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      PM-Invite Cantina Diplomacy (Korinth, pm?)

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      Ambassador Tygaris was in no particular hurry today, and generally speaking he never was. He was a man who enjoyed punctuality, but didn't get mad if he was late to an event; remaining poised when late was just another side of diplomacy. He always tried to arrive early and stay late. That was the type of dedication it took for him to function and be satisfied with. That also meant that he had quiet a few minutes of personal time each day, assuming that he wanted to take a moment off to catch his breath. However, today was a busy day. He'd spent hours on end reading over legalese accounting data pads depicting tariff payments that needed to be double checked before being pushed onward. It was just one of the menial labors that came with the job and someone had to do it. Once it was done, he was done for the day and headed to the closest Cantina after realizing the day had passed into the evening.

      One air-taxi later, and he entered the Mirror's Edge Cantina while holding an elegantly crafted suitcase.

      The Cantina was bustling with life, any who sought to be alone on this night was out of luck It would seem as a party was taken place tonight. He wore a pure white regal suit, with a black overcoat draped around him. It was best to appear Holonet camera ready if need be. The many face of the republic where out from Zeltrons mingling with small Drall's, all of them dressed to impress. Tygaris started to feel at home, his walk as if he was gliding across the floor. A group of women passed by him that he'd seen in passing at the Coronet Capitol Building, who he each gave a polite smile in passing.

      "Good evening, Ladies" He said while Making his way to a more private wing and taking a seat at a booth overlooking the near area. It was private, in a way that no one could hear any conversation but all could see Tygaris clearly. He placed his suitcase by his feet after taking out his datapad along with a file that contained general galactic news for the day. A Twi'lek waiter made her way over to him to ask if he wanted a drink. "Tallian Wine, please." After a quick smile the waiter walked away to get his drink.

      As he waited for the waiter to return, he casual began to people watch. Not being subtle in the least, locking eyes with anyone who looked his way before giving them a smile.

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      Korinth had been trying, and failing, to get her foot into any door within the NR government. Sighing about it she went to the cantina hoping to forget about the rest of the day. Looking around she didn't see anyone worth noting in the government here that maybe she could get her foot in the door and start helping people. Being raised within the nobility of Ruusan, most found her odd that she'd denounce her royal title just to join the New Republic. Though from a young age she wanted to help those who were less fortunate, that didn't have a lot like her family or any other noble. All should be presented with opportunity, that those who were supposedly 'below' her stature should get a hand up, not a hand out. Korinth found it demeaning to call it a hand out. As long as someone could be helped, given an opportunity then she knew she did something good.

      As she spotted someone walk in, briefcase and all she shook her head and chuckled to herself. Korinth hadn't seen him before and when they locked eyes and he flashed her a smile and she did the same. With drink in hand, Korinth casually walked over dressed in civilian clothes and then got within a few feet of him before she raised an eyebrow at him and shifted her weight to her right. Taking a sip of her drink she then looked at the briefcase.

      "Important meeting?" Korinth asked curiously.

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