"Nearly the whole galaxy was," she mused aloud then took another sip of her tea, noticing it was fading fast before she set the cup back down. "Not sure we're ever going to see that again, but never know," she shrugged, knowing the treaty with the Republic had offered a lot of things, not all of them good. Though being able to rebuild their army and navy had been paramount after fighting for so long.

More patrons came and went as she glanced at the time and then realized she still had yet to approve the last contract, picking up the datapad now in sleep mode, she turned it back on and then closed it out and shut it down. "Still have some things to get done before this afternoon," she stated, slipping the datapad into her jacket pocket. "Best of luck to you," she grinned and finished off her tea, then rose. "Sure I'll see you around the capital building eventually."