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      Falling to pieces... (Jacob)

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      Nisa woke in Jacob's bed to the silence of the room. Jacob had gotten up some time ago and gone to help with the recovery and clean up of the recently destroyed Church and Orphanage. Nisa had offered to help, but he had promised he would go get them breakfast and wake her when he came back. Apparently he hadn't gone for breakfast, but let her sleep. Looking at the chrono on the wall, she noticed it was mid afternoon. A soft smile lit her face as she stretched and shook her head. "Way to go, Nisa... one night with Jacob and already wrapped around his finger."

      She got up and showered off the remnants of their night of lovemaking. As she changed into her training clothes, she thought about joining Jacob and the others she could see outside the window. But as she finished dressing, she decided that he needed to do this without her looking over his shoulder with worry. Taking up the practice saber from the chest in the room, she headed to the gardens to the side of the Chateau.

      Pausing outside, at the corner of the building, she stared across the 100 yards to the site of the explosion. Smoke still billowed in rivelets from the rubble like the puff of souls being released one at a time into the great unknown. The Prenumbra, if it was an ethereal place, was growing its population this day. The cries of those left living, mourning the loss of those who had been lost, reached her ears on the wind as it blew towards her. It was like the Force was reminding her that cycles continued, and sometimes it was ugly.

      She shook her head, unaware of the shine in her eyes as tears backed up, threatening to fall. Moving into the garden, the six foot high wall blocking the view, but not the sounds, Nisa went to the center of the garden and took a deep breath. Lighting up the practice saber, she looked at the pile of rocks she often repiled after her Telekinesis lessons, she lifted a couple dozen with her Force gift and pulled them hard and fast at her. She released them so she wasn't in control, and her saber flew as she tried to block them. Three or four got thru, one hitting her cheek as she failed to duck fast enough.

      She growled in frustration and shook herself before trying again. As the tries went on, more and more got thru her defenses. She had the foresight to flip off the power on the saber before she threw it hard into the nearly empty pile of rocks. Her power flared in rage as she screamed out her frustration. The power forced everything around her for ten feet to propel itself to the edges of the garden where rocks and sticks and debris slammed into the walls. The scream would be severely dampened by the boundary around her, but Jacob would hear. Between their telepathic link, and the extension of that distance, compliments of the Bond they had now between them, Jacob would not only feel her pain and rage, but hear the fading edges of her scream as well. Even over the cries of those around him and the shouted orders of those cleaning up, he would know it was her.

      Inside the garden, in the center of an odd shaped clearing devoid of everything, Nisa was on her knees with her head in her hands. She was growling, caught between wanting to scream, and wanting to remain silent. Her power was flaring between rage and pain.

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      Jacob had woken to help with the clean up and recovery of the Church and the Orphanage next door and though he promised her he'd get her something to eat he didn't. Instead he went out on his own to the wreckage and then once there looked everything over. Seeing smoke still billowing up from places along with the rubble strewn everywhere the Knight sighed. There was a gathering already of those mourning ones lost in the church and those next door as well with the losses suffered in the orphanage. The Archbishop walked to where those were gathered near the ruins of the church and stood between them. Nodding his head he held back the anger he felt and utter sadness. Trying to be stern and care for those who were here instead of himself.

      He didn't say anything at the moment as he looked with orange eyes to those gathered around. After a moment or two he walked to each one and gave his condolences and hugged them. More then two dozen people he did that too and each one he felt the sadness from everyone including himself. Jacob made a small speech talking about how loss can be bad at times and though everyone who was inside is gone they wouldn't want everyone here to be sad. Their devotion and doing good has led them to where those who have done good go...to a paradise far off from here. The Knight spoke of this for a while trying to reassure everyone and keep their spirits up. Not knowing if it worked or not time would tell, he figured.

      Jacob did the same to those gathered at the orphanage. He spent some time there making a speech, different but he still wanted the message of those being in peace now from troubles in the world. The innocence of those who were killed still there, mostly the children who were killed. Afterwards he went to the orphanage and started helping dig out the bodies and sift through the rubble. It was hard, and he saw charred remains of adults, and then when he saw the ones of the kids it made tears flow down his face. The Knight didn't lose it but he wiped them away before he tried again and kept his stern look. But, something after a while pulled at him.

      Then he felt it as the rage and other swirl of emotion came to him. Knowing it wasn't himself he then let the Force come to him and pinpointed it...Nissa. Looking back to the palace he then excused himself saying he was getting more help before he strolled to the palace. He knew where she was and Jacob walked to that part of it and saw her on her knees with her head in her hands. The rage and pain evident as was the chaos of stuff thrown around. Kneeling down he then hugged her.

