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      What's in your head...in your head?(PM for invite)

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      Near the Church of the Great Creator, Ruusan

      Jacob had been struggling as of late with his balance with the Force. That part was obvious as he'd struggled more every day since coming back from showing Ash the Force Nexus on Balthim. Seemed like he was getting more visions of things like the Force and hearing the Force itself seem to speak to him. Sure, he was quite talented at Farsight and precognition and stuff like that but most of the time he disregarded it because things were always changing. The future itself was always changing. No path was ever imminent because one such path could appear and then another could come up within his head and Jacob could see a few paths laid out if he concentrated. Though nearly all the time one path would make itself known and he would either change his route to make it different if he saw something bad was going to happen. Otherwise, he usually went on his way through the day.

      It was a gift and curse to him. The visions he'd had many times some had come to fruition but others hadn't. Least not yet. Nor did the Knight want them to happen. Jacob was ever cautious with himself and his actions. As a Dark Jedi he was aware of his balance in the Force seeming to shift more to a darker one. At times Jacob felt himself using darker emotions and as such he was aware that he needed to meditate. But then again that didn't help either. He just needed to focus he figured. Needed time to gather himself and keep on the path he had created for himself. All he needed was hope he would make it through everything.

      Walking onto the path that neared the church where his congregation was gathered already, he had his sermon in hand on his datapad. All they were waiting for was their Archbishop to come strolling in and deliver the message from what the Creator would want them to do. What the deity they worship would be proud of them for doing in their own lives. If they did good deeds then they would find that death wasn't so bad. In the afterlife there would be a paradise waiting for them. Even if they did bad as long as it was for good reason and not selfishness they'd not have to deal with a void...a place of darkness. A present darkness reflecting their souls when they lived. Jacob was walking up toward it when he neared other members of the congregation. Smiling at them he then nodded as they walked ahead to get inside.

      "We apologize, Archbishop. It's been a long morning getting here. Mother is sick and we don't wanna leave her." One of the members, Orm and his wife beside him said to Jacob as the Knight waved it off.

      "Don't worry, Orm, I know. I hope she gets better." Jacob said with a sympathetic look and tone to his voice.

      They ran to get inside the church. Jacob was merely half a football field from stepping through the doors, and with that see his congregation in full. But as he neared the building this strange feeling came over him. A vision of something terrible flashed before him in a matter of moments. What he saw he couldn't help but stand there. As Jacob saw it it played out all in his head and he hoped that it wasn't gonna come to pass.

      Jacob walked up to the church as normal but once he was within a few dozen yards from the church main doors he heard someone shouting something about taking down the religious blasphemy that Jacob was spreading. With the orphanage not far from the church itself he then saw men running from beside both the church and the orphanage. Blinking his orange colored eyes, the Archbishop then stepped closer as the men who ran kept bolting away from the church and orphanage. The Knight though them to be misguided on their views and whatever they spouted he could barely understand.

      He stepped closer before he then heard and explosion and it was deafening to say the least as he felt the blast from the explosion knock him at least forty yards away from where he stood. Then he heard a second one and briefly looked up as half the building of the church was blown up and debris flying while others who were in the area fled in terror screaming. Looking to his left Jacob saw where the other explosion was. It came from the orphanage itself as the same was done to it. Jacob reached out and screamed in fury and horror as he saw body parts scatter into the air, blood splatter in small parts go sky high. Limbs, torsos, everything macabre you could think of rained into the sky in all directions.

      Barely able to process what happened Jacob just screamed in horror as everything he worked to build, innocent children, adults, people that he'd known and worse of all they hadn't done anything to deserve that. Trying to get to his feet, the Archbishop then was able to scramble somewhat to his feet then took a few steps and fell to his knees. Tears streaming down his face before the vision stopped.

      As Jacob cut back to reality he then shook his head trying to get that vision out of his mind. But, he looked around at that point and didn't see anyone. Maybe it was something the Force wanted him to see that was possibly gonna happen in the near future. Then again the Force could be a mystery and had its own set of riddles at times. Jacob just tried his best to solve the riddles it presented but there were many a time when he couldn't nor would he figure them out. Again, the Force was a living thing all it's own and it had it's own agenda. Sure, he was a Force user but he could only wield it's mystical energy that binds the universe together. He couldn't will it to do everything he wanted.

