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      Caves of Light: A New Path [Klo-Ude Jinn]

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      The Jedi Master gathered items in her backpack as she prepared for her training journey with her newest padawan, Klo-Ude Jinn. Not knowing what they might encounter, she felt it best to be prepared for anything so her backpack was full of a variety of items. Tessa donned her cloak, grabbed her backpack, and then sent a message to her padawan to meet her at the starport. She was looking forward to working with the latest addition to the New Jedi Order. She was certain that the Light side was at work increasing the number in their fold. She made her way to her Delta-7 Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor, and smiled in anticipation of what was to come.

      She stowed her gear and began to make fight preparations from the pilot's seat. She then transmitted the coordinates to the second Jedi Interceptor so that her new padawan could follow her. Jedi Master Rendahl laid in a course for the planet Spintir and the ship calcuated the flight plan. Long ago the planet Spintir had been the site of an ancient Jedi outpost but had since been long abandoned. With only one city on the planet, it was the ideal location to do some off world training - remote, sparsely populated and rich in Jedi history. A change of scenery provided an additional challenge which Tessa welcomed when training new padawans. She waited patiently for her Klo-Ude Jinn to arrive and board his own starfighter so that they could depart on their journey.
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      The tone of his comm, gentle but loud, woke Klo-Ude with a start. Dark locks spidered from his pillow as he shot up from his slumber, and his abrupt awakening was punctuated with a THUD.

      Grumbling and rubbing his forehead with one hand, the tall Padawan glowered at the low slope of his ceiling – and the growing smooth spot in the textured surface – while pawing for his comm with the other hand.

      Checking his messages, he saw the priority comm from Master Rendahl, outlining the rendezvous and destination for his first training session. The name of the system sounded familiar, and as he got dressed, Klo-Ude racked his brain for a memory of visiting the planet Spintir previously.

      Coming up with no concrete recollections, he gathered his belongings and necessities and relied on his long-legged stride to speed him to the hangar bay.

      The benefit of a quiet time at the Temple meant he knew exactly which Interceptor Master Rendahl was in, as well as which one he should take. A frenzy of pre-flight activity whirred, buzzed, and beeped around his ship, droids happily processing through their algorithms and making sure he wouldn't burn up on atmospheric entry or explode in hyperspace. Stepping around – or over – the pleasant obstacles, Klo-Ude took the ladder rungs by two, tucking his proportionally large frame in the slightly-too-small cockpit.

      Granted, he was more familiar with the 360-degree mess of lights and switches of a larger freighter, but the learning curve on these fighter-style ships was not very steep, and after a few red lights and abrasive buzzes, Klo-Ude found his way into an easy routine of muscle memory and intuition.

      The thrum of the ship's engines warming up started, and he touched two fingers to the corner of his brow in a casual greeting/salute to his Master, as if to say “Ready when you are.”

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      The Jedi Master smiled and acknowledged her padawan's arrival and then guided her ship to the atmosphere where they began their journey to Spintir. The trip to the Outer Rim planet was uneventful and after providing the correct landing codes, the two landed their ships near a series of caves and disembarked with their gear in tow. She turned to him and spoke before they took off on foot.

      "Greetings Padawan Jinn. I have selected this setting as it is rich in Jedi history. Additionally, since it has been abandoned, we will be able to explore the terrain while I instruct you in the ways of the Light Side. Do you have any questions before we begin?"

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