The mottled blue-white sky of hyperspace streaked by at dizzying speeds. Jazz checked the chrono wrapped around her wrist. It was getting close to time to wake Dar up. She straightened up from her spineless slouch in the captain's chair and took a moment to look over the diagnostics and readouts. So far, so good. The backup hyperdrive was doing well. Despite it being much slower, they were still making good time.

With a sigh she swiveled around and stood, fetching an empty cup on her way out of the control room. She made her way to the galley and dropped the container in the cleaning equipment. A moment later she headed to Dar's room and pushed the door chime, sending a pleasant and musical series of tones through the room.

"Dar," she called gently, but loud enough to be heard in the area or so she hoped. "Naptime's over."

They were headed for Klatooine still. There they could set down, repair, refuel, get some info, and get back into hyperspace. It was under Hutt control so they had some pull if they needed it. Or at least Dar claimed he had some pull he could access. She'd know in a few hours. But first... a nap. She was fighting off the exhaustion clawing at her as it was. She didn't feel it while up and moving, but when she was too still in mind, or in body... it would begin to encroach once more.