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      To the Dark Tower

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      Antony had recently heard stories of the legendary Sith Master, Jedah Lynch. There had been talk of him before and he'd only known things in whispers from around the Sith Empire. But, he truly never met the man to his surprise. Even his father spoke of him highly and regarded him as one of ancient wisdom. However, the Dark Passenger in Antony's mind, scoffed the Sith Master saying that he predated him. Of course, Antony rolled his eyes at it and scoffed it for that saying how stupid it was to compare itself to that guy. The young Sith Apprentice was close enough now he could taste his future as a Sith Lord. It was only a matter of time, he knew. Truth be told Antony wanted to learn and grow before he would pass his own knowledge onto others. Keep tradition alive as it were.

      That is why he headed out to where the Sith Master lived. It was further off from the temple itself and Antony trekked there with his black jeans and red t-shirt on as it was quite warm out that day. His blade clipped to his belt, ever deadly with the blood red blade. Something he'd made himself. A test of his knowledge and his skills as a Sith. No matter he proved himself many times over. With that, Antony then kept trekking through the jungle as he made his way to the tower where Master Lynch resided. In some way he feared what he might find there. Then, there was part of him that was curious of the Sith Master and what he could learn from him. Either way, it would be something he'd regret if he didn't at least find out.

      As he journeyed along, the Dark Passenger sat in his seat ever present, as he presented his visage to Antony floating next to him, "Oh why do you bother with this sort of thing? Are there more things you can do with your time? At some point it'll be my turn in the other room, you know?"

      "Yeah. I know." He said with a roll of his eyes, "But I need to learn from him if I'm ever to pass down knowledge, right? Isn't that what Sith of old did? Learn and pass knowledge so it doesn't die with that person? I thought you were smarter than that."

      "I'm smarter then all of you! Don't forget I'm always here boy!" It said before disappearing.

      "Yeah, I always have to be reminded of that!" He said through gritted teeth.

      "Don't forget...I'm in here too I just wanted to let you know not to forget me! Least of all I take control too! The voice of Lykeira made herself known, as he had by accident pulled a bit of her psyche into his mind.

      Will all of you shut up! I'm trying to walk here! He said to them in the room, where the personalities were all sitting in chairs.

      Fed up with them for the time being he kept walking. It felt like hours with the heat and he took a sip of water from a bottle then kept it held in his left hand before he put his arm back down. For what seemed like hours, though it was actually only 20 minutes or so he journeyed to the tower that Lynch lived. It was quite tall to him, and he looked up at it when he neared the door. Looking up and down he then had to remark how the scale of it was and it loomed over the small hill it occupied. While he marveled at it he then went up to the door. Balling his hand into a fist he then banged on the door. He did this a few times before he stepped back.

      "Hmm...wonder if he's even here or not..." He said out loud.

      Antony's Theme Music

      Antony's alternate theme song

      Thanks to Satkia for the new one on my rotator

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      Solitude. His life was often defined by it, he preferred it to being in the company of others who often chatted and talked about banal matters of no great import. A life of solitude meant that he focused on what was important, his Sith research, his alchemy steeped in dark and demented powers. Creating artifacts and creatures that defied the natural order. It was one of the few things he took great pride in, creating that which did not exist or had not existed for centuries. To not merely recreate but improve on the original in every way possibl that was an affront to the light side of the Force. Where Jedi allowed the Force to flow through them to work with it Lynch took it and bent it to his will darkening and twisting it to obey his whims. It was not enough to simply command the Force, he needed to take it and scar it's very being. Such was it's punishment for ever daring to challenge him as he sought to accomplish his goals. It made him smile.

      He lived apart from the main structure of the Sith, he had created a building in the shape of a spiraling tower that was perminated in the dark side of the Force channeling it's energies. To the average Sith it was where they knew he resided, that was in itself a lie. A trick to fool any would be attempts to take his life by others or orbital bombardments. Still the tower had it's use, it helped to spread waves of the Force in his dark design. Often he used it to empower his dark arts in other secret places throughout the planet where he worked. Each place contained a secret tunnel that connected many of his labratories known only to him, it allowed him to travel to and fro from each place depending on the need. It also allowed him to close off or destroy any of these places if his works went awry while perserving the other labratories free of unforseen contamination.

      Though few bothered him various sensors kept track of the towers suroundings, it kept him from being surprised by sudden visitors. Not that Lynch needed even these, the Force told all, it was far superior to anything made of metal and circuits. Any single one being that used the Force radiated a presence, the stronger in the Force the stronger the presence became. If skilled one might dampen the Force signature, it required a great amount of power and skill rendering the average Force powered being unable to make use of it. That was for the better of all in his own opinon. The person approaching the tower was easily sensed in the Force.

      A camera focused on the person recording their image and scanned it through a database even as several monitors flickered on showing the person along with various data profiles. With a subtle gesture the monitors went dark. With a creek the machinery operating the doors hummed to life, slowly the doors parted ever so slightly enough for the visitor to enter. As soon as he entered the doors closed behind him.

      "And what..........do you want." came the voice from the shadows seemingly everywhere and no where at once.

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      The doors parted and Antony noted the small opening in them that he could fit through. Taking a deep breath he then let it out slow as he walked through the threshold. As soon as he entered he heard them close behind him. Though the doors shutting did slightly make him jump, he then looked around as he heard a voice asking why he was here. It seemed to come from everywhere. Yet, he saw no one standing there at all. His eyebrow perked he had to guess that the Sith Master wasn't just gonna greet him at the said door, no, he'd have to find him somewhere in here.

      "There are many things I want." Antony said just stating fact, "Though I came here to inquire. To learn...from one in hushed whispers so ancient as you, Master Lynch."

      But as he said that the voice of the Dark Passenger stated his reasons through the Force, I am not as convinced as he is...what can we learn from you, ancient one? If you are such. As ancient as perhaps...me?"

      It seemed that all the ones sitting in their chairs were wanting to speak. But, it was Jaden who had managed to calm them. His gentle nature made them see that they had to wait. They all peered into the next room, which was Antony's consciousness. Those who sat in the room would wait. For it was the Dark Passenger who had his turn. Sinc he was the first, and the most dominant of the personalities other then Antony himself. Jaden, however had the luxury of even scaring the Passenger off at times. His lighter nature made him shrink away for he hated that twin of the young man. His presence made the Dark Passenger want to be away from him.

      Don't mind that guy...just speak with my brother...the Dark one will wait his turn... Jaden, Antony's twin manifested into a personality although he was well alive, it was a coping mechanism for Antony as he was far away from his twin.

      The personalities making themselves known made Antony blink his eyes as his head started to hurt a bit. Nevertheless Antony was used to it. So he kept looking through the darkness as he slowly took a few steps to make sure that nothing would ambush him. He had to be on his toes, from anything to anyone. Even a Sith Master.

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