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      Cina remained where she was, but she smiled and nodded to Malissa. When Bezor paused, she smiled. "Lady Arnago, it is a pleasure to see you again. I am glad you are all right. We have all been worried. Though I imagine no one as much as Lord Murano." She smiled and winked with a fun tease.

      She then stood up and brushed off her pants. Bowing slightly to Malissa, she then turned and moved to Bezor. "I am gonna leave you two to talk. But come find me for dinner?" She reached out to touch Bezor's arm lightly. "I'm always around..." She nodded to Malissa once more, "Lady..." then headed off towards the Temple.

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      Bezor blinked as Cina touched his arm, and started to leave, but nodded all the same. "Count me in, Cina," he said, smiling weakly as to her back. He watched her proceed away for a long moment, not blinking, just observing.

      Unexpected, He thought, but turned his attention to the woman before him, sizing her up. "I apologize..Lady, I did not realize you were nobility where you are from..." He started to continue to ask, but stopped himself, not wanting to be too forward. "I also an unsure, what I can ask. I was waiting on word from the Library that my request form had been filled. I was under the impression I was not really able to learn or be taught anything until that was approved." he said, shrugging and lifting both arms out beside him. "Still, anything you CAN share, I welcome it..uh...Lady Arnago."

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      Malissa smiled. "Lady is a term most around the Temple go by who are not students. It is not a royal rank. I am a Knight. And calling me Lady is a bit less nerve wracking as Knight. Most of the Masters go by Lord or Lady as well. Merely a respect of rank title, nothing you need apologize for." She glanced at Cina as she left and noticed Bezor's attention flicker back n forth till he started talking again.

      "As for what you can and can't ask, there really isn't a limit. There are no stupid questions, as far as I know." She laughed knowing everyone said that, but believing it was a whole other matter.
      "And I can tell you that your request has been filled." She smiled and nodded in a partial bow, "I am to be your Mentor if you wish it." She waited to see his reaction.

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      Bezor blinked, startled for a moment that it had been so quick and that his, soon-to-be, Mentor had sought him out. Somehow, he had expected it to take longer, and at the same time, he was relieved that he could begin his path. He swept his hands out, "I...yes, of course, Lady Arnago, I would be most grateful for your tutelage." He looks around, studying the tree a moment. "Might I ask how you knew to find me here? I didn't really tell anyone that I was coming over here, and other than Cina, i don't really know anyone either." He reached up to scratch the side of his head, "There's probably just so much i don't know, I don't know where to begin with the questions."

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      Malissa laughed softly and clasped her hands in front of her. "I walk thru these trees quite often. I hadn't realized I would run into you. But it worked out. I am sorry if I made her leave before she was ready. I honestly didn't mean to intrude."

      She moved up and touched Bezor's arm lightly. Where Cina's touch was warm like a caress, Malissa's was warm like the sun. It radiated from her aura like stepping from the treeline into the bright summer sun. "There are plenty of questions, and even more answers. There is no need to figure out what either of them are. It will come to you." She let her hand drop and she took a step back. "Why don't you meet me in the dining hall in the morning. We will eat breakfast then begin your training. How is that?" She stepped a couple more paces then turned to go. "And please, tell Cina I am sorry. Welcome home, Bezor." She nodded once more and paused before heading away in case he anything else to ask.

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      Bezor looked down at his arm, then at Malissa. It was very strange, she...felt different. As if she possessed a weightiness that was more substantial than Cina, but..the same. Not oppressive, or overbearing,and certainly not malignant. It was soothing. He could almost..feel her presence.

      "Yes." He said, the words esacaping while he was still lost in thought. "After breakfast." He said, looking up and staring blankly at Malissa for a moment. "Oh, yes. I will let her know." He said, looking around, trying to remember which way she had gone. He smiled. "Thank you, uh..Lady." He scratched the back of his head, moving the hand forward to wave to her retreating form.

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