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      Opportunity - Tygaris

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      Atara's campaign for the Chief of State's office had been one based on hard truths and transparency. She had highlighted every broken promise, every scandal, and all the falsehoods that had been fed to the citizens since the time of former Chief of State Renee Denois to Adrian Loran. Some called it the ugliest smear campaign in recent memory. A notion Atara laughed at. Her accusations were at best a bit dubious, but hardly false. She had fell back on her expertise as an analyst and gave the beings of the galaxy the numbers. It wasn't her fault those numbers always put the old regimes in the red. The campaign was over though and the young Alderaani was now the most powerful person in the free galaxy. The people no longer needed the numbers, they needed them fixed and it was her job to do it.

      Her campaign staff had been comprised largely of analyst and advisors from New Alderaan, the finest politicians in the galaxy. Every contact she had on the Alderaanian Council had been tapped. An alien and New Republic representative where thrown in here and there when diversity and etcetera had came into question. Favors had been exchanged for Senate support. Now it was time to make good on promises and she couldn't do it with a staff of outsiders. Her influence was with the beings of the New Republic, not the Senate, so there would be slim pickings in building a staff from the 'old guard' she had put on blast since day one. Atara's labor pool would have to be the countless fresh faces from the Republic internship program.

      The vetting process had started once it appeared she had the office locked up. Countless names and faces had been screened and the list had been slimmed from hundreds to just a few. Now the face to face assessment started. Tygaris Nam wasn't the first name on her list nor was he the last, but his number had been called. His background in the banking world was of special interest to the new Chief of State.

      Seated at the head of a black conference table, Atara waited for the intern arrive.
      Chief of State - Atara Themis

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      "Hm." The solitary sound was the only comment Tygaris made in regard to the e-mail he received on his datapad. He lifted a cup filled with stimcaf to his lips as he continued to glance over the message. All of the ambient sounds within the Mirror’s Edge Cantina turned into white noise during his moment of silence. Had gave the message a degree of thought, he would have found himself given over to a long degree of contemplation. But, chose to give into his urge of haste to meet with the Chief of State.

      Tygaris boarded a grav-taxi to Mothma-U, humming absently to himself as he read over notes on his datapad. When the it parked, he entered the meeting with a smirk pulling at the edge of his lips upon seeing her. "Hello, Madam President." He greeted her with a soft nod as he approached the table, standing within an appropriate distance dictated by social graces; waiting to be offered a seat or told to remain standing. "I've kept a keen eye on your so called 'latest political bloodletting'. People still seem to be in shock from the sudden 'Ataran' crisis. They act like something pressed down the deja vu button in their minds and set off their 'fear' alarm to lose freedom of privacy. 'Transparency' will always trigger the more 'opaque' leaning individuals. But I digress..." He chuckled.

      "I believe you wished to see me?" Absently standing with his hands behind, tapping the datapad against himself while in wait.

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      Ataran Crisis. The Chief of State's thoughts paused on that word forcing ample pink lips to thin into a girlish grin. She was sure this was a phrase some tabloid had coined. No doubt influenced by her opponents. It phased her little however. Atara was well aware how the media operated and that there would be some who would paint her as an imperialistic monster like Tygaris had just suggested.

      'You would know a thing or two about these 'opaque' leaning individuals wouldn't you Mr. Nam." Motioning with one well manicured hand for the intern to sit, Atara pressed a button with her other, calling to the middle of the table a holo of Tygaris' dossier. Blue green eyes silently scanned the profile for particular areas of interest until the had found the information in question.

      "You were admitted into this program by a New Republic turncoat, hail from parts of the Core with strong Imperial sympathizers, and we could call into question the dubious nature of your prior profession." Straightening her back Atara looked through the hologram directly at the intern, her girlish grin turned more wiley.

      "Information an aspiring politician wouldn't want in the wrong hands. Information I can make disappear....for a price of course."
      Chief of State - Atara Themis

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