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      Shadows in the Twilight: The Ascension [Jacob Murano]

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      The ancient Dark Jedi Master spirit felt the call to the Spire once more. He had guided the Dark Jedi Knight Ashaiya to become a Dark Jedi Master and felt compelled to do so once more with another candidate. Dark Jedi Knight Jacob Murano's dedication to the Dark Side shone like a beacon in the galaxy and called forth the need for a trial of his abilities.

      At their first meeting, Dark Jedi Master Kerr would assess if Jacob was indeed worthy of his teachings. The ghost had high standards and would not continue if he did not feel it would benefit the Dark Jedi to promote the Dark Jedi Knight to a leadership rank. Only time would tell... A suggestion had been placed in the Dark Jedi Knight's mind to meet the Force ghost in the Valley of Ternaax on Rannon.

      As the venerable Dark Jedi Master floated around the decaying valley, now void of any wildlife, he contemplated the fate of the Dark Jedi. It was his task to ensure the survival of the faction and only those he felt were capable of such an important responsibility would receive the ultimate gift he would impart upon them - his personal instruction. The required items from his vault had been retrieved once more and would be utilized in this ultimate test of worthiness. Dark Jedi Master Vidarr Kerr closed the orbs that once were his eyes and then extended his presence across the galaxy, waiting for the Dark Jedi Knight's arrival...

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      Jacob sat alone in his quarters meditating. Finally he'd begun to allow the balance between the abyss and the serenity that he'd known to finally take hold. After the explosion which took the lives of those in the church and the orphanage the Knight had finally felt some peace. It took quite a bit of time but he finally felt better with himself. With everything in general. For a long while he felt the darkness pulling him closer to losing himself. Losing his balance as a Dark Jedi. Though help from Nissa made him see that he could finally grab hold of that balance and not lose himself in the swirl of emotions and chaos that was his life.

      Then he felt this pull. Like someone or something calling to him. Opening his eyes he then left his quarters as the presence made the suggestion and he would answer in kind. Walking to the hangar he then asked for a ship to take him to the Valley. It was obliged and soon he headed off for it. Thinking of what possibly could be there he then closed his eyes and kept meditating. Soon, he would find out what was bringing him there.

      Stepping off the ship he then made his way to the Valley and felt that presence again. If this was a ghost he knew them too well in fact. He'd seen his parents, and those of the dead who'd come and gone in his lifetime. Those who'd died among the ruins of the church and orphanage he saw recently. Their voices at times screamed into his mind for him never to forget. He couldn't nor would he be able to for a long long time. As he kept traversing through the valley he felt the presence more and he then stopped moving.

      "Who among the dead is here?" Jacob called out his orange eyes scanning the area.

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