      If only he'd known to take heed to it's message at times...

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      Nissa had been at the Manor most of the morning making sure the new supplies had come in for the orphanage and were set for delivery later that afternoon. As she headed back to the chapel, she realized she would probably be late for the service. It wasn't anything new, but it still troubled her. Seeing Jacob back, up before those who listened, was something that lightened her heart each time she saw it. Pushing a wind blown strand of hair behind her ear, she caught a glimpse of Jacob up ahead. Seems everyone was running late this morning.

      The young woman was so intent at staring at her mentor's back that she missed her step and rolled her foot slightly as she stepped on a loose stone on the path. Growling to herself with words unfit for such a day, she glanced down. Taking a tentative step, she realized it wasn't twisted, merely sore from the sudden jolt. That made her feel a bit better as she sent a bit of power down to block the pain till she could deal with it later.

      It hadn't been more than a heartbeat or three, but when Nissa looked up, she instantly knew something was wrong. Jacob had stopped dead in his tracks just fifty feet or so in front of her and was staring straight ahead. She wasn't sure what he was looking at, but his nearly still body left a shiver that trickled down her spine.

      Jogging slightly up the path, the pain block in full affect now as she worried for her Master, the young woman came up beside him and frowned slightly. "Jacob, what is it?" As she looked at his face, her concern turned to fear. He was having another vision. She knew that look. She also knew not to touch him. Whatever he was seeing, he had to see through. She had touched him on the arm once in the past, thinking he was merely ignoring her, and it had snapped him back so fast the headache had pained him for days. And the grouchiness at losing the vision was even worse. Biting her lip, the young woman merely stood there, helpless, as she waited to see what was making his face as stark white as it was.

      As he came back to reality and glanced around, it was as if he didn't see her at all. Taking a deep breath, the young woman reached out to touch his arm. Her voice was soft and soothing as she prayed he wasn't still locked in the vision. "Jacob... it's Nissa… what happened?"

      Her own heart raced with fear at the thought of him leaving again. She couldn't bear it if he did. Something was wrong... terribly wrong... and Nissa could only promise herself that she would stick by his side till it was figured out.

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      When the violence causes silence...who are we mistaken?

      Those were words the Force spoke to him as he heard Nissa's footsteps come up behind him. Turning his head towards her his orange colored eyes then glanced as he came back to reality. In other words, he wasn't listening nor heeding the message or vision he'd just seen. It wasn't so bad these days but every now and again he'd get one. Then again at times he'd see things in another way. If anything he tried his best to change how the outcome would be so bad stuff wouldn't happen to those he cared about. Or those within the Penumbra or any sort of ruckus to come to pass. Today, however that wouldn't be the case. Sometimes, he ignored it. Like he did now.

      "No, it's nothing. You know, those visions that occur that I think won't ever happen. Because I think I can change them before it does. The whole, step on a bug and change everything sort of notion." Jacob said with a chuckle trying to brush it off, "I'm fine Nissa. You ready to go in?"

      He then stepped closer when he saw to masked men come running from around the side of the church and one from around the orphanage. Raising his eyebrow his eyes went wide. Jacob thought to himself that was odd. Then again people ran around all the time. Some painted obscene graphics or words, gang related things, or anything lewd or rather not fit for kids to see. But, Jacob wasn't prepared for what would happen. In that notion he heard the spouts they said about the religion he presented. That it was nothing but lies and that they would tear down all of it while running off. That it wasn't the last they'd see from him. No names were said though, which surprised the Knight. At this point Jacob was rather confused. Scared but confused at the same time.

