She shook her head. He didn't seem to get it. She lapsed into silence, just holding onto him, then sighed. When he tipped her face back up toward him and kissed her again, she didn't respond at first. But then softly, hesitantly, then with more intent, like a spark catching paper alight, before lighting a campfire or fireplace.

Having her ship invaded was a violation and a vulnerability she couldn't condone. One of her crew, and someone she'd come to care about had been put in such a bad position it was sheer luck he'd made it out. Much less only a little rumpled. She felt terribly guilty about that too. It was one thing to run a blockade, but... She tried to put it out of her mind.

She kissed him warmly then, eyes squeezed shut, trying to focus on that touch, that sensation, not quite able to keep the small hungry moan out of her voice. But she failed, it came anyway, little more than a faint noise, then another as her desire grew. One hand reached up to caress over his damaged face again, her touch light, and the cool soothing.

Nobody would mess with them out there. They were far from anyone that could or would try to hurt either of them. for now she wanted to put that dark splotch on their evening away. Instead focusing on him, his touch, his scent, his taste. She found herself grateful they had plenty of time to kill as the ship wended on it's way through the blue-white mottled sky of hyperspace, tunneling through a higher dimension.