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      Nisa sighed and dropped the debris in its place. She closed her eyes at his touch and took the half step back that lined her body up with his. As she leaned into him, she nodded. "We need help..." she whispered reluctantly.

      His repeated confession he would always forgive her made her heart clench. She knew the Jedi and Sith and wouldn't be as forgiving. But hearing him say it in a way that reminded her of his first hand knowledge of such things. "And I'll always forgive you..." she half whispered in his arms.

      After a moment, she turned and took a step back. "If I am going to try this, we need to know if the bond will affect it any. Right?" She wasn't liking where her mind was going, but it was leading her there anyway. She swallowed as she took a couple more steps back. There was fear on her face, but also resolve. Her mental shields went up but she wasn't aware he was still able to sense her thru them. It was because of proximity, but since he knew her so well, he would recognize that despite her shields, he still sensed her.

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      Jacob sighed through his nose, which was something he rarely did, as Nissa knew him to mostly do things through his mouth. Like snore for instance. Truth, they did need help with it all. While they would both forgive one another he then took her hand to lead her back inside. Plus, it was starting to cloud up which meant rain. Least he figured it meant that. Times it just had an overcast where the clouds built up but never spewed rain upon the grass and everywhere else.

      It was then that she mentioned that if she was gonna try that they needed to know if the bond affected it. Well, so much for just going back inside. Nodding his head he agreed but they should least try it quickly for he could smell the rain coming. It may be far off but it was heading toward their way. About fifteen minutes it seemed to him. Just that faint smell of rain it was a refreshing and sweet smell. For some reason he knew it well.

      With her mental shields up he still sensed her fear, but she was determined which made him smile at least a moment, "It's okay. Fear can do many things. Some good even. It's helped me conquer things that I didn't think I'd be able to."

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