      Until it hit him, or rather, he heard an explosion. From the side of the church itself on it's left where the main hall was he heard the first explosion go off and it was a massive shockwave like a decent earthquake that occurred. It sent chunks of marble and other sort of solid rock flying into the air. The shock wave that came Jacob knew he'd be able to take it more then Nissa. With that the Knight then summoned the Force and flung her across the pathways and into the field for her own safety. When the shock wave hit him it knocked him back half the distance that he'd sent his student. What Jacob didn't see but he felt it, was the blood and macabre guts and body parts fly past him and some landing on him. It covered him and he struggled to stand to his feet. Feeling dizzy and deafened by the blast he didn't hear the second one.

      Looking up with his orange colored eyes he then saw where the second came from. Where the other masked man had ran off from...the orphanage. It was smaller but the blast leveled half of it from the right side from Jacob's vantage point. His eyes went wide as he saw the calamity from it as again wood, metal, and tons of blood and guts flew into the air. The smell of burnt flesh, still burning went into his nose and he then raised himself up on all fours before coughing as he then fell back to the ground. Tears forming into his eyes he then cried out reaching out his left hand trying to do something but couldn't. He couldn't stop it...he couldn't do anything and felt helpless. The tears flew down his face as he then stood up finally.

      Rising to his feet he was still dizzy and almost deaf for that moment as the shock wave missed him going over his head. Looking at the destruction, the chaos that it brought and all the people who had just died it made him fall silent. The whole area was silent in that moment as he then hung his head then fell to his knees. Covered in blood the Knight looked at the destruction of his church, the orphanage next door. All the kids who'd just perished along with those taking care of them. He wondered if his friend Ash was among them. Crying now which broke the silence the former Sith then held his face in his hands before looking around and then looking to see others screaming and rushing to find help.

      "NO!!" Jacob screamed at the top of his lungs, his eyes going yellow as he then lost it, 'The Night' had taken over as those around them had vanished running in different directions, "No...."

      In your head...in your head...they are dying....

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      Nissa had been on the verge of asking about this particular vision when Jacob's head spun towards the figures running from the chapel. Their hoods drawn up, the young apprentice frowned. "Who are they?" She asked.

      But she didn't get an answer. Before she could even turn her head back to look at the man at her side, she felt his Force gather and shove against her hard enough to steal her cry of surprise, rendering it merely a gasp.

      For a second, she was airborne. Her body going back with the Force hard enough to send her more than a 100 yards. But whether it was panic, surprise or reflex, the brunette caught her breath, gathered hey own power to her and brought herself down in a controlled crouch about 70 yards from Jacob.

      Too surprised and upset to scream, or even think clearly, she was standing, slack jawed at her mentor when the first explosion hit. This time it was reflex that made her raise her arms in anticipation of the debris. And it was training that made her crouch once more to brace herself and raise a half barrier to protect her front and top from whatever came her way.

      She only had a brief glance of Jacob flying thru the air before the cloud of dust followed and blurred her vision. She had been about to stand when a second explosion sounded. Her eyes jerked sideways in confusion, snapping her neck towards the second plume of fire and debris. The church was gone. What else...?

      A scream of anguish, pain, rage and fear filled Nissa's ears. As she ran she heard it. An almost animal like cry no human should be able to make. As she ran towards Jacob, the Force giving her swiftness, it didn't occur to her that the noise was coming from her own throat.
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      Jacob gave into the darkness he tried so hard to balance himself in. His cries of anguish and anger were heard as he then walked further to the destruction laid before him. Although he heard the animal like sound come from Nissa it did nothing to deter him from his own pain and fear. As the Knight walked to the church first he avoided debris and other assorted body parts strewn about and he then covered his mouth to keep from puking as he then cried more walking up to the side where the explosion went off. Nearing the entrance he then surveyed the destruction and while he looked around he then tried his best to calm himself. In case anyone inside was still alive they didn't need to see his eyes a different color. They were quite used to his eyes being orange already.

      "Oh my god." Jacob said as he looked inside the gigantic hole in the side of the building, looking at the damage done and it was massive.

