The next meeting would be a fun one for him, it had been awhile since Tauren was able to visit or be involved in the Intelligence wing. So when he had learned of the advance scouts returning from Coruscant with reports of a potential, Tauren decided to play a little game. If they potential was good enough, he would be well challenged but complete the task. If he wasn't, it would not disqualify him, but Tauren would have to see what skills the individual had. Setting up rendition protocols to "pick up" the individual at the Starport, he laid plenty of clues for the potential to follow and ultimately meet him at the restaurant that he was sitting in, the old restaurant that they used to interviews in the first place.

While there was intrigue and some levels of danger to this task, none of it was life threatening, and with any luck, it would constitute the majority of the interview as he would see what he needed.