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SWRPG Forum Rules

1. Force User (Jedi, Dark Jedi, Sith), and non-Force User (Rebel, Imperial, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Smuggler, Pirate) characters are allowed at SWRPG.

2. Shadow Jedi/Grey Jedi are not allowed at SWRPG. SWRPG goes by the Star Wars universe as defined by George Lucas and his entourage of comic script writers and novelists. All the published examples thusfar indicate that there is no such thing as a person who can use both sides of the Force at will.

3. Ships/Armor/Weapons/Tech: All ship, armor, weapons and tech guidelines are now defaulted to what is listed in the Wookieepedia and makes sense for your character. Faction leaders will make suggestions to those outside of common sense guidelines.

4. Characters that desire to advance in rank, ability and skill must join one of the SWRPG factions listed in the SWRPG Galaxy Factions: Open to Membership section of the forums. Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters/Smugglers/Pirates will work for Vaago the Hutt out of Drifter's Paradise. There are no freelance/rogue characters that can advance in rank, ability or skill.

5. All character usernames must be unique and original and not from any existing Star Wars character or from any other game/movie/book/comic character from any genre (the rare exceptions to this rule would be those who have been roleplaying their characters elsewhere for years and have SWRPG Admin Team approval to have a particular name). Character names with Jedi Master, Sith Master, Emperor or any other rank related title are not allowed since all new characters start at the beginning rank in each group. Non-original character names/characters found to be in violation will be changed by a SWRPG Administrator to a name of their choosing. All characters on SWRPG are to be working on creating/updating their own character wiki page located on our SWRPG Wiki (see SWRPG Character Wiki Information & Guidelines).

6. No playing an existing Star Wars movie or EU character or doing any roleplays that interact with or make reference to an existing Star Wars movie or EU character/event or any of their items/belongings. SWRPG characters are not allowed to be related to or involved with any canon character (rare exceptions exist from longtime members that joined SWRPG from elsewhere and had SWRPG Admin approval).

7. No abilities/skills that have not been roleplayed out in a documented thread on SWRPG are allowed. No self-training or learning skills solo is allowed for characters at SWRPG (the exception being Jedi Masters, Sith Masters, and Dark Jedi Masters are the only ones who may read/learn from a holocron artifact). All skills and abilities must be learned in a documented training thread with the character's master/instructor. Characters that join the NR/TSGE/BH/Merc/Smuggler/Pirate may claim basic knowledge and understanding in their weapons in order to demonstrate beginning level skills but may not claim expertise or mastery until they achieve higher ranks/offices in their factions.

8. Characters are NOT allowed to form their own groups at SWRPG. The existing groups/factions available to characters at SWRPG are listed in the SWRPG Galaxy Factions: Open to Membership section of the forums. For group leadership, a roleplayer can only hold one faction leadership position on the board regardless of the number of characters played in different factions.

9. Battle/duel threads: You are never allowed to call the result of your attack. You can "swing your lightsaber at a downward arc toward the wrist of your opponent" but you may not "swing your lightsaber and cut off your opponent's hand". The degree of damage inflicted on a person's character is completely up to the person being attacked. There is a "give and take" in roleplaying where you are expected to take damage (and a lot of it) at the lowest levels as you are just learning your skills and abilities.

10. No godmoding is allowed. Please keep all powers, weapons and abilities within the Star Wars universe and within the character's rank abilities. Fellow roleplayers have the right to disregard outlandish or godmoding powers/items attempted to be used against their characters. Godmoding can encompass a variety of things and basically causes an unfair roleplaying experience. Here are some examples of what is considered godmoding and is NOT allowed to happen in this community:

  • a. making your character invincible by never taking damage
  • b. trying to play a beginning rank as being equal to or more powerful than a Master ranked character
  • c. trying to use skills or abilities your character has not learned in a documented training thread in the training area of this community
  • d. performing multiple attacks/defenses in one post that would be considered "outlandish" or unreasonable
  • e. trying to start a brand new character to the board at a higher rank than the beginning rank by claiming past training or experiences not documented on this community
  • f. calling the result of an attack and not letting the recipient choose the degree of damage inflicted on their own character - in other words, you are not allowed to post your opponent's actions, let them respond
  • g. creating a character to roleplay/battle with one of your own characters to try and make them appear stronger/better by using it as an unfair advantage
  • h. No killing or maiming without the prior permission of the other person in the roleplay
  • i. having Force Users wear full sets of armor so that they can be invincible and take no damage at all. Force-users can only use partial armor and only when Faction goes to a War. You need to read the section in your Faction's FAQ about body armor allowances.

