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      Open Let's get back in shape.... (OPEN TO ALL)

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      Stretching... weights... now a good run....

      Llewel grabbed the next vacant machine and set it to a steady lope pace as she took up her cool down jog. She glanced around the room at the others in the gym. The last squadron had just returned and the next up on rotation still had a few days to go before they headed out. Llewel was on planetside assignment currently as she recovered. Her last mission had landed her with a bullet in the shoulder. While recovery was going smoothly, it had been a process. It had taken nearly six months for her to pass all her weapon quals again and now she was working on the final recovery test, her physical test.

      She recognized some faces, and others were new. As she loped and thought about her past, she looked at those around her. Everyone had a story, or would have a story at some point.

      ((THIS IS OPEN TO ANYONE NEW OR OLD WHO IS LOOKING FOR AN "IN".... if you want to spin it off into a private thread, lemme know... always willing....))

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      Strolling into the gym, dressed in a close fitting, black tank, shorts and her straw colored hair drawn up into a long ponytail, Madie was glad for the distraction. Her brother now tending to their speeder shop, she had a chance to let off some steam. Meandering through the variety of machines and mats full of others working out, she ignored the men more busy trying to impress the ladies than actually exercising. A dime a dozen, she mused and claimed the next treadmill available. Setting her bag high on the handle, she began jogging, eyes now fixed to the holoprojectors lining the angled ceiling before them. News footage of the latest political mess, soap operas and music videos seemed to be the main focus of everyone today. Losing herself for a long moment with the talking heads, the world outside the large gym disappeared.

      Eventually slowing her pace, Madie set her hands on the handles and stepped to one side, letting the wide, dark track to eventually stop as she took a long drink of water, then capped it. Setting the bottle back into her bag, she glanced to the brunette at her right and thought she recognized the girl. Nodding to her, she motioned to the story ongoing before her, grinning wryly. "Makes you wish you were in politics, doesn't it," she shook her head.

      Thanks Satkia

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      Kayla made her way into the gymnasium. The smell of bodies, sweat, and metal hit her in the face, along with the cool brush of the air conditioners, working hard to keep the temperature down to something comfortable. She had dressed in a set of New Republic Navy P.T. shorts and a black top trimmed with pink. The brunette directed her emerald eyes to some of the holovid displays and shook her head, causing her chocolate brown ponytail to sway with the motion.

      She'd been in good shape before. Racing skyhoppers, speeders, and swoops didn't provide the safety and comfort of inertial dampers. Controlling one of them sometimes came down to strength and endurance as much as physical dexterity. More than once a day of piloting had left her legs wrecked from using the rudders, or left her lightheaded from too many g-forces.

      In the Navy, she'd ran and swam until she was sure she'd circumnavigated a planet at least once. But she'd been grateful for it when it came to flight operations training, especially for advanced flight. It didn't end there. Not that she had made it to 2nd Flight Lead for Red Squadron, she strove to keep those gains and push further. It left her in the best shape of her life, and it showed.

      She made it a habit to run as it got her blood pumping the best, though she enjoyed lifting weights more. So it was she drifted toward the treadmills where there were a couple of other women keeping a decent pace and seemed to be chatting a little. Safety in numbers, she supposed. There were a dozen guys present at least, most trying to look impressive. She didn't care much for that, not when she was there to work.

      Flanking the blonde she put a small water bottle in place next to the controls. Too much and she'd throw up. And that wasn't so much an issue. You learn to run and puke at the same time in P.T. However, the people at the gym and running the place wouldn't appreciate it one bit.

      At the comment about politics she shook her head with a wry grin. Her family had enough going on in their own small political circle. Adding more seemed like a great way to invite more headaches. She said nothing at first as she keyed up a slow jog. The program selected would turn up the difficulty in short order, but first she needed to get warmed up and into the groove.

      She kept an eye on the news, though. Sometimes it held nuggets of useful information. It wasn't great to get one's intel from the Galactic News Network or HoloNews Live, but sometimes it gave warning enough. If there was a deployment on the wind, she might catch a whiff of it there first.

      "You know," she mused out loud to nobody in particular, slightly breathless, "I don't get...why... some of these...chucklheads.. can't.. just.. " She paused and tossed her hands up lightly as she ran. "Why they can't just... keep it in their pants. Do their job. Keep their heads down. Represent their people's wishes. Think we should have 'em wear jackets with the logos of their lobbyists. So at least then we know who's sponsoring them... like racers."

      She grinned to herself at this, having worn such a jacket more than once before joining the Navy.

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      Llewel kept her pace, but nodded as the blond joined her. The comment made her laugh. "I think I'll pass. I am not a good dancer. I'm much better at being a bouncer." She laughed and chucked her chin at the vid. "Politicians need to know how to dance around all the mascinations of everyone else. I just need to set down a weapon, take aim and 'bam' it's over." She shook her head. "Nah... think I'll stay a grunt. I'm better in the field than the field office."

      She glanced at Made again and a small furrow creased her forehead. "I think we've met... Madaline? Right?" She asked and smiled once more. "Llewel'lynn. I believe Cabrin introduced us once a few years ago." It had been a short meeting, lunch, if she recalled, but the woman had made an impression on her. Despite Cabrin being on some Ops mission she had given up asking about, she still wished he was around. She missed him terribly. And now her fiancÚ was missing as well. After a year of being alone, the sniper had tossed her hat back into the Spec Ops arena and was hoping orders would drop soon that would put her off planet, in the field and far away from anything that resembled a life. It was easier that way.