      "I felt that from the orphanage." Jacob said to her trying to comfort her, "I understand how you feel. You wanna talk about it?"

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      She had been so absorbed in her grief and rage, Nissa didn't even sense Jacob's presence till his arms were around her. She shoved him back, caught in the darkness. "NO!" She slid back using the Force to half levitate, half slide her body from his reach. Moving to her knees, she shook her head, her eyes red from both crying and being half drunk on too much power drawn to her. "There is nothing to talk about. They are dead!" She shoved a hand in the direction of the destruction.

      As she slowly shook her head, she stood up. "What good is all this?" Her arms were spread wide to encompass the Chateau, the grounds, the whole Prenumbra. "We couldn't save them!"

      As Jacob started to step towards her, she threw her hands up in his direction. "DON'T!" She had merely meant to stop him, but the Force had other ideas. Her mind took over and between a decision she didn't deserve comfort and she didn't want soothing words, Force Choke wrapped itself around Jacob's neck. She was still an Initiate, but she was close to her Trials. Her power was no match for him, but catching him off guard... it was strong enough. "NO!" She screamed and the tightness increased. She started crying as she did it, the Force wavering as she did.

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      Jacob felt her push him back and blinked his eyes once he saw her use the Force and move back from reach. All he did was stand back up to his feet before Nissa shook her head and he could definitely feel the power of the Dark Side within her. If she did too much it could overwhelm her like it did to him. Before he finally found his balance again, with her help. The scream and statement of those who were killed the previous day as she shoved her hand in the direction of the debris strewn around he then braced himself in case she by accident used the Force and decided to push him with it.

      It wasn't the case at least in that moment as he saw her stand to her feet. Noting how she let her arms go in view of everything and he then held his hands up as he knew what she meant, "There is more then just death, Nissa! I know we couldn't save them...calm yourself. We can't do anything now...but pick up the pieces and try to carry on."

      With his step toward her trying to help her gain back some level of control she said for him not to. As her hands went up she didn't mean to but in that moment he felt an invisible hand around his throat. Jacob knew she didn't mean to do so as she Force Choked him. Indeed it caught him off guard and he went down on one knee as he then put his right hand on his throat although it really didn't do anything in the truth of it all. As he felt his breath cut off his orange eyes then looked up at her as he summoned the Force itself letting it flow through him. Within that moment he wasn't in the balance, as pain took hold, physical pain of being choked. Though he felt her wavering as the tightness increased.

      Holding out his left hand reaching it toward her he then felt a surge flow through his arm. With that he then sent a volley of Force Lightning at her to break her concentration which was all he could do in that moment. What he felt he would do to anyone, not that it was right. Jacob did what he felt he had to do to save himself. Sure, he could have just Force pushed her but he did the one thing he knew would for one scare her enough and two break her focus on him. As he kept reaching toward her the volley of lightning arced it's way toward Nissa.

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      She had heard him, deep inside. But on the surface, it didn't register. His answer was to 'move on'. She wasn't ready to do that.

      As the Force Choke took hold, she watched him go to his knee. All her mind could think of was that she had been helpless.

      Suddenly, the Force wavered and lightning shot towards the Initiate. Two things happened at that point. The choke on Jacob was suddenly cut short. And the other thing was that Nisa brought her hands up in reflex to brace herself from the strike. She cried out in surprise, expecting pain to follow. "NO!" The cry would reach his ears and his mind. The bond letting him feel the swirl of rage and pain in the cry as she closed her eyes and turned her head in hopes of protecting herself.

      Jacob would watch as the arms went up in defense, and the strike would catch her where the crossing of her arms met. But just before the lightning would have struck her, it was deflected. A small splash of Force power would flash in Jacob's vision as a barrier, weak but effective enough to save her, flared to life as Nissa screamed.

      Then he would see the force of the blow knock her onto her back. She laid there... unmoving...

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      Jacob felt the release upon his throat and he caught his breath for a moment, hearing her cry out as their bond let him feel the pain and rage she felt. He figured that part would happen. Not that he couldn't feel it before as he then looked up to see her arms crossed in trying to defend herself. The lightning singed where her arms met one another, though it didn't cross any further as he saw it bounce off something. Apparently she'd made a barrier with the Force to deflect it. He had to hand it to her, that was instinctive and good nonetheless. Long as she broke the concentration she had upon him choking him that was what mattered to him.

