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      He had held up in the kitchen as she moved to take her shower. He wouldn't put it past her to walk that short distance completely naked just to taunt him. Instead, he buried himself in the small food prep area. He made her caff and heated up some sweet pastries he found in the chiller. He heard her boots pass by fairly closely and smiled. Just like her to make for the bridge first and foremost. He made a cup for her and grabbed the plate with the sweets and moved down the ship's spine to join her.

      He stood behind her a few feet as she moved into the cockpit like a silent shadow. The backdrop of space thru the front screen framed her perfectly. From her ivory tight fitting pants to her dark leather jacket. The boots dit like a glove and rounded out the outfit, at least from this view, perfectly.

      He moved up a little closer before speaking. His boots were almost silent, but he didn't hide his footfalls. Spilling hot caff on her as she rounded, probably wasn't a good idea. "Jaz...." the single word was soft, inquisitive, as if asking if she was all right, getting her attention, and reminding her there was still things to be done.. all rolled into one.

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      She heard the sound of cloth and boot just before his voice floated to her, the tone warm and layered. She felt her ears perk at the sound. The movement in the turn was unconscious, as was the small smile. "You're a godsend," she said, freeing him of the caff before giving the pastries a hungry glance. She didn't know if they were for her, but could assume. But she didn't want to. After a second she looked back up at him. "For me?"

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      He let the caff go soon as she had a secure hold of the cup. As her eyes lit up at the sight of the sweets, he grinned. He had chosen right, after all. But when she asked if they were for her, he couldn't resist. All her teasing was getting to him and it came out. "I don't know... do you deserve it? I mean, you yell at me... you question my doings..." he was grinning as he ticked off the little things. He bit his lip as if deep in thought. "I don't know... " the last word drawn out overly long.

      He looked down then into her eyes and tried to hold them as he stood there waiting for her reaction, a lazy teasing grin on the edge of his lips.

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      She looked up at him for a moment. She said nothing, then reached out and slowly took one of the pastries off the plate with deliberate speed. Equally slow, she took a bite, trying as hard as she could to keep the crap-eating smile off her face. The amusement rolled off him, tinged with teasing. Finally she took a sip of the heated nectar of the gods, washing down the pilfered pastry prize.

      "Gotta make sure I run a tight ship," she finally replied. The double entendre may or may not have been intentional. It was difficult to tell... save for the briefest twitch of a smirk. "Sometimes I ride my crew a little hard I guess. But ah... I'm sure it's worth it."

      With that she turned to set down the tribute she'd accepted, dignity to keep her face an unreadable mask, save for the grin. It left her bent over the console for a moment as she fit the cup in a holder, and found a clear spot for the pastry... making a mental note to clean up any sugary stickiness left behind later.

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      He licked his lips unconsciously as she took a bite of the pastry. Her words weren't lost on the man. "Then I guess I'm in for one helluva ride. Eh.... Ma'am?" The final word was punctuated by a respectful nod of his head. As she turned to set down the dainty bite and drink, he moved up behind her and reached over to set the plate down a heartbeat before she set the sweet down. His body was close enough that if she inhaled deep enough, she would feel him behind her. His voice whispered softly as he released the plate. "Lots of other places to make messes are easier to clean.... don't you agree, Jahzra?"

      It was the first time he had used her whole first name. And the way he said it sent an unexpected thrill thru him he hadn't planned on. She wouldn't see his grin as he stood up and turned his back to stride out of the room. The now familiar whistle following in his wake. If she started to put two and two together, the whistling happened when he was particularly pleased with himself.

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