11. You can register and play as many different characters as you would like to as long as you demonstrate that you can abide by the rules of the FAQ. For each character name you register, they may only be a member of a single roleplay faction group. Your characters may not train or interact with your other characters in the same group if you have more than one character there unless it is for storyline purposes only. You cannot have your own characters interact with each other for the purpose of learning new skills or advancing in rank.

12. Non-ranked, non-force sensitive NPC (non-player character) type characters may be created sparingly as desired to assist with personal storylines although SWRPG encourages you to instead interact with other player characters as this is the whole purpose of the forum.

13. No political seats/positions are allowed to be claimed without approval/recruitment by the leadership council of the fleet roleplaying factions (Sovereign Galactic Empire, New Republic).

14. Character transfers from other roleplaying communities: Most community members start a brand new character at the beginning level ranks at SWRPG. However, for those who might happen to have a long time character with a well established and well documented character history on another roleplay community, there is now a review process for that character's admission to be considered for a roleplay group in this community. Rogue character transfers are not allowed, transferred characters must be a member of an existing group. Transfers will be based on roleplaying threads and information provided and not all transfer requests are approved. To have a character considered for admission into the SWRPG galaxy, send a private message to Dara Shadowtide with the following information:

  • 1. Character name, faction and rank
  • 2. Roleplaying community name and website link
  • 3. The character's initial recruitment/joining thread link
  • 4. Two of the character's training thread links to show skills learned in the sessions
  • 5. Promotion thread links including the promotion to the current rank
  • 6. Thread links to padawans/disciples the character has trained
  • 7. Thread links to battles/duels the character has engaged in
  • 8. A thread link to a non-battle/storyline for the character

15. Respect posting order in a roleplay thread. No "fast posting" allowed if members in a roleplay thread are not online to respond. If they are not on to respond you may not just "skip" them and go on without them. Once a posting order is established you should stick to that order and not post until it is your turn. Please be respectful to fellow roleplayers

16. Communicate with those you roleplay with. Not everyone can be online every day and real life always takes precedence over the roleplay. If you are in a thread with someone and they haven't posted in a few days, feel free to private message them or contact them on a messenger program to find out when they will be able to post again. Being considerate of fellow roleplayers makes for a smooth roleplaying environment. This rule also applies to major roleplays which affect more than one group on the board. Use the private message system or e-mail to communicate with fellow roleplayers. OOC (Out of Character) comments are not allowed in the IC (In Character) roleplaying forums. It detracts from the story being told. Any OOC posts will be edited out by a Staff member.

17. Communicate with the SWRPG Staff. If you are contacted by a SWRPG Administrator or Moderator for being in violation of a rule, asked questions about your profile page, thread edits, or other matters, you must respond to that Staff member during the investigation process. Failure to reply to Staff private messages can result in accounts being frozen. The rules are in place to keep things fair and equitable for all.

18. Avatars/Signatures/Images: The images used in avatars/signatures must be unique and not already claimed by another board community member in the Image Claims threads which are in the Avatar and Signature Help forum. The images used are to be suitable for viewing by all ages and may not display sexual content or have the intent of flaming/bashing/baiting/trolling. Animated avatars are allowed but animated signatures are not as they slow down the loading time of the forum. The file size of the avatar image cannot exceed 10k, and the actual image cannot exceed 130 X 130 pixels. The file size of the signature cannot exceed 40k, and signatures can't be bigger than 800px when you add width and height (like 500x300 or 600x200). Please read the Avatar and Signature FAQ in the SWRPG Artists Studio/Avatar and Signature Requests forum prior to using/claiming any images for your character and for additional information.