      It tore through the building and everyone gathered in the cathedral was killed instantly by the blast. If they hadn't been they were trapped and he saw blood all over the marble floor all over the pews, through every nook and cranny inside. Hundreds upon hundreds of people were killed and it nearly toppled the building to the ground. It's structure was highly damaged and he would need to have the building torn down once the clean up was all done. Oh how he was dreading that already. Jacob was in too much shock and anguish to believe what he'd seen. He searched with the Force for any sign of life within the building but found none. No heartbeat, no groaning or sounds made. Inside it was all silent, already a mass grave of hundreds and with that Jacob stood there looking at it all. Till he couldn't take the macabre scene anymore and he then leaned over and puked.

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      Nissa had been running towards Jacob when he suddenly began moving away from her towards the site of the catastrophe. In that instant, she paused just long enough to look around and take it all in. Her mind slowly came back into focus. And while the rage and pain were still raw and riding the surface, she managed to pull herself together enough to realize that the next sound she heard was the anguish of the man she cared for.

      Impulse said to rush to his side. But she had to clear her head, first. If she got close to him now, his power, combined with her own shock and grief would lock them together. It had occurred in the past when drink had taken him on a dark path while talking with her one night. His aura washed over her and she became as dark filled as he was. It had left her rattled. And she had never told him of it happening. But she knew enough that this time, it wouldn't easily be slept off.

      She took a few deep breaths. Each one slowly calming her heart rate, her rage and her pain. She used pain block to numb her mind. It wasn't as effective as she wanted, but it left her with a clear enough mind to think.

      She then drew the Force to her and used a dose of Force Speed that surpassed any lesson she had ever used it for. She was at his side at the moment his body gave into the gore. Reaching down to tear a chunk of her robe off, she moved slowly towards him. As he finished, she wordlessly reached up and wiped his lips, letting him take the cloth from her hand. Her arm rose slightly and tenderly she caressed her fingers through his hair. "I'm here, Jacob... It's Nissa…" She crooned softly to him. No one who heard, had anyone been nearby, would think it a motherly gesture towards her mentor. Her voice, her empathy, and her mind were reaching to him with far more care than a maternal moment. Nissa let her mental wall down enough to let Jacob feel the love she had always had for him.

      As she stood beside him, maintaining a tactile contact with him as much as she could, she let her aura reach out towards him. Her own silvery tendrils reaching towards the darkness that swirled around him. He was always the center of a tempest. But he had taught her how to reach through it... how to reach him.

      And she used that lesson now to try and get him to speak to her. "Jacob... it's Nissa… Help is coming. We need to get out of here." She looked around and listened on her own for some sign that someone had survived. But like Jacob, she sensed nothing here in the chapel. People were already beginning to arrive from the Manor to help those who may need it. As one of the House Stewards approached her, she held a hand to keep him from touching her companion.

      "Lady, are you all right? We heard and felt it. Please... let us get you both some help. The archbishop?" He nodded to Jacob, who's back was to him, in concern.

      "Please..." she tried to keep the tears from flowing. "Check the orphanage. There are no survivors here, save for us. We need to have a couple more folks check, just to be sure, but the orphanage .. check it please." She didn't want to look that direction for fear of losing her grasp on control.

      "Yes, Lady Niesara." The man nodded and inclined his head with respect. Jacob may have adopted her last year, but the Manor folks still knew her as Lord Jasik's ward, and a Lady in her own right because of it. No one knew of her connection to the Force Users on the ground. And she intended to keep it that way. A moment later, he scurried away barking orders to others as they arrived. Everyone left her and Jacob to themselves.

      "Jacob... please... Come with me..." she slid her arm around his shoulders and tried to turn him towards the manor. Leaning in to him, she lightly kissed his temple, her aura trying to reach him. "Please... come with me..." She whispered to his mind.

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      Jacob felt Nissa come to his side and wipe his lips as he took the cloth from her and while he was bent over ran her fingers through his hair. It was starting to go gray around the temples but that didn't matter now. He looked at her briefly before he then looked at the destruction once more. Leaning back up the Archbishop felt as if he could do something could have done something. The Knight should have listened to the warning the Force had given him but he didn't listen to it and those within the church and orphanage paid for it with their lives. Jacob knew it could have been avoided, and he felt guilt that he couldn't stop it.

