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      Regeant was glad she hadn't merely been dismissed as worthless. The slight praise was far more than she had hoped for and it bolstered her immensely. "Yes, Ma'am," she muttered and followed the witch back to her work room. As Lykeira stepped into the room and moved about, Rege stepped in and paused. The benches, tables, shelves, were all packed in a well organized chaos that made her smile. "And I thought my room was a mess," she smiled and stepped in a bit more. "So you make all your own potions and such? Do all the Sith know how to do this? I can't imagine you sharing your stuff, but I also can't imagine a dozen rooms like this in the Temple."

      She took the salve and moved to a small corner of the bench in the middle of the room. Setting the jar down, she ripped the shirt more to reach the wound that was now a red that matched the anger she felt earlier. Two fingers dipped into the jar and started to rub the wound. As a hiss at the sting whistled between her lips, she growled even louder and used Pain Block to numb it so she could get the poultice on without making herself hot with pain. "Burn is a word I thought I knew," she tried to laugh it off, but a few beads of sweat dotted her brow as she fought the pain and tried to appear nonchalant. Her power had been shoved so completely at her Master a few moments prior that the pull of her aura to the site of the pain was more of a drain than she imagined. Nova hadn't pushed her like this. She wasn't prepared for the crash and tried to reach out, mentally flailing, to pull more towards her.

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      Hazel green eyes watched, then took the clay jar and capped it once her student grabbed enough. "This lab is open to everyone," she began as Lykeira carried the salve back to the shelf and replaced it in it's spot, then turned. "But, yes, I'm the only one that dabbles in elixirs and potions right now. There had been others, but they're gone now." Her nonchalant attitude continued as she moved back to the nearby bench and leaned on it, arms across her abdomen as she watched and smiled, noticing the sweat and added pain that seemed to be only compounding the girl's wound.

      "It takes a moment, so suck it up," the witch said, no compassion in her tone at all, though not condescending either. "I have a feeling you've suffered worse in the past." Her mental clock noted that the salve should start cooling and deadening the pain any second now.

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      Rege listed as the woman spoke about the lab. "Are potions and poisons things to learn along with the Force or are they something separate from it? Meaning, can I learn as well?" The idea of subtly in things like poison suddenly intrigued the young woman. Many thought such tactics were cowardice and beneath them, but Rege knew if you had a greater arsenal at your disposal, it made you a more powerful force to be reckoned with.

      Rolling her shoulder, she smiled as the witch told her to suck it up. "I have suffered worse. I was more interested in the intensity and time it took to take affect. Some things deaden in an instant, others take time. Knowing the differences can make a difference out there." She nodded to the window and the outside world. "I can feel it working. It's nice that it doesn't deaden the arm completely. I'd hate to lose the use of it merely because it heals or helps me." She was glad the nerves deeper down weren't numbed. Loss of her arm from medicinal reasons was as bad as from combat reasons.

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      "Potions and such are outside the Force training," Lykeira clarified. "Something I've been dabbling in since I was little, so just keep in mind that every planet has it's own list of herbs of one kind or another, so what may work for one species may not for another. It's a lot more complicated than just mixing things in a jar." Having grown up in the Pachmari, the witch had been taught to recognize certain traits of things in nature, even poisons that naturally occurred in certain reptiles and other animals. The more she thought about it, perhaps there was a bit of her Force attunement that helped. It wouldn't surprise her.

      She still had yet to capture the tome possessed by the Elder Mother of her old coven, though she had come very close several times. A book that no doubt held more secrets about the dark side and unique magic that was being horded by their old masters. Things the original Sorcerors hid away for their own students.

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      Rege looked around the room as the woman spoke of the complexities of the potions and herbs. It hadn't occurred to her there were so many things to take into consideration. "I hadn't thought about that. That different species would react differently. I've never been around anything but humans so I guess other creatures didn't enter my mind." The admission was one she thought had sounded ok in her mind, but once voiced, she sounded ignorant and uneducated. She knew the universe was vast. She knew that human's weren't the only sentient life out there.

      But in voicing that lack of knowledge made her feel a bit infantile. Quickly changing the subject, she rolled her shoulder. "So what will I learn next, then?" The smile on her face was one of eager anticipation.

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      "There are other species on this planet and a few in this temple, though you don't see them that often. The Codru'Ji natives, for one," she stated, wondering if her student just hadn't noticed the four armed aliens when she arrived, or not. There were times when Lykeira had forgotten about them too. Now putting away several other items which she had left out earlier, the Sith Lord scanned the room just in case anything else was out of place, then headed toward Rege once more.

      "You can only learn so many abilities at your level, now you get to perfect them and use them on the enemy, or anyone else that you want to," she stated matter-of-factly. "Just be careful who, especially if it's someone in the temple or nearby compound." She grinned, walking past her student and toward the lone door to the lab.

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      The crimson haired student smiled. "So now I practice. On other students or whoever is willing. Just be careful." She recited the litany as if checking off a shopping list. It made sense but still made her smile. The idea of sparring with another student made her anxious. Part of her wanted to test her mettle. The other part of her knew she wasn't strong enough to hold her own against some students she had seen.

      As Lykeira walked past her, she turned slightly in her seat, "Should I stick around, or do you want me to go practice now?" The walk to the lab made her think the woman was through with her for the time being. But then again, she knew better than to just assume anything here. It had gotten her a lesson in pain in more ways than one since arriving. Assuming around the likes of them, the Master and the other Sith in general, wasn't a good thing. Some of the lessons had been simple bullies tossing around their powers on someone untrained. Others, however, had been admonishments from the higher level Sith in the Keep who made sure she was aware of her place, and theirs, in the grand scheme of things.

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      Thinking her body language had already answered that query, Lykeira glanced back to her student as she neared the doorway, "Practise and in time I'll show you how to do some minor elixirs or healing potions. Survive the next week or so and we'll talk about when to begin this part," her eyes scanned the room, then back. "Like I mentioned before, learning how to recognize ingredients and mix them for maximum effect is a dying art that's taken me a lifetime, and I'm still learning, so."

      A treasured art that only her coven had passed from mother to daughter, and one that she had guarded closely since. Regeant still had yet to prove herself, but she was one the right track already. Turning, Lykeira stepped from the room and into the main hallway, "Perfect what I've already taught you first."

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      Rege felt and heard the lilt in Lykeira's voice. She'd been dismissed and missed it.

      As she was told to perfect her techniques, and survive, the red head smiled and nodded, "I will, Master."

      Once she was alone I'm the room, she quickly headed out, turning the opposite direction the witch had. It was time to find a sparring partner.

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