19. Forum conduct - Flaming/bashing/baiting (making insulting criticisms or remarks to incite anger) others directly or indirectly Out of Character is not allowed at SWRPG. Posts will be edited or deleted by a Moderator or Administrator and further action will be taken by an Administrator if the negative conduct persists. People have the right to their own negative opinions, however this roleplaying board was not created for that purpose. SWRPG was created as a positive place to roleplay and interact with others. Insults, sarcasm and negativity are not welcome. Please help to keep SWRPG the positive and welcoming community it has become by clicking the Report a Post button if you see negative conduct. You can also send thread links to Dara Shadowtide in a private message.

20. Trolling (making posts with the intent to stir up trouble to incite disruption) is not allowed at SWRPG. Posts will be edited by a Staff member and threads locked and moved if this occurs.

21. Links to other forums are not allowed to be posted or advertised at this time on the forums, wiki or in the Chatbox.

22. The language filter has been enabled to not allow curse words which can be used to demean others since our posting community is open to membership of pre-teen and up. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Any attempt to usurp the filter will result in edited posts and warnings issued. Always use the Preview Post feature. If you see ****** replacing one of the words you are using, then that means it is in the filter and is not allowed to be used here. Change that word before you Submit the post. This applies to the Chatbox as well.

23. Site content: Just as the filter has been enabled to accommodate a community of all ages, IC/OOC posts are to be made in accordance with those considerations as well. Storylines or discussions that are sexual, political, or religious in nature are not allowed on this forum. Such topics are not appropriate for an all ages community. Please use other forums that specialize in those topics to express your views or storylines on those matters. SWRPG is not one of those forums. Any posts with content unsuitable for all ages, including posts of a sexual, political or religious nature, topics about substance abuse, or comparisons of personal illnesses will be edited/deleted by the SWRPG Staff. The same is true for the Chatbox.

24. Who to contact if you have a question:

If you have a question about your roleplay group, please contact a Faction Leader of your roleplay faction by clicking on the P/M symbol next to their name to send a private message to them.

If you have a question about vBulletin or your User Account, post a thread in the Forum Posting and Username Account Help forum.

If you have a concern or question regarding site content, another member's conduct or any question not covered in the FAQ, please contact an Administrator or Moderator and click on the P/M symbol to send them a private message.

25. Failure to follow these rules will result in account restrictions by the SWRPG Admin Team. Actions taken are based on the severity of the infraction, the impact the infraction has on the community in general, and the total number of infractions overall by the user. Appropriate action on the forum account will be taken, up to and/or including forum restrictions, moderated posting, account freezing, and permanent banning from the site. Those in violation of the FAQ rules will be contacted by the Forum Owner, Dara Shadowtide. Remember, you must follow the rules while you here. We want you to have fun, play within the rules, and be nice and respectful to every community member at all times (OOC). We hope you choose to roleplay in a galaxy far, far away and follow our galaxy rules at all times.

26. Disclaimer/Copyright information - SWRPG is neither affiliated with, sponsored nor endorsed by Lucasfilm, LTD. (Lucasfilm™), Disney, nor Star Wars (STAR WARS® or ™). All applicable Star Wars trademark laws protect - titles, characters, images, vehicles, creatures, weapons, place names, and so on. All Rights Reserved. SWRPG Signature & Avatar Staff designed images used within the making of Custom Signatures and Avatars, whether the image has been recreated or altered is still protected under the copyright of the original Artist. All Custom Signatures and Avatars used within the SWRPG Community are for personal appreciation and enjoyment. There is no intention to infringe on the Artist’s own copyright laws. No profit is being made by their use on this Web Site. All written posts - threads by the author(s) are protected under Copyright Law. Any reproduction of the author’s text is strictly forbidden. You MUST contact the author in question to receive permission to use their written text, written ideas, and/or thread layouts. SWRPG is a non-profit Star Wars Fan Fiction Web Site and a "public domain" Roleplaying Forum. No copyright infringements are intended by the users of this Web Site and Roleplaying Forum. This site is for non-profit entertainment purposes of appreciation only.