      His student had been conversing with someone from the palace although his back was to that individual he heard the conversation. All Jacob could do was look to his left where the orphanage was and survey the damage there as well. The moment his eyes locked on it he was horrified. The side of it was demolished and into half the building it created a giant crater which toppled parts of the rest and anyone within that vicinity was caught and didn't survive. That much he knew. Reaching out with the Force he used the darkest part of himself trying to find a sign of anyone. Though again, only silence was what he heard. That and the sound of things burning and crackling. It was still burning and most likely would burn to the ground. A lot of the living quarters were where the explosion went off and he knew most of the children were there where the play room was below. He knew that everyone in there wasn't dead. Those who weren't were trapped or went and hid. Or escaped hopefully.

      As Nissa came and took him away he then felt her lips on his temple before she spoke to him. He didn't speak for a few moments as they were walking away as he was still covered in blood, dust, and guts of course. He felt the innards of his stomach churning once more and he then thought he was gonna hurl again. Stopping himself his eyes hadn't turned back to normal and he then blinked them as they finally did. Although at this point, Jacob looked more at the ground then ahead of him. The shock of it all had left him unable to speak and those innocent people and children dying at once sent him to a point of darkness he'd thought he never would come back to. He was wrong.

      Looking behind him he saw the burning building in the distance and said in a low tone, "They were...just kids...innocent...children...and...they didn't deserve that..."

      Trailing off the Knight kept looking at the ground as they walked. Breathing was shallow and his eyes then kept reverting from orange to dark yellow. The Dark Side kept swirling within him. It's power wanting him to seek vengeance against those who did this. They would pay one way or another. If he could find the source of it all. All he would need to do was find the source.

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      While both the 'Archbishop' and 'Lady Nissa' had chambers in the main Manor, they were also part of the hidden Force Users within the Keep. To that end, they also had personal chambers in the back of the Keep. It was to this chamber that the two shadows disappeared into back doors of the Keep.

      Nissa led Jacob to the chambers he hadn't used since his last sojourn off planet. She had always kept all their quarters ready in case they were ever needed. She led Jacob to a seat and then closed the door. She slid her torn cloak off, the material landing in a pile by the door, forgotten. She quickly poured Jacob a drink of the heady wine he favored, filling the cup more than half full this time, and pressed it into his hands. "Drink this. It will warm you." She whispered softly as she gave it to him. Her telepathy also pressing warm and soothing towards his dark and cold mind.

      Once he had a good grip on the goblet, she moved to the bathroom to get wet, warm cloths to clean Jacob off with. Quickly pulling her brunette hair into a hunter's knot to keep it off her face, the apprentice turned and headed back into the bedroom.

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      As they went to his personal quarters he then sat down in the chair overlooking the outside and towards the church. Nissa then gave him a cup full of wine to which he pressed it against his lips feeling her aura press against him. Sadly, it did nothing to deter him at this moment and time as he looked out at the destruction though he wasn't close to it now as he was before. His eyes looked of despair and dread, guilt and horror at what transpired that day. In that moment he thought of his former student and friend Ash. He wondered if she was in there when all of it happened. Jacob wanted to go find her and see if she was alright but he was too weak at this moment physically to move. His hearing had come back some and the ringing subsided. That was a plus in all this.

      Draining the glass he then looked to his left with deep yellow eyes as his inner darkness, or 'The Night' as he called it rather came forth. It was taking over him now and he no longer felt the balance he did before absorbing the Force from the Nexus on Balthim into himself. Sure, it bolstered his connection to the Force and he felt at the peak of his abilities as a Knight but it corrupted him to a point. The Knight now struggled to keep himself from pushing over the edge. Standing within the storm as opposed to just being in the eye and watching the storm around him. Now he was in it himself. Struggling to keep from breaking further. Jacob struggled to keep himself together now, and after what had transpired he knew now that his darker parts were now coming to the surface. At this stage he couldn't hold back.

