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      Recruitment Klo-Ude Jinn - Recruitment Bio

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      Name (Full) : Klo-Ude Jinn

      Age: 27

      Species: Human

      Birthplace: Corellia (assumed)

      Physical Appearance: Height: 6'5'' / 1.95m; long sandy hair with a distinct beard that seems to change color in different lights, growing redder in more natural light.

      Personality: Klo-Ude...takes some time to get used to. Inclined to speak his mind, the filter that enables politicians and diplomats to thrive is lost on this young Jedi hopeful. Lessons are an exercise in patience for both Padawan and Master. Expect a great deal of questions and challenges from a sharp mind.

      Klo-Ude seeks the greater good in deed and thought. Loyal and capable of reflexive self-sacrifice, he gives his time freely to those struggling around him, a kindness extended with no expectation of return. But he does not befriend easily, often keeping even his closest compatriots at arm's length. He deflects questions into his past as a matter of course, a dry wit often changing course of the conversation with an ease that would make even the most sensitive pilot check his inertial dampener.

      Family: Klo-Ude has no memory of his family. Perhaps once his training is complete, he would be able to dedicate time to searching his memories for some trace of his origin.


      The earliest memory Klo-Ude has is waking up in a mining camp on Kessel. That was eight years ago.

      For two years, he slaved in those mines, applying his size to help carry the burdens and labors of his smaller companions. It was easy to find comfort in utility, and it allowed him to keep his fellow captives at arm's length. As little more than a dependable set of shoulders. Klo-Ude preferred to lose himself in the sweat and mire, mining for spice preferable to mining for memories.

      But the Force had other plans. After two years in the mines, Klo-Ude “thought” his restraints off and found himself – and his crew – spontaneously liberated from a lifetime of servitude. That crew included an Amaran, who Klo-Ude affectionately called “Sideburns” after months of trying to train his tongue to speak his given name. Klo-Ude was a sufficient leader for the mines, but deferred to Sideburns when it came to making a living outside of hard labor.

      The crew used their assorted skills and penchant for survival in hostile conditions to eke out a living on the fringes of the galaxy. Klo-Ude eschewed the ethos of an outlaw or smuggler, providng a moral compass to the crew that adhered to only their collective conscience, joining no cause but the universal religion of survival.

      Along the way, contrary to his best intentions. Klo-Ude found himself a part of a small family. Bound by their life in the mines, each worked for the good of the whole unit. With a little bit of breathing room that came with freedom, they were able to get to know each other beyond what was necessary to survive. Klo-Ude may not know who his parents were, but he found his own brothers and sisters.

      The crew ran small, above-the-board shipping and bartering operations. They made a name for themselves in their ability to find the most profitable market for their goods. The crew took a cut of the profits, but always left their employers with a fiscal reminder of who to holo for their next job.

      It also helped that Klo-Ude found a way to apply the same “thought” to certain...troublesome negotiations. When it seemed that it was best to cut their losses, Klo-Ude found the urge to speak on behalf of Sideburns, assuaging their buyer and ensuring the crew full bellies and the ship a full fuel source.

      The final job, as axiomatic as they often are, was the one that went wrong. Klo-Ude is reticent about exactly what went wrong, Of the few details he shares, the observation that Amarans can often stray from negotiation and bartering to bickering, which can be received...poorly in the wrong company. And when the buyer is from one of the many planets abandoned by the Republic – and the Jedi – during the Clone Wars, having a Force-sensitive attempt to manipulate the negotiations only exacerbates the issue. Blasters were drawn, and to save the crew and the job, Sideburns agreed to offload the shipment planetside – and to offload Klo-Ude once they broke orbit.

      Sideburns, however, could not space him. But he could also not keep a Force-sensitive on the crew. Now that word was out of Klo-Ude's perceived manipulations, the crew would be infamous for tweaking bad deals to their benefit. After much discussion, several bottles of Corellian whiskey, and a few somber silences, Sideburns and the crew decided it was best to transport Klo-Ude to Yavin VIII.

      But not before one last deal. Klo-Ude agreed to be their “captive”, an unexpected bounty for a gang of mercenaries to “rescue” and deliver to the Jedi Order. With this exhibition, he hoped to make good on a final job with his makeshift family and amend his errors. Nobody wants an open debt on their ledger.

      Hardened to the workings of the galaxy and uncertain of his fate with the Jedi, Klo-Ude's mind stirs, memories slowly returning as perusing the architecture and absorbing the creed, the Code, flip long-dormant switches.

      Dreams of Jade rings, bright as the Tatooine suns, timeless as the Crown Jewels of Naboo. The galaxy ablaze behind them, a quest for peace, for Sanctuary. A lifetime ago, frozen in ice.

      Klo-Ude may not know where home is, but he now knows where he needs to be. And maybe, in time, he will believe...


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      Great bio! Welcome to the New Jedi Order. Your next step is to select a master to train you and then send them a PM so you can get started telling awesome stories! Have fun!

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