SWRPG Galaxy Timeline & Setting

First, the General Star Wars Timeline (provided by SWRPG community member Skaythe):

(BBY = Before the Battle of Yavin, SW IV; ABY = After Battle of Yavin)

5,000 BBY - The Sith Empire is "discovered" by Jori and Gav Daragon. The Empire then learns of the Republic and decides to conquer it. The Great Hyperspace War begins.

4,999 BBY - (The comics are very fuzzy as to how long the war actually lasted. However, it was to have raged across the galaxy in an age where hyperspace travel was much slower and more dangerous. It has to be assumed that some years passed during this war.) When the Great Hyperspace War ends, the Sith Empire has been defeated. Naga Sadow has retreated to Yavin along with his remaining loyal Massassi warriors. Some of the other Sith Lords have obviously been destroyed in the war. But no mention is made that any cleanup or conquering of the Sith Empire by the Republic actually ever occurred.

4,999 - 4,000 BBY - Here there is a very long period of time in which Sith Lords could have arisen to take Naga Sadow's place, built new empires, fought wars and disappeared. But no information is available for this time period. It remains a galactic "dark age".

4,000 BBY - Time of the Beast Wars of Onderon

3,998 BBY - Freedon Nadd uprising. This relatively minor "sith lord" creates quite a bit of stir. But really, it is his spirit that causes the greatest trouble for a young Jedi years later.

3,996 BBY - The Sith War. Freedon Nadd's spirit tempts a powerful Jedi to the dark side and this in turn creates a new great war that erupts across the galaxy. Because it is corrupted Jedi that become Sith, this is well documented and noted in history.

approx. 3,956 and 3,951 BBY - Time of the Knights of the Old Republic series of games. A new Sith Empire emerges, fights the Republic but is eventually defeated.

(then there is a huge gap of nearly 3,000 years of mostly undocumented time.)

1,000 BBY - The end of the last great Sith Wars. Massive losses on both sides. Darth Bane comes and goes. The Rule of Two is instituted.

32 BBY - Episode I: The Phantom Menace

22 BBY - Episode II: Attack of the Clones

22 BBY - The Clone Wars (movie)

22-19 BBY - The Clone Wars

19 BBY - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

13-10 BBY - Solo: A Star Wars Story

5 BBY - 1 BBY - Star Wars Rebels (Epilogue after 4 ABY)

0 BBY - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

0 BBY - 0 ABY - Episode IV: A New Hope

3 ABY - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

4 ABY - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

7 ABY - The Mandalorian

30 ABY - Star Wars Resistance

34 ABY - Episode VII: The Force Awakens

34 ABY - Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

35 ABY - Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

35 ABY - SWRPG timeline

Here is a basic summary of SWRPG's plot setting:

31 years have passed since the destruction of the second Death Star. The forces of good - the New Jedi Order and the New Republic - formed an alliance in the hopes of bringing widespread peace to countless worlds. The forces of evil - The Sith Empire and The Sovereign Galactic Empire - formed an alliance to spread their vision of total obedience. The neutral factions - The Dark Spire of Ruusan and The Black Sun - side with no one, electing instead to do what suits their whims and aligns with their machinations.

The New Jedi Order have lost numbers over the years and are in a rebuilding phase. The Sith Empire faced inner turmoil, scattering members far and wide, but the Sith who remain are gaining in numbers. The Sovereign Galactic Empire and the New Republic signed a historic peace treaty called the Galactic Concordance at the end of the Galactic Civil War, yet there are rumors of discord in the new leadership, and outrage in the citizenry on both sides. Meanwhile, The Dark Spire of Ruusan sat by, watching all that transpired, and are formulating their plan of galactic influence. The Black Sun has been watching and waiting, ever ready to take advantage of any situation that arises that could benefit them.

Possibilities exist for those to grab power, riches and fame throughout the galaxy...

SWRPG Character Wiki Information & Guidelines

1. All characters on SWRPG are to be working on creating/updating their own character wiki page located on our SWRPG Wiki. To begin, create an account/username on the SWRPG wiki site.

2. Choose the template that coordinates with the type of character you have and follow the instructions on the character profile page.

3. Fill in the information on your page and keep your page up to date. Be sure to reference your own faction's FAQ for guidelines on placing character weapons, armor, and ship, or other required items.