      As it knocked her back flat onto the ground on her back nonetheless he saw that she hadn't moved. Coughing a few times, the Knight slowly walked to her as she saw she still wasn't moving. Looking down at her he then stood a few feet away, surveying her and trying to see if there was any damage he couldn't see. Not seeing anything at the moment he then knelt down a little beside Nissa as he then put his hand to her forehead then checked for a pulse. She was alive, just knocked out for the moment.

      "Oh why did you have to do that..." He said trailing off.

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      Despite her unconsciousness, Nisa answered Jacob. "Help me, Jacob," came the soft mental cry, perhaps surprising them both. She'd never answered him when sleeping in the past. Perhaps the Bond, and their proximity, gave her, and him, a boost.

      A moment later, Nisa moaned and hey eyes flickered open. Tears welled up as she sat up and reached for his neck where a small bruise was blossoming. But before she touched him, she quickly withdrew. She feared harming him again. "I'm sorry, Jacob. It was like I wasn't in control. I could see myself..." she swallowed, unable to admit hurting him, "but I couldn't stop."

      She absently rubbed her right arm where the skin had been singed. Rolling her arms to better see the ruined tunic sleeves and burned flesh, she shook her head. "I deserved that... Can you forgive me?" She couldn't even look back up. It was as if everything she had ever known about herself had been shattered into a million pieces. She hadn't choked anyone since...

      She was sitting in a hospital bed, mental and physical pain coloring the thoughts. A man was trying to reach her, to hurt her. She lashed out. Untrained Force power coming to her protection. Everything in the room hit the walls, except the man. He was clawing at his throat as she screamed. The final push knocked her unconscious, but not before her target lost his mind to the shattering of power that also pulverised nearly every bone in his body.**

      The image flashed quickly thru her head. But Jacob would see and feel it with her.


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      Hearing her mental anguish he then took her hand and held it for a moment. It was a bit surprising as she hadn't answered him like that even when she was asleep. To the Knight, this bond was stronger then he'd thought. Not that it was totally a bad thing. Some parts were good, or so he'd read, but others could be horrible at times. Things in that aspect could go horribly wrong and end up killing either of them. Hopefully, that didn't happen.

      After her eyes opened and she moaned more than likely in some amount of discomfort he then saw her tears well up and he ran his hand across her cheek. Though seeing her reach for him the Knight put her hand down. But as he went to do so she retreated it. He could sense the fear in her that she'd harm him again. Jacob knew she hadn't meant to do so, he'd lost it himself many times. More as a Jedi then as a member of the Penumbra. As she apologized he waved it off.

      "It's alright. I know you didn't mean to." Jacob said trying to reassure her, "We've all lost control of ourselves. You've seen me do it plenty. It was discomforting, but I'll be fine. I've had worse."

      Jacob meant that literally. He'd had much worse in the past. A many fights where he was battered and nearly killed. There was one war between Jedi and Sith he was killed. The Jacob that Nissa knew now wasn't the original. A clone of himself he was and had all of the memories of his life. Sure, took time to regather but he did eventually. While Nissa asked for forgiveness he then nodded his head. Of course he'd forgive her. The lightning was only done in a desperate measure and he knew it'd make her stop. Though the barrier she put up surprised him.

      "Of course I do." Jacob said.

      While she pressed the image into his mind, what happened to her before she came here he understood. She hadn't done that since then, well, till she got him with it. Not that he wasn't without his own use of the Force before he got training to control himself. That was a distant memory to him now. Even so, his training now he had much better use of his abilities then he did even as a Jedi. Of course, he used the darker side of the Force but nonetheless he trained himself to be better then what he had formerly been. Now, he was trying to do the same to his students.

      "That must have been hard for you to do that again. It's alright...like I said we've all lost control." He said patting her hand.

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      Nisa heard Jacob's sincerity in her head like a blanket of warmth. Whatever else the Bond was doing, it was bringing them closer. She had heard him before she awoke and she knew that hadn't happened before, either.

      When he took her hand, she moved to her knees to hug him. “I'm sorry... help me, please, Jacob. I know I couldn't have killed you. I'm not strong enough and it was an erratic gesture. But what about next time?” She moved back and looked at him. “The guy in the hospital was turned into something akin to a bag of mush. I don't want to do that 'accidentally'.”

      She rocked back to sit on her heels and looked at him with a touch of confusion on her face. “And I don't know why that lightning didn't knock me thru the garden wall. What happened?” She was looking around at the mess she had made. Lord Jasik had been gone over a year and till now she had mourned her adoptive Father's absence. Now she was glad he was not here to see what she had done to one of his gardens. Several bushes near her epicenter of explosive rage were uprooted and tossed against the garden walls. And the rocks, leaves and even dirt was swept clean and level in an almost 20 foot radius from where she had originally been kneeling.

