Seated in the large lobby, soft orchestral music filling the air from unseen speakers, Ilana perused the latest gossip from a quarterly whose pages now rose from the small holoprojector in her right hand. Left knee over right, she waited for the summons from the local constable whose office seemed quite busy this morning. Dolla wasn't on her normal travel itinerary, but this week had seen some interesting developments that the New Republic had an interest in and whether or not it panned out to be anything of note was still yet to be seen. Out of habit, the agent was in disguise even though no one but a small core knew she was a spy. Her early years had taught her a lot of important lessons which had left their mark. Sighing, she was bored with the stories of local politicians promising one thing and never seeing that ambition through, the officer at the desk cleared his throat.

"Miss Towry, the sheriff's available now," he motioned to the lone door to his left.

Finally, she mused and pushed herself up, dropping the well abused holoprojector on the table and moved to the metal barrier, then heard the buzz which allowed her into the busy, cubicle-filled room. Continuing along the border, she glanced into several offices as she passed until approaching hers and knocked as she walked in.

Rising, the uniformed officer grinned pleasantly. "Miss Towry, sorry to keep you waiting," the older blonde motioned to a chair before her desk and sat down again. "Been a busy morning."

"So I've heard," Ilana claimed the nearest chair and sat.

"Just received word that one of the latest shipments of coaxium was narrowly saved by our Custom's fleet, but the perpetrators got away. We do have the transponder of their ship and Sector Rangers are on the case, so hopefully we'll have this settled soon."

Nodding, brown eyes fixed on the captain. "Any leads on a leak of their schedule?"

"Working on that as well," she stated, leaning forward on her desk, hands knitted together. "Though I do have one name that may be an alias, or not," she informed, then glanced to one of several forms on her cluttered desk. "Masyr." Green eyes returned to the Republican liaison. "Haven't been able to find anything on them yet, but I have a good investigator on that now."

Nodding, Ilana leaned forward a bit. "Maybe I can help with that. As you know, I'm not here to impede your investigation, but the Republic is eager to get this issue settled and I have a lot of experience with piracy. Just point me to your investigator's desk and I may be able to speed this up."

"Of course." Rising, she motioned and led Ilana out of her office, then to an equally cluttered cubicle, then introduced her to a tired looking, middle aged man whose desk and walls around his tiny office were cluttered with information and pics. "Edgar, this is Janet Towry, the Republican investigator sent to help us out."

Glancing up, the stubbled, weathered face didn't look happy that someone was sent to do his job for him. "Hey," he half-heartedly greeted and went back to his computer.

"If you need anything at all, don't hesitate," the captain grinned and left them alone.

"Thanks." Ilana moved in and began scouring his intel on the situation, then noted the one piece of information that would at least get her started.