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      Seeking Answers in Green (Open)

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      The first night with the Jedi, Klo-Ude didn't sleep a wink. Having spent the previous six years drifting off to a ship engine lullaby, the silence of a peaceful planet was deafening. The bed was softer than any he could recall. The pillows were...well, pillows. There was no reason for him to be wide awake, watching the sky brighten, heralding his second day on Yavin VIII.

      And yet, wide awake he was, pondering just where his crew was – and if his “bounty” was enough to get them square and settled, a fresh start. Maybe even a legitimate operation. Klo-Ude smiled at the the idea: his pals washed and pressed, the Krayt freshly-tuned and painted, perhaps even an “Inc.” thrown into the mix

      That was another chapter, a life lost in a sunset. Klo-Ude was here now, and there were questions to answer, a past to unlock. He had heard stories of the Jedi, of their capacity for healing and harmony. If anyone could help him find the keys, they were here.

      As the nights continued on, sleep came easier. By the end of the first week, he was sleeping comfortably. By the end of the second week, his snores were the subject of complaints at breakfast.

      Just as the circles beneath his eyes began to smooth, the dreams returned. Planets burned before him. Armies marched to the edge of the stars, falling into nothing. The galaxy turned to ash, embers to dust, cold before him. He felt the chill creep into his bones, and the rime of entropy clouded his sight.

      Emerald eyes hovered over the darkening canopy, and two words echoed through the cold:

      ”Find me.”

      That's how every night ended, how every morning began. And as Klo-Ude broke his fast, he ruminated over the meaning to this recurring...dream? Nightmare? Vision? Whatever it was, it put a damper on his cheer, and likely led to his current aimlessness as an apprentice.

      This day, it was evident his breakfast was insufficient, and the growl of his stomach could be heard through the Archives. He tamped down on the hunger, as his appetite for something, anything, that could give him a lead on his past drove him. But, just like how the previous five days had gone, Klo-Ude felt his search spinning in a vacuum, directionless and with nothing to fix a heading on.

      Klo-Ude's large fist slamming on the durasteel desk, drowning out the growl of his stomach for a moment. He was sure that would be a strike against his limited, probationary privileges, but damn it all, he was frustrated.

      New window. String search...Kessel financial reports. It was a shot in the dark, but even a moisture farmer from Tatooine nails a womp rat from time to time. He had no idea how often the mining planet had to report their profitability - if at all. And even if it showed a regular reporting period, he had no idea how legitimate the reporting was.

      Broodingly, almost comically, hunched over his terminal, Klo-Ude scrolled back through ledger after ledger, searching for...something. Anything.

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      Malissa had finished her morning work out and already showered and cleaned up. Her student tunic and breeches were form fitting enough to prove she had been there long enough for more than initial issue pass downs, but still well enough tailored that no one mistook her for some show off. Her black boots tapped a hushed staccato on the stone floors of the Keep as she headed for the Archives. It was rarely occupied this time of day, with most being in the training grounds or in classes.

      Her blond hair was down today. The golden waves of locks spilled down her back like a cascade of honey. Her eyes, a soft green that shone like precious emeralds in just the right light, were full of openness and kindness.

      She came thru the doors behind Klo just as he slammed his fist down. She bit her lip and looked around. There were no Masters here to come to his aide, so she moved up and tried to settle the look of concern on her face. Coming up beside him, she spoke gently in hopes of not catching him off guard. "Is everything all right? Perhaps I can help with something?"

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      Years of time on the fringe galvanized Klo-Ude's nerves, and Malissa's deliberate caution was met with a pause in the new arrival's scanning, searching, and a curt side glance. A heavy Coruscanti brogue vibrated from a barrel chest as he returned his focus to the terminal before him. "Have you ever tried to dig a hole through a permacrete wall with a lead spoon? Because that's about where I am with this bloody thing."