4. Questions regarding your wiki page can be directed to the SWRPG Wiki Admins in the SWRPG wiki help forum.

SWRPG Site History

In early 1999, Talk City debuted Star Wars chatrooms in anticipation of the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. The chat rooms featured hosted interviews with actors from the movie as well as a place for fans to talk about everything Star Wars. Roleplaying rooms were added so that people could play their own Star Wars character and interact through fast paced duels and intricate storylines.

Members of the Talk City Star Wars chatrooms were also on the Star Wars vs. Titanic ezboard which tracked how well SW:TPM was doing at the box office and whether it would break the all-time record boasted by Titanic for movie ticket sales. That forum eventually became SWFans and featured discussions and roleplaying. The Sith Empire was a core faction of that forum for some years and eventually departed to form the SWRoleplay community before moving to its permanent home at SWRPG. A handful of veteran members of Talk City have remained together and still roleplay at SWRPG. Those original Talk City members have a banner under their name:

SWRPG had its grand opening on February 5, 2003. This is a roleplaying community where you create a unique character to interact with others in the roleplay galaxy by writing intricate storylines. SWRPG has enjoyed continued success and growth over the years.

SWRPG Forum Features

In addition to the general vBulletin Software FAQ that explains the various forum features, SWRPG has added several now popular features for its members to enjoy:

1. The ChatBox - Registered members who are logged in can talk to fellow community members in the SWRPG ChatBox. This provides an option for those waiting on posts in roleplay threads. As we are a community of all ages, please remember to keep topics family friendly and positive in nature. We want to maintain our tradition of being a very welcoming and inclusive community.

2. v3 Arcade - Registered members who are logged in can choose to play a variety of arcade games while waiting on posts in roleplay threads. Members can earn trophies for high scores, challenge other members of the forum, and set up tournaments too. Arcade Champions are listed as well as the latest scores. The SWRPG v3 Arcade can be accessed by going to the Social tab at the top of the forum (just under the main banner) and then by clicking on Arcade

3. Quick Account Switch - Registered members who are logged in can opt to link all of their character account names to each other. This gives community members the ability to easily switch between linked accounts by way of a dropdown menu. To use this feature:

  • Go to the UserCP
  • Scroll down to Link Another User's Account (it is in the middle of the page, not the menu on the left)
  • Enter your other character name and password
  • Click Link Account (Helpful hint - link each of your characters to every character you play so that you can switch easily among them)
  • You will then see a dropdown arrow next to your username up in the right hand corner of the screen where it says Welcome.
  • Click the dropdown arrow to change to your other characters without having to log in and out of the forums

4. SWRPG User Spotlight - Registered active members of the SWRPG community are randomly selected each night via a software scheduled task to be featured in the SWRPG Spotlight. This allows the community to get to know more about our members.

5. Post Count banners - Registered members will have a small banner displayed under their username which denotes different post count levels. The number of posts needed to go to the next level is not published so it keeps it mysterious and fun.

6. Custom Titles - As a reward for active membership at SWRPG, a custom title program is available. In order to receive a custom title of your choice, you must qualify by meeting both of the requirements for a certain CT (custom title) level listed below (please note: this is by character join date, not by when the person first joined SWRPG with other characters - just trying to keep this fair for all):

Membership Length/Posting Activity Level for Custom titles:

CT Level 1: Minimum Join date 6 months ago/Minimum posts 500 = 1 line custom title (keep it to a few words)

CT Level 2: Minimum Join date 1 year ago/Minimum posts 1000 = 1 line custom title and one smiley from the SWRPG inventory

CT Level 3: Minimum Join date 2 years ago/Minimum posts 2000 = 2 lines of custom titles and one smiley from the SWRPG inventory

CT Level 4: Minimum Join date 3 years ago/Minimum posts 3000 = Custom colors for the custom titles and however much text/smileys we can fit under your name without messing up the display area

Information will be verified before the custom title is put into place.

Please be aware that custom titles should follow the rules of the FAQ. Also, please avoid requests with any ranks in them. You can have something serious or something fun. Any custom titles request that Dara Shadowtide has a question about will result in the person receiving a PM so that it can all be sorted out.

The custom title request thread is located as a Stickied thread in The Cantina.

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