aid her daughter, Lorna took one of the remaining undamaged ships and set out across the stars. To find those who could aid her child and perhaps save her from her wicked nightly curse as well as to perhaps help her control her hidden gifts. Eventually, they reached the snowy planet of Yavin VIII, where she entrusted Sabriel to the Order.
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      Everything looks great! Welcome to the NJO! Feel free to select a master to train you and then send them a PM so you can get started telling amazing stories!

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