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      Jacob hugged her tight and as she apologized he then rubbed her back assuring her again that he was okay, "I'll help you as you have helped me, Nissa. We'll work on this together."

      When Nissa mentioned the lightning not knocking her through the wall he then smiled. If only for a moment or two. He knew why but she didn't and he'd have to tell her. The Knight knew it was the Force barrier that more or less saved her from being impacted fully by his Force Lightning. At times it could help save oneself from other abilities but it saved her from his. It only knocked her back that far and she would be able to control it so it would not knock her back at all. It was uncontrolled more or less and that was why that whole thing happened he figured.

      "The barrier you put up. It saved you from full impact but you wavered and that was why it knocked you that far. More practice and you'll do fine, I promise." Jacob said to answer her inquiry.

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      Nissa managed to compose herself well enough to listen to his words. "Force Barrier, huh?" she shook her head with a slight laugh. "Lucky for me I have a good teacher. I've learned I can do anything I put my mind to."

      Wiping her face she shook her head once more. "I must look a sight. I am sorry I pulled you from the site. It wasn't my intent, Jacob, honest." Nissa stood up and brushed off her pants before sitting on a nearby large stone that hadn't been shoved in her temper tantrum. "I guess I have some more practicing before my trials, huh?" The sound of her voice was almost defeatist. "I doubt anyone wants to learn from a Sith tempered Knight." She laughed and looked at him. "You should get back to the site. They need you."

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      Jacob smiled at her comment then laughed himself, "True. Least with age comes wisdom as they say. Guess I was born to teach perhaps."

      The Knight looked at her and shook his head no. Sure, he'd looked worse for wear before he knew her, before he was even part of the Penumbra. Jacob had his fair share of looking like total crap warmed over. Seeing Nissa now she looked fine, sure a little dirt but nothing awful like he'd been quite a few times. He'd been covered in blood, his own and others and had so much dirt and grime looked like he'd lived in the woods all his life. As she sat on a stone he sat across from her on the other one. Jacob nodded as she spoke of needing more practice. Everyone could use it and he knew she'd be fine.

      "Well, we all could I suppose. Doesn't hurt to keep practicing." He said with a confident smile then added, "Your not as bad as you think. You are too hard on yourself, Nissa. I got faith in you that you'll do fine."

      He then waved her off, "It's alright you didn't pull me away. If it wasn't for that I would have left for a bit anyways. I needed a moment."

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      Nissa looked at him and nodded. "Thank you, hun." She smiled as he once more boosted her when she should have been doing it for him. "Will you help me again, then, please? If not, I can ask Lady Shy, if will be too much with what we have as a connection, now." She wasn't sure how to proceed after last night. "Will you still me by training Master? Or should I seek out someone else? I should probably learn this barrier, and choke, so I don't accidentally hurt someone else."

      She looked towards the debris and laughed. "Well, I guess that's one way to weed a garden. Lord Jasik would kill me if he saw this." She was grateful, for the first time, that the man who had adopted her as his Ward for the sake of the Royals and the non Prenumbra within the Chateau, wasn't home.

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      Jacob instantly waved her off of that as she said it, "Of course I'll help. Just because we're close now and bonded doesn't mean I don't stop being your teacher."

      The Knight winked at her as she asked if he'd still be her Master. That should have said all that needed to be at that moment and time. He had to agree that she should learn to control those two things that she mentioned. If not then she could possibly do what she did to him by accident to someone else. Someone who may not have the Force like she does. If that happened they might be found out and that could spell trouble for the whole group. That needed to be avoided at all costs.

      Looking at the debris himself the Knight then chuckled, "True. It kinda needed it anyways. Jasik would be fine with that. i'm sure he'd probably do the same thing or something similar. Or say what I just did and say it needed it anyways."

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      Nissa went to her knees at his feet and hugged him. "I am so sorry, Jacob. I know I can't come close to experiencing what you have. But in having this moment of loss of control, I can only say I am sorry for what you have gone thru. Please... help me control this and together we can balance one another and be unstoppable." The last came out almost with a soft laugh.

      She looked up at him, a look in her eyes almost her old self once more. "And thank you for what you said about Jasik." She kissed him softly and stood up. "So tell me about the barrier. I'm a little scared to try Choke first." She smiled slightly but the fear still washed over her like a wave of warm wind.

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