      Grabbing the bottle of whiskey next to him, he then uncapped it and started chugging it like it was water. His struggle with his alcoholism was ever present and now he would relapse again. He managed to chug a good bit of it before he then capped it and threw it against the wall. Hearing it shatter he then slumped into his chair his yellow eyes now scanning the outside of the manor itself. Dark Side power swirling as he couldn't hold himself anymore. Crying while feeling such rage and anger the bookcase started to vibrate and the walls themselves reverberated with power that came from the Knight sitting in the chair. His fear had come true and the Force had spoken in the riddle. He'd seen the vision and he'd just ignored it.

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      Nissa came out in time to see the bottle shatter against the wall. Thankfully it had smashed against the wall opposite the bed where the window was over. Thankfully, too, she'd kept the room clean and the now glass and liquid covered desk was devoid of books and parchments as well as flims.

      She felt the small, but powerful wave of anguish. Its power was concentrated and contained inside the room by his own wards, but she felt it none the less. As his head went down to his hands, she used her own power of telekinesis to close the curtain so he wouldn't see the smoke and chaos just beyond the wall outside.

      Kneeling in front of him, she pressed the cool cloth to the back of his neck and shifted so his head could rest on her shoulder if he chose. Soft crooning and half murmured words of reassurance that she was there and wouldn't leave him were constantly whispered into his ear.

      As his initial outburst subsided to steady tears, she would try and divest him of his church robes, leaving his regular clothes on, and coax him into bed.

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      Jacob felt the cold cloth on the back of his neck which made him stop crying as he then looked at Nissa with his orange colored eyes. The curtain closed with her using the Force and at that moment he coughed which there was a bit of blood on his hand which he wiped off onto his robes. Pulling them off the Knight tossed them aside and then held his hand up before Nissa was concerned. It was nothing more then just the after shock of the blast which he took more so full force then she did. He flung her away so she wouldn't have felt it or been near it.

      "It's nothing. I'm fine." Jacob said as he placed his hand back onto his lap then slowly stood to his feet before looking at the bottle, well what was left on his desk as it's contents were now pooling and going down to the floor like a waterfall, "Guess I should clean that up."

      Sighing he then cracked his neck and looked down at his shirt which was also covered in blood. Breathing through his nose he then let it out before ripping it off and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. Jacob was still in a state of disbelief but at least he wasn't so angered at this moment. That would come later more then likely but at this moment and time he was...well...alright. Waving off cleaning the mess he turned back to Nissa and then walked to her and pulled her to her feet.

      "Are you okay? No broken bones or anything? Ten finger, ten toes, internal organs in the right place?" He said looking her over once again.

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      The apprentice had moved aside as he rose, watching him move. She was ready to give chase if he ran, ready to catch him if he collapsed.

      What she hadn't been ready for were his hand getting her forearms and listing her to feet. His quickly questioned inquiry into her health left her speechless a moment. Finally she nodded, her hands rising to rest in his chest. "I'm fine, Jacob. Honest..." She took a moment to open the Force between them so she could show him, with her mind, that she spoke the truth. She knew, in there, in her mind link to him, she was incapable of lieing.

      She softened her voice a bit. "I'm ok... You need to rest. They'll come for us soon. But till then you'll need to gather your strength for the days ahead." She smiled softly, knowingly, as she cocked her head. "Because I know you will not sleep, you'll fight me when I try to get you to eat, and you'll exhaust yourself in looking for answers. But to do that, you need your strength."

      Slowly she turned, hoping he'd keep his grip and turn with her so she could back him against his bed. "Please... Jacob... I... We.. Need you. Please rest a bit first." She knew better than to try and tell him he couldn't help. He'd find a way. She could only hope he'd understand her concern and heed her request.

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      Jacob nodded, "Well, at least I should lay down. Just lay there more or less. If I close my eyes I can still see everything."

      Then the Knight saw her turn and he went with her over to the bed. When they reached it he then sat down sighing out loud once more. Truth be told he would fight her on sleeping and he was being truthful when he said he couldn't. Letting go of her hands he then looked up at her with his orange colored eyes before he then reached out and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. He was glad she was there to help him through it for the most part. If he'd been alone he wouldn't have handled it well at all. Though he had to admit she was right. Everyone would need him eventually. Tomorrow perhaps or later on today if they did. Not that he was looking forward to it but he'd need to face it eventually.