      Klo-Ude reminded himself that he was in a civilized region of the galaxy again, and politely locked his terminal, turning towards Malissa. "I appreciate your-"

      Emerald eyes sent a shockwave across those same steel nerves, an electric flash stealing the words from his tongue. Klo-Ude sabacc-faced the momentary lapse, clearing his throat to collect himself. "I appreciate your concern, as well as your offer for assistance. As soon as I figure out what it is I'm looking for, I'll be sure to track you down." A smile punctuated his remark while his mind raced.

      "Find me"

      Were hers the eyes from his dreams, his visions? Klo-Ude tore his dark gaze from her, sweeping about the near-empty Archives. "Seems we missed the memo. Any idea where everyone is?"

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      Just then something peculiar happened. Another pair of green eyes appeared. This pair was framed in locks of hair the color of spun rubies. The young woman was built more like a small warrior than the dancer build of her blonde counterpart. She glanced around the room then smiled brightly at Klo. "Hi... I'm Tempest. As to where everyone is? Most are on their trials and others are off world. It happens every few cycles." She moved up beside him and nodded to Malissa. "Hi, Malissa... how's Jr?"

      Malissa blushed bright crimson, looked down a moment then back up. "He's fine. Off on his Trial like the others. But I guess by the time he comes back, I'll be off on mine. So I guess it's fair." She nodded to Klo. "I'll leave you to Tempest to answer your questions, if you have no objections. She knows the place a bit better than me right now. I fear being off planet for the last moon has me a bit disoriented as well." She winked at Tempest who wriggled her eyebrows. "Be nice, Tempest..." she smiled and moved towards the back of the room to look for the tome she had come to find in the first place.

      Tempest smiled at him. "What are you studying?" She settled her backside on the edge of his desk and smiled at him, her eyes seeming to look him up and down as if sizing him up.

      ** Since I write for both chars, it's done with permission**

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      The sudden uptick in activity, specifically around his terminal, caused the corners of Klo-Ude's eyes to wrinkle in bemused curiosity. Green eyes everywhere... he thought. Looks like I'm getting a crash course in...whatever this is.

      Klo-Ude considered his thought and how it reflected his utter inexperience with the Force while the two fellow Jedi bantered before him. He allowed the conversation to pass, nodding amiably to Malissa as she departed.

      “Awful friendly around here, aren't we?” A bristly cheek wrinkled with a grin as he regarded Tempest. “Studying? Oh, I'm not the studying type. I prefer to jump right in. You have to get a little lost to find yourself, eh?”

      Shoulders squared to Tempest, he gestured towards the terminal with a sideways tilt of his head. “Shipping manifests, transaction ledgers, departure and arrival logs from where I'm...from. A little light reading to break my fast this morning.”

      Klo-Ude turned back to the screen, swiping through ancillary documents and poring over possible leads. “So if everyone is at their trials or off-world, to what unfortunate circumstances or temporary inconvenience do I owe the pleasure of your company?”

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      "Transaction ledgers and manifests from..." she paused a moment with a smile to let him know she'd caught the stammer, "careful. With that much excitement you may decline our boring studies." She laughed and sat in a chair in the other side of him.

      "Well 'jumping right in', as you say, is pretty easy. If you already know how to use the Force abilities you've already manifested and have a Master's approval, you can choose any student and ask to practice with them. We're guided then mostly left to ourselves." The final words dropped slightly as a tinge of emotion at being left behind colored her words. She recovers quickly though.

      "Well the 'circumstances', be they unfortunate for you or not, is that my Master was called away. I don't have a Bond with him. So to be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure if he's still alive. So I'm practicing, helping around the keep Keep and using the holos to train me for now." She shrugged like it was no big deal, but her eyes betrayed her as they dimmed momentarily from the brightness they'd had upon initially seeing him. "So do you have a Master, yet?" As she looked at him, the shine returned and she leaned on the desk on her elbows to get a bit closer to him.

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