Glancing to the admiral and then the general, Akilah could almost hear Verica asking these same things and knew that it was going to be fun to see her cousin once again. The military held on to their own realm of influence as fiercely as everyone else and the questions were valid, though in her own estimation a bit short sighted. Black Ops teams had been working for generations, and now they were expanding into Spec Ops, it seemed. Intel, as she was now understanding it, was going to be the eyes and ears of a certain chosen group of military elite and they would be the muscle to convert plans into action. The thought made her excited as she grinned, turning back to the minister as he kept the floor open one last time.

Thinking hard for a long moment, she knew more ideas would arise as time went on, wrinkles to be ironed out. For the moment, she had nothing in mind. She had been part of various operations over the years and had seen a lot in the field and she thought she knew what the minister had in mind. Turning to the general and admiral, their hackles raised because of the subject. "I believe what the minister is getting at is allowing an Intel cell to operate within your headquarters and offer information based on our various resources and assets within a given combat area. You need to be aware of things that go on outside of scouting reports of troop movements. We're the ones walking the streets, noting criminals or crime lords, even terrorist organizations that are moving supplies, or troops to various areas. Knowing that ahead of time before you send a company of soldiers into that same area would ensure that your strategy takes everything into account." She glanced to the minister and back. "Our expertise could ensure that more of your soldiers come home alive and that you hit the right areas for the maximum effect. Or make sure you don't walk into an ambush."

They both eyed her for a long moment, then nodded quietly and cast their gaze back to the minister.