      "Thank you for all your help, Nissa." He said as he hugged her, "But your right, they'll need me."

      Letting go of her he then stretched out onto the bed and lay on top of all the covers. Looking at the ceiling he clasped his hands one over the other. Blinking he then focused on breathing slower and relaxing his heartbeat. If anything he was meditating when he was laying there. Keeping himself calm through the Force, trying to keep balance in it. It was still a struggle at times but he was managing, somehow. All Jacob could do now was focus himself for what would come ahead. Nothing much he could do at this point.

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      A sigh of relief slipped from Nissa's lips as Jacob agreed to lay down. Rest or sleep or meditate, it was all the same to her. He just had to give his physical body a chance to relax a bit. As he wrapped his arms around her, though, she gasped and cradled his head to her stomach as she stood there holding him. She stroked his hair and crooned softly. "I'm here, Jacob... I'll always be here for you," she whispered softly in reassurance.

      As he thanked her, she smiled. "We take care of our own," was all she said as she watched him slowly stretch out and close his eyes. She waited till she felt his aura begin to slow. He was always the 'eye of the storm' and it always swirled in miasma around him like a maelstrom of power and aura and emotions. But when it slowly downgraded to the storm she was used to, she began to silently move around the room cleaning up the broken glass and dirty robes.

      After almost thirty minutes, she was ready to settle herself. Making sure Jacob was still calm and resting, she moved to the bath and slipped her robes off to toss in the basket of laundry she would have to do tonight or tomorrow. Slipping into the shower she washed off the debris and dust from the explosion. Had it really only been a couple hours? Her mind wasn't sure if it felt like yesterday, or merely a few moments ago.

      If Jacob came back to his surroundings, he would hear her crying softly in the shower as she remembered what had happened and all the family they had lost. For the congregation, and certainly the orphanage, were family to them. She rested her hands on the wall to keep from falling, her back to the door as the water beat down her now clean back, and bit her lip to keep herself silent as she wept.

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      Hello darkness my old friend...

      That was all Jacob told himself trying to find balance once more. Laying there he heard Nissa walk into the bathroom which he knew she was taking a shower herself which was good in his mind. As long as she remembered to take care of herself more then him. He was used to doing things himself and now that this happened he would need to care for himself more. The Knight would find whoever did this and make them pay. By the Force he'd do it and they would surely know what lives they took and he would want to know why they did it. As he lay there he could feel the deaths of many through the Force and it stung like fire into his mind and it pained his chest. With the Force he felt many things in his surroundings.

      Laying there he heard Nissa crying as his senses stretched out he also heard many crying within the manor and beyond it. He didn't want to stretch too far as to not feel the anguish and pain beyond what was already there. Jacob still felt the deaths of many and he then clutched his chest. Stumbling to his feet he then went to check on Nissa as he could hear her. Reaching the bathroom he slowly opened the door, shaking his head as his vision blurred slightly. The Force didn't want him to stand and it was making sure he tried to keep off his feet and his body itself wanted to rest and not move even with alcohol running in his system. It tried giving out and making him collapse but he still held onto the door as he then reached out with his hand.

      "Nissa...I can hear you...sense you in here...it's..." He then stepped closer to the shower and pressed his hands up against the glass, "...your too young to need to see such things happen...me...I'm too old in my years to want things like this to happen..."

      Jacob then turned around and leaned against the wall to the left of the shower door. Sighing he then realized that someday whether he wanted her to or not, she would experience things that neither he nor she wanted to see. He'd seen enough as it was. Through his years as a Jedi and now as a Dark Jedi he'd seen his fair share of death and destruction. She was just a young kid, old enough as his daughter and son. But, like his daughter she was old enough now to make her own choices, and see what she wanted to see. He couldn't hold her back anymore and Nissa would need to embrace her own darkness and learn to live in balance. Like he'd done before. Knowing he was losing his grip on it and nearly giving into 'The Night' as he called it, the pitch black where no one could turn back.

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