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      Open Order in the Chaos.... or is that Chaos in the Order? (OPEN TO ALL)

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      Alizabeth sat in her office and hummed absently as her hands danced over the keyboard of her console. There were dictation abilities on all the consoles and recording devices in the small office, but she enjoyed being 'hands on' about her reports. As she finished the latest report, a simple conference between herself and the leader of a small city outside the Capital, she sighed and sat back.

      She had buried herself in work to the point of nearly ignoring everything else in her life. She hadn't been out for pleasure since coming back from her trip with her fiancÚ. Tal hadn't reached out to her in over a year. Her response... work.

      Standing up and heading into the hallway, Liz wondered if there was anyone in the common room. Perhaps finding others to work out with, or even just go to lunch with, would help improve her mood... and her life.

      She entered the common room and looked around. Then again, maybe someone in here would have some work she could do as well. Either way, her mind would once more be cluttered with purpose.


      "The only thing better than being with a Mandalorian with a heart, is being in the Mandalorian's heart!"

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      Senator Hutchinson's Office
      Organa Hall on the campus of Mon Mothma University

      A dark head rolled around broad shoulders as the Senator of Rendilli tried to ease the tension headache that was starting to form after spending the last few hours perusing through the latest draft of the New Republic's budget resolution for the upcoming year. When that didn't help he closed the secure file on the data station atop his dark cherry wood desk with a heavy sigh, then leaned back against the high-backed leather chair resting his head there with eyes closed for a few minutes… or was it longer?

      A buzz brought him out of the restful state; hazel green eyes fluttering open as his arm outstretched with muscle memory while a finger pushed the button on the desk comm unit.

      "Yes Judy?" Dirks answered trying not to sound like he’d been asleep.

      "Sorry to disturb you, Senator, but I wanted remind you I'm leaving early today. Is there anything I can get you before I go?" his secretary replied.

      "Nope... I'm good. Now go enjoy the long weekend with your husband. Give Fred my best."

      "Thank you, sir... I will! See you next week."

      Dirks looked at his wrist chrono, then pondered for a moment before pushing back his chair to stand. The Rendilli stepped around the desk to the coat closet and opened it. He grabbed his suit jacket off a hangar and slipped it on over the starched dress shirt, then straighten the well-matched tie to the dark grey, striped suit worn. He closed the door after taking one last look in the mirror that was mounted on the inside, then walked out into the empty outer office, exiting the entrance of the suite.

      It didn’t take too long for Dirks to reach the common room. There seemed to be only one other hovering about at this time of day. He’d seen the woman around in the political circles, but had never had the pleasure to make her acquaintance.

      “Well looks like the weather is turning nice finally, and just in time for the weekend too,'' Dirks commented as the man stopped near the brunette. “Hi, I’m Dirks Hutchinson… I don’t believe we’ve met,” he offered with his signature smile featured while extending his hand in a friendly yet professional manner.
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      Korinth hadn't been here within the NR too long. She hadn't gotten much to do but look over a few things of the history thus far to this point of the New Republic and that alone was tedious...and boring. With not much to do she wondered if there was anything she'd be able to get into. The royal Archduchess from Ruusan had spoken to her parents a few days prior although that itself was...a headache. Still her parents never would understand why she would give up her royalty for a life such as this in the Republic. Truth be told she wanted to help people and the message that the leader of the church there made her see her true calling. Plus, her snobby family were getting on her last nerves.

      Dressed in a grey vest and yellow long sleeved shirt she wasn't in a uniform as she hadn't really gotten one or any sort of dress code for that matter. The pants were also grey which were tight against the skin with black flatted shoes as she walked to the common room. Hopefully today she might be able to find someone and get a foot in the door of something. Korinth was growing restless in that department and wanted to do something for others instead of talking with her family or just ending up twiddling her thumbs the whole day. As she walked inside her green eyes saw two others, a woman near her age and a rather tall and handsome looking man. Smiling her freckles showed a bit as she then walked up but didn't engage them yet.

      Sitting at one of the seats a few feet away she looked out one of the windows and then blinked. Korinth wasn't one to just up and interrupt people. If they acknowledged her then she would respond. On Ruusan her noble upbringing it was rude. Though at times she wished she could forget that upbringing but she couldn't. It was part of who she was, sadly. But she did admire the view outside for the time being.

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      "...and the Ingram Report," the liaison with the Jedi inquired as a slender, tanned finger scanned between the various forms now scrolling side to side on the desk's holoprojector.

      "Signed and ready, madam," the protocol droid replied as the silver gleamed and sparkled as it moved, overhead lumas reflecting on it's chromed body. "The council ratified all points but one," it stated, gaining electric blue eyes as Isamaya looked up. "Their leading council member wished to inform you that the dinner plans would have to be postponed on account of his absence," it's head canted to the right as if misunderstanding the joke.

      Isamaya grinned. "Understood, and thank you."

      Bowing to her, the droid turned and headed for the office's entrance and waddled out leaving her alone.

      It was good to be back in the city again. Having to open up her condo after the long absence made her wish that this job hadn't kept her away from home so long, but Corellia had also become a second home while she was here. Working with the Jedi as they established their new temple had opened the Adumarian to so much. Sighing, she closed out the main files and then the access to her desk's computer, extinguishing the bluish-white light and leaving smooth obsidian as she rose and rounded the desk. Many things had changed here and she needed to get caught up.

