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      The Sith Master nodded as Sahra spoke.

      "It sounds as if you have a solid foundation in the basics. Regarding sneak and stealth, that approach lends itself to opportunities that other tactics lack. I am certain that you will develop that technique and others as your skills grow in the Dark Side."

      She paused briefly before continuing.

      "What Dark Side powers are of interest to you? There are many choices and possibilities to consider."

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      Sahra nodded in acceptance to the Lady's compliment to her grasp of powers. As the waited for question came, the young woman paused. "I know I desire to be powerful, but I also know that only dealing pain will not make that so. I have studied long and hard and think I have a good balance of both offensive and defensive choices made." She took a deep breath and gave the listing as if answering a test question. She was sure and steady, but there was a small taint of doubt in the back of her mind that perhaps she wasn't thinking grand enough. She knew Jack didn't approve of all her choices. They had argued about it long into the night when she had chosen. But she was going to stick with her choices unless the Lady gave her reason to doubt or change them.

      "I chose Healing, Battle Mind, Farsight, Stealth and Force Body to look after myself. And I have chosen Mind trick/Illusion, Shatterpoint, Scream, Fear and Crush Opponent to look after my enemies. Only being able to crush is no better than only being able to walk away when no one else does. Both are necessary, in my thinking, to rise above those below us." She hoped her reasoning was sound. It had taken her longer than a week to come to the choices she had settled on. But while she had made them with a stomped foot at her lover, she knew if Lady Shadowtide told her they were not a good combination, she would listen hard to the wisdom and see what changes would still serve her needs and desires.

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