• Things to Know to Get Started at SWRPG

      Welcome to SWRPG! We are glad to have you here and would like to give you some helpful information on how to get started. Just follow this list:

      1. Read the FAQ located here: http://www.sw-rpg.net/forums/faq.php - it has a lot of information so make sure you read the first section and then whatever section pertains to the type of character you want to play.

      2. Register a unique username - make sure it isn't from movies, comic books, etc. Just something completely yours. There are some great name generators out there online so just Google if you need help with a name.

      3. Figure out what image you want to use for your character. There are a lot of images already claimed for characters so be sure to go to the Member List - http://www.sw-rpg.net/forums/memberlist.php - and search the Image Claims listed in the memberlist. Basically if you want to use Mark Hamill and someone is already using him, you will need to choose someone else to represent your character's image.

      4. If you need help with your character's avatar or signature, just post in the Avatar and Signature Requests forum located here: http://www.sw-rpg.net/forums/forumdi...ature-Requests - an artist will make something for you and then you can add it to your profile.

      5. Read over some of the character entries in the SWRPG Wiki and get a feel for the type of details you will need to come up with for your character. The SWRPG Wiki is located here: http://swrpg.wikia.com/wiki/The_SWRPG_Wiki - every character on SWRPG is required to have a wiki page. If you need help setting up the page, just post in the SWRPG Wiki Help forum and Wiki Admin Garyn Fel'zev will be along to help you out. The help forum is located here: http://www.sw-rpg.net/forums/forumdi...WRPG-Wiki-Help

      6. Feel free to introduce yourself in The Holonet forum in the Introduction Thread here: http://www.sw-rpg.net/forums/showthr...ce-yourselves!! - we would love to meet you and know more about you.

      7. If you have any questions, just ask. Send a PM to any forum staff member. The administrators and moderators would be happy to help. Here is the link: http://www.sw-rpg.net/forums/showgroups.php.