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      "No," Madie shook her head. "Not a problem. Been working out for a while already, so needed a breather."

      It took a long moment for her to think what unit - if any - were on the range, then glanced to the chronometer on the wall near them, bypassing the guys eyeing the attractive women on the treadmills. Hazel eyes returned to Llewel, "I think the forty-third should be finishing up here in about twenty minutes, but after that it should be clear until two this afternoon."

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      Llewel smiled. "You're nice to say that," she laughed a bit then contemplated the range again. "Should probably shower and head over there. Doubt anyone's cleaned my weapon since then, either." She laughed again knowing everyone knew how possessive she was of both her rifle and pistol.

      She bit her lip a moment then turned to Madie once more. "You're welcome to join me if you feel like it. But only if you promise not to laugh." She smiled and shrugged. " I'm guessing my 'expert' awards are probably sadly in jeopardy."

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      Madeleia shrugged, "It's muscle memory. Can't lose that," she stated matter-of-factly. "I never had a problem with it, unless your injury did anything permanent to your upper body or mind." The offer to join her at the range was something that she hadn't done in a week or so, and knew that a few other things would have to be done first, before going there. A shower and change of clothes would be paramount.

      "If you wanted, we could meet there after lunch. I have a few things to do first, then I'll head over."

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      Llewel nodded. "After lunch it is." She smiled and nodded before once more hopping of the running treadmill belt. "I'll see you there."

      As she shut her machine off and started to turn away, she smiled back at Madie. "Thanks for joining me. Honestly."

      She took off to get something to eat and change to more appropriate clothing. Getting ready for her requals meant standing, sitting and being prone. Her current tank top and leggings certainly weren't great gear for such things.

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