She glanced around and smiled. It had been a few years since Ari had come to Republic One as the Hanger Chief. It seemed a lifetime ago. She nodded to a few who acknowledged her as they passed.

Ari, "Tink" as she was affectionately called, stood just inside the main hanger of the huge Republican ship and looked around. Most things remained the same. There were fighters and shuttles, transport and personal ships scattered in the huge bay. There was an identical bay on the back half of the ship, but this place had been home to her for quite a while. Wearing her jumper, her Lieutenant rank visible on her shoulders, she rolled up her sleeves one more time to set them over her elbows and moved deeper into the hanger.

She paused now and then to speak to someone who remembered her. But they had been cadets back then. Now their duties called and she let them go knowing that at least she wasn't alone here as she had been the first time.

She headed for the Hanger Chief's office to see who was about.