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    Thread: An Empty House

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      Renee then joked with her dad again, being sarcastic, "That's cuz your old, dad. Duh."

      When Amber introduced herself she then smiled and waved back. Noting that she saw Amber before but hadn't introduced herself it was as good a time as any to do so. Renee hadn't socialized with too many besides Ash and Nissa. Truth of it she wanted more friendships and such then just the stupid nobles who looked down their nose at her. Either way having friends and colleagues within the Penumbra was a good thing. Gave her a reason to be out and about then just sitting alone reading.

      "I'm Renee." She said with a pleasant smile then saw the comment her dad made as Amber bit on her lip.

      Renee was pretty good at reading people and she had to guess that what Amber said about her dad's hair might offend her as the other Initiate laughed. Truth of things it took a lot to offend her. She was much like her dad but in that way she brushed things off pretty easily. All it was was a compliment to her dad but Renee was always joking with her dad. That's just how their relationship turned out to be now. With that she waved it off she heard the conversation and what Shy asked her.

      "Don't worry Amber, it's all good." She said with a smile again.

      Shyahwyn asked her if she had any ideas to which she shook her head. Renee wasn't that familiar with how everything in the Penumbra worked. So, she didn't really know what to say. For starters she didn't know who's house this was. Looking at it she then canted her head and looked to the home of Killian. Then studying it for a moment she then looked back at everyone else.

      "No, sorry. I'm not too familiar with everything yet." She said with a shrug then asked, "Who's home is that?"

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      Enjoying the banter between daughter and father, she then thought about her own whom she hadn't seen in a long while, though kept in touch when she could. Knowing that she had a family instead of the wicked woman that had stolen her from them and then raised her as her own, was an amazing weight lifted once she discovered her parent. Glancing at Amber at the mention of helping her in the garden, she glanced to the dress and heels she wore and shook her head. "Don't think I need to be styling while picking weeds, but maybe tomorrow morning. I normally do that before breakfast anyway," she motioned with her head toward the eastern half of the immense wood whose towering trees overshadowed the multitude of plants and flowers that commanded the floor.

      Turning back to Renee, she then took in the query and her mood softened. "That belongs to Killian Quane, the one that brought me here and became my mentor. Like a big brother, really," she informed, her admiration for one of the main icons of the Penumbra when she arrived. "That house will never be emptied of his things or given to anyone else while I live." She glanced to Jacob, then to his daughter.

      "I knew that you had been here for a while, so thought you may have some ideas for the future of the group." Mentioning the Covenant in vague terms had been the norm for the dark jedi master.

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