      As she was waiting for Madie to answer, another woman joined them. Stepping onto the machine on the other side of the blond, Llewel smiled at her. She had been about to turn back to the holos when the woman made a comment about men. "You ask an awful lot from the male of the species, don't you?" She laughed and nodded to the woman between them. "And you wonder why I don't want to be in politics..." She laughed and settled into a loping pace once more. Most folks thought it didn't take much to be in shape to be a sniper, but the opposite was true. She had to be able to up and move in a flash. She wasn't one to keep on the move. That meant she had to be in almost 'better' shape than most of her soldier counterparts.

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      Another beyond Llewel chimed in and prompted a chuckle from the ex-swoop mechanic and she glanced to several of the males in the gym admiring the view, "Yeah, that's about right". Returning her gaze to the soldier closer to her, she now recognized her and recalled the meeting some time back. Nodding as she spoke, Madie knew combat made things so much easier, even though in her position too many had lost their lives already protecting the Republic from the enemy.

      "Yeah," Madie grinned. "It's been a while now. And it's Madeleia, but you can call me Madie."

      The added reply to the third in their growing party also made the officer chuckle. Neither of them had been in any of the meetings that she had to attend, but soldiers seemed to be more down to earth, especially any who had seen combat. The thousand yard stare had been adopted by many that she served with.

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      ((Kaylar's turn... But clarify please... Maddie is the blond so Llewel would be on one side, Kaylar on the other... Right? Or is Llewel in the middle? Lol))

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      ((the intent was to flank Llewel... one on each side. But I posted she was flanking Madie, so ill go with that.))

      The other brunette hadn't gotten truly into the start of her run, so she fished out a datapad about the size of her hand, and touched something on it's screen before putting it on the piece of equipment, and popping a small earpiece into one ear, transmitting a music stream to the tiny device. It would transmit sound via bone conduction, so as not to disturb anyone else, but her other ear was free to listen and respond if addressed. For now.

      She began to feel her knees and legs loosening. Her stride lengthened, growing easier, before she shifted in her gait. It grew shorter, moving her upper legs as little as she could, using her lower legs to propel her in the least expenditure of energy and impact. The military 'run', aimed for distance and weight. She'd hated running in P.T.. Hated it. At first. Now it was a daily, or near daily, habit. She'd been considering running a marathon, and had taken to increasing her distance and speed for long distance runs but it it took time and training. Hence the running on a treadmill. The benefits all around were the real reason, and it kept her in to p form to do what she really loved - Flying.

      She listened to the other two chattering back and forth, introductions made. She considered Llewel's question. It had been rhetorical, she was sure. But was it really too much to ask people to not act like horny jungle animals, especially if they were married? She didn't think so. Having fun, playing around with various partners was one thing, but a committed relationship? Shouldn't be that hard. Some people seemed to find it frellin' impossible.

      Finally she looked to Llewel. "I'd expect no more from anyone else than what I expect from myself," she said. "It's not an unrealistic standard for someone who's married, is it?" She paused for a couple of panted breaths. "Maybe I'm a crappy measuring stick. I dunno." She shook her head, trying to shove the thought off to the side.

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      The dark-haired Telosian wasn't sure this was such a good idea, but he needed to get the aerobic part of his workout in before heading to the weights; the pilot's usual workout ritual. So Max dumped his duffle on the floor near an empty treadmill and stepped up onto the runner boards to the sides of the belt dressed in a tank and long shorts.

      "Ladies," he offered with a curt yet friendly nod to the three females, who seemed to be in a deep conversation, then the young Darksun hit the start button and began his run; earbuds in listening to his favorite workout music.

      Red Nine | Slice

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      Llewel laughed at Kaylar, "Now being married DOES make a difference. Or at least it should. But to be fair, I know many women who are married and are just as bad. You just notice the guys because you're their target." She laughed as the woman lamented about standards. "Though you are right... Married should be the end of the bedroom games with other women." She smiled in comradery and let the woman bury herself in her music for a bit to get her workout going.

      The brunette glanced back at Madie and smiled. "Sorry... Horrible with names. I hope he and his daughter are well. How have you been?"

      A moment later, rather nice guy hoped up on the rubber to Llewel's left. As he was getting ready for his workout, Llewel turned back to the girls with a grin and wink. He was good looking and she was going to guess military because most of the other government types weren't usually sweating down in the gym. Wiggling her eyebrows, grateful he wouldn't she, she turned back as he greeted them. "Hey... By the way, watch the speed change on that one. It skipped a beat between 5 and 6 last week. Not sure they fixed it."

      Her smile want life or suggestive but open and warm. She bit her lip as he pulled the earbuds out and seemed to skip them in his ears. She didn't want to intrude.

      While he settled into his machine, like most men she met, her eyes absently sized him up. Was he someone she'd have to protect in a fight, someone who'd jump to protect her (thinking her weak), or someone she could trust at her back. Here at the gym wasn't a problem, but the sniper had learned a long time ago that knowing 'who was who' in a room saved time on guess work if things went sideways

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      Nodding, Madeleia wasn't raised to be a proper lady, far from it. Plagen would've chewed someone like that up and spit them out within no time, the life in her home city being run by criminals of nearly every type. Glancing back to the holovid, she then noticed the greeting from a male to her left and glanced to recognize the Darksun. A family with a long military tradition in the New Republic and one that she had worked with on several occasions. Nodding to Max, hazel eyes scanned his frame for a moment, then returned to Llewel once more and became caught up in the morality of marriage, something that she had never considered for herself. Even though the institution wasn't a foreign one since joining the New Republic, it was something that definitely seemed out of reach.

      It took a moment for Madeleia to think about who Llewel was referring to, then recalled the soldier that Ilana had mentioned on more than one occasion and it prompted another nod, then she switched gears once more back to herself with the query. "Good, just trying to keep my brother out of trouble, as usual."

      Her eyes followed her fellow soldier's as she mentioned the faulty equipment and wondered if Max even heard her.

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