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      Catching up (Bezor, Force abilities testing)

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      Malissa was in the Dojo awaiting Bezor as the sun slowly crested over the top of the Temple. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her cape was hung on a peg by the door on the wall. Her training gear was simple, a tunic belted with her saber on her hip, and leggings tucked into soft bottom boots. She was absently humming as she used physical and Force abilities to move mats and clear the center of the floor of the 50 square foot room.

      She knew he was up, she had passed his room an hour before and sensed it. Deciding not to knock, she gave him his leisure to eat and make his way here. She was in no hurry and today was to be a simple one.

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      Bezor had awoken early that morning. He felt energized, excited to be finally taking this step. Having been so reserved, for what felt like an eternity as he followed his feelings here, it was a relief to finally...train. He had dreamt of doing such things, thought of it with wonder for many times. He had largely expected that fate would have twisted him and he would meet someone here that was to bring him somewhere else, but that had faded in time. In just a few days, he had felt home. Not the kind of comfort you get when you expect to leave in a few days, but as though he was finally amongst his peers. People who understood what was inside him, what drew him forth, what drove him. He hardly understood it himself, but he would now. Now he had a chance.

      He had had a light meal, not wanting to be ill-prepared for whatever lie ahead, but not wanting to be overly indulged either. He was nervous, his fingertips felt like they were buzzing. His eyes were darting everywhere, trying to take in every detail as though they held something of great import. He had smiled and waved to a few students, he was beginning to recognize a few faces that he saw often enough.

      He was home.

      After finishing up, and tidying his space, he had embarked towards the training dojo. If it was anything like what he had seen of the training facilities of CorSec, he would be fine. He was not disappointed either with what he found. His instructor, the Jedi Lady Arnago was there, using soft, but precise movements and moving things. Without touching them. It was a long moment as he stood and watched, before he approached. Clearing his through, "Lady, good morning." He said, hoping to not startle or disrupt whatever she was doing. He certainly didn't want to be moved around like that.

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      Malissa felt her student long before he spoke. But she didn't tell him that. Instead, she settled what she was moving and turned to smile. "Good morning. I hope you slept well. I know sometimes settling in is a bit hard. Even after several nights."

      She motioned him to join her in the middle of the room where she took a seat on the mat and crossed her legs to get comfortable. "So let's start at the beginning. What do you know of the Force and what you are doing here?"

      She was relaxed and the question want delivered like a test, but simple friendly conversation.

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      Bezor nods, moving forward to stand and then sit before the woman. His eyes took in everything."Well..Ma'am..almost nothing to the first. I've been trying to read through a few books from the library, but they are really just making my head hurt." He says, shifting his legs to be cross legged as the woman was. "I suppose to the latter, i'm searching for answers. I've spent a lot of my life following a set of steps that was not my own. I left home, where I was comfortable, because I felt a pull otherwise. I don't know. I can't explain it any other way than I was told to come here by my inner voice. I was meant to be here." He says, eyes searching somewhere distant as he recounts from his memory, drawing forth thoughts of his adventure to arrive here. They eventually refocus, and return to Malissa.

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