      Stepping from the neatly organized office, the well dressed government employee meandered passed the droid's station and into the main hallway. "Have a good day, madam," it bid.

      "Thanks, SeeFour."

      A quieter office was now replaced by discussions about politics and a myriad of other personal pursuits as Isamaya moved passed the turbolift cluster and continued on toward the main assembly area and cafeteria. Nodding to those that were familiar to her, there were so many new faces here, which shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Interns joined their ranks all the time, it seemed. Memories flooded back at her first days here, confusion of where everything was only compounded as the senator that she worked for needed things done quicker. A nightmare, to be sure, especially for the ex-bounty hunter who always was sure of what she was into. Asking for help had never been her strong suit, though there always seemed to be at least one that was more than willing to comply when she asked, she recounted with a prideful grin.

      Descending the rounding stair into the common area, windows open to the cityscape beyond illuminated the host of tables centered around a fountain. The outer border sported kitchens serving a host of various dishes as the Republic represented a wide variety of races, many of them seated below her now as she approached. Soon, heels clacked off of the marble floor and Isamaya made her way to her favorite vendor.

      Slowing her pace as she approached the long, white counter, Isamaya glanced to the hovering menu high and above the machines and ovens.

      "Miss Rys," the portly, older man greeted with his signature smile. "The usual?"

      Grinning, Isamaya stepped up and nodded. "You know me too well, Samel."

      He chuckled and grabbed a cup, then began pouring her tea. "So, how's things going? Gotten settled in yet?"

      "Fairly well," she shrugged, glancing to a Twi'lek ambassador and his intern as they approached, then returned her gaze to the kind owner. "Going to take a while to get the engine exhaust and smells of industry out of my nostrils, I think."

      Samel chuckled and capped the marbleized brown cup and set it on the counter between them. "Anything else?"

      "Think that'll be it for now," she replied and paid for the purchase, then picked up the warm cup and backed. "Have a good one."

      "You too," he nodded and turned his attention to his next customer as she spun on her heel and slowly entered the crowd of occupied tables. Soon, several familiar faces emerged as she sipped, prompting the twenty-two year old to approach. Alizabeth and Dirks had their own departments to attend to, but she had seen both of them a number of times here in the cafeteria area. Time to get to know them better, she mused as she walked up.

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      Liz had been starting to second guess her decision to come to the common room. While she knew she needed to see and be seen, this area was starting to fill up and the idea of being overwhelmed hit the young intern like a punch in the gut.

      Her satin short sleeved shirt was a deep blue, to help accent her eyes without the needs of tons of makeup many women wore. The black slacks were tailor fit and sat perfectly on her body. A simple single braclet of copper and a matching copper covered belt were her only accessories and matched the ankle high, short heeled boots peeking out from under her pant hem. Her hair was simply pulled back off her shoulders with a copper woven patterened barette that left the tresses tumbling down her back.

      She had just been about to turn around when the cultered voice caught her attention. While she hadn't met him, Liz was informed enough to know who Dirk was, even if she didn't know much about him other than his station and position in the Senate. "Yes, it is. I'm sure you will find it'll be perfect for whatever you had planned." She laughed slightly, "Unless those plans were to sing in the rain, then I fear it seems you will be sadly disappointed." As his hand was extended, she returned the shake. Liz... umm... Elizabeth Moroveston, Senator. No, we haven't met, but I know who you are." Her smile was warm and welcoming, but her handshake was certainly still that of a novice. It was steady, but not as firm as the confident one he had given her. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person." She nodded to the building to include the offices surrounding them.

      She broke her eye contact long enough to glance at a woman who had entered wearing a beautiful golden shirt and grey vest outfit. She smiled and nodded to the woman who went off and sat at one of the tables, then turned her gaze back to the Senator.

      "Sorry, Sir," she apologized as she looked back at him, her cheeks blushing slightly n embarrasment at realizing she had let something distract her. "I hope you are having a good week. I know with the Senate out for Recess it hasn't been very busy here."

      "Sorry, Sir," she apologized as she looked back at him, her cheeks blushing slightly in embarrasment at realizing she had let something distract her. "I hope you are having a good week. I know with the Senate out for Recess it hasn't been very busy here." The halls had been conspicuously empty these last few days with the Senate out. Liz came in because she had nothing else to do.

      If Dirk had any knowledge of the interns, her scars that showed would mark her for who she was. The short sleeves didn't cover the thin lines peeking out from under the silk. And her v neck did nothing to hide the burn marks and scars littering her shoulder neck and throat like someone had tried to tug the very skin from her body and it hadn't smoothed back out again. Thankfully, the brand on her chest 'was' covered, but those who knew of her capture and torture at the hands of the Sith Lord would know of 'Jack' being branded into her skin. Despite the ability to remove the imperfections, Liz had choto keep them. She hoped, in the back of her mind, it made her ugly enough that no one else would consider her a prime target for kidnapping again. Unfortunately, it also kept away most other folks. Either they knew her and thought her broken goods, or didn't know her and thought her a freak.

      The corner of her eye caught the approaching woman, but she managed to maintain her eye contact with the Senator before her. Once could be forgiven, she was sure. But looking away, distracted again, would probably not go over well with the man who was, to all intense and purposes, a superior to her.
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