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      Lost in Darkness (Closed)

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      ((This thread is written to help explain away Malissa's Master's absence from the game, leaving it open for her return later if she wishes...))

      Malissa went in search of N'yssa to show her the finished saber but couldn't find her anywhere. Going to the front desk of the hotel they were staying at, the man behind it said she had gone across the street to the cantina.

      Clipping the device on her hip, she pulled her tunic over the top of it and headed out onto the street and crossed it to the boisterous club. It was late, well past dinner time, and the lights were on and music blaring. Moving around the club, she couldn't find her mentor anywhere. Seeing one of the men she had helped rescue, she went to the table. “Gentlemen, it's good to see you all got out. Have you seen my companion?” Her smile was genuine though she didn't identify herself of N'yssa as Jedi. She wasn't sure if it was proper or not with the state of things around the caverns being precarious as they were.

      The man smiled and shook his head. “We have not seen her, though thank you for helping us. But we did not all get out. Two of our group left when we all ran, but never came out. Your companion went in search of them. She assured us she would be back before nightfall. We have not seen her, though.” The others nodded and murmured their agreement to the events as related.

      “Thank you...” Malissa smiled and headed back outside. Her smile fading with the lights behind her as she started walking. It wasn't till darkness enveloped her that she realized she had walked away from the small cluster of buildings. “Well, that answers that.” She said as she picked up her pace to a loping jog as she headed back up the hill to the caves.

      Less than an hour later she was back where their exit had been made. “N'YSSA!” she hollered into the cavernous opening. Nothing came back to her but a vague echo. She hollered twice more then took a deep breath. “You are a Jedi, Malissa... act like it.” Calming herself till her heart stopped racing, she took a deep breath and reached out with the Force to see if she could feel her mentor and if she was hurt.

      When nothing came back at her, she headed inside. As the outside ambient light disappeared, Malissa drew her saber and used it like a lantern to light her way. The soft blue glow filling the corridor of stone with a eerie light that was soft, yet more than satisfactory.

      It wasn't long till Malissa came across the corridor the great worm had made when chasing them. The opening hadn't been much wider than a couple bodies side by side when they had run thru, but the great creature had plowed through behind them and opened it into a round cavernous winding hall over seven feet across. The size brought to realization just how big the crystalline protector had been.

      Deeper into the cave, it narrowed once more. Malissa pushed her aura out and down into the cavern more and still she felt nothing. Without realizing it, Malissa had gone deeper in and was winding her way merely keeping the right wall as her guide. Suddenly there w as low rumble. Malissa bit her lip, turning around in a circle to see where it was coming from. The rumble got closer and Malissa reached out towards it to see what it was. Just as her senses felt it, she saw it. A crystalline worm crashed through the rubble in the back of the cave she was in and bellowed its anger at her presence.

      A small cry of alarm rose from her throat as Malissa turned and bolted back the way she came. Her Force Speed was no good in the narrow winding cave, but it also kept the worm from lunging and capturing her in its maw. She was nearly to the entrance when the creature reared up and brought the cavern crashing down around the young Jedi Padawan. Her scream echoed into the darkness but just before she blacked out, she heard voices screaming and the firing of energy pistols. Then everything went black.


      “She isn't waking up. And we aren't equipped to handle this kind of injury.” The nurse stood over the Padawan's unconscious form on the bed. The men who had sent N'yssa to the cave had gone in search of her and discovered she hadn't gone back to her room. Thinking she had gone to her friend's aid, they headed up to the caverns to see about lending a hand. They had arrived as the cave collapsed and the woman had screamed. The worm had been chased back, and the Jedi student had been dug out.

      A man next to the nurse sighed. “We will send her home. There is a transport standing by. The Temple will be able to help far better than we will. Prepare her for stasis for travel.” The man lifted the new saber, now scratched from the cave in. “It's amazing she held on to this. Looks brand new.” He shook his head and took it with him as he left the room. “I'll pack their things, see to her readiness.”

      The Jedi left the room and headed for his own accommodations down the hall. Closing the door behind him, he typed out a transmission for a holonet connection and awaited the answer. And hour later, he got the saber from his desk and headed back to her room.

      “She's ready when you are, Master,” the nurse said.

      The Jedi nodded to the men in the hall. “Take her to my ship and put her in the cryo chamber. I will take her to the Temple. They can help her there. I do not possess the mind skills to reach her. I have healed her body but something holds her mind in darkness.” The nurse nodded and helped the men move the young woman's body. The Jedi moved about and collected her things and bagged them up. Leaving word to let him know when the Mentor's body was recovered, he headed for his ship to take Malissa home.

      It took nearly ten days of constant jumps to make the Temple in the personal ship. Half way thru the trip, the Jedi stopped to clean Malissa and replace the bacta treatment. He took time to try and reach her thru his minimal mind abilities in the Force.

      When they arrived, Malissa was sent to the healing wing of the Temple and the Jedi went to the Council to make his report. He spoke of the locals finding Malissa in the collapsed cavern but of her mentor still being missing. He would continue to look for her and report to the Council on the next moon. He then took his leave.

      As Malissa lay in her coma, her bones were knit and healed. The scars were minimal but there. And one of her legs was crushed to the point where she would probably have a limp unless she chose prosthetic enhancements. The healers were loathe to do it without her permission so left her whole, albeit, in a deep sleep.

      One nurse took it upon herself to send a message.

      Dear Lord Jacob,
      I am writing because I know of your companionship with the Lady Malissa. She had come back from Mygeeto with severe injuries from a collapsed cave. While we have healed her body, she is lost in her mind. We cannot reach her. It is as if she is fighting us.
      I know you are on mission, but I felt it a greater mistake to not send word to you, than it was to worry you when you cannot come back.
      When you are able, made the Lords and Ladies bring you home quick and safe.
      Your Lady needs you.

      Nurse Margory

      The message would be sitting, awaiting reading, on the ship when Jr returned to it.

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      Jacob walked to his ship exhausted. Holding onto the chair as he sat down he gave the holocron and crystal to Master Tessa before he collapsed in his seat. Taking the pilots chair he then saw that there was a message for him. Raising his eyebrow, the Padawan then clicked it and read through it. Widening his eyes he then saw what it read. That Malissa had been in a cave collapse that did some damage and that she was now in a coma. Fear for the worst set in at that moment but he breathed in and out to let it pass. Feeling the Light of the Force flow through him he needed it's calming energy at that moment and it obliged him. Settling back in his chair he then primed the ship and made it ready to take off back to Yavin VIII.

      Within ten minutes the ship was ready and he started up the engines before leaving the planet of Dagobah. Sighing he then plotted the course for home. As the ship exited the atmosphere he then set the hyperspace to travel and made sure that things would be clear before pulling back the lever and it then whooshed forward into hyper speed. It would take some time to get back home but he knew that she'd be there waiting for him. That he was her only hope of coming out of the coma. Sitting back in his seat in the pilot's chair the Padawan then started drifting off before he did fall asleep. The young Murano had been on a journey and he'd made it out of the other side wiser and for the better. He confronted his past and finally laid the whole thing to rest. Junior was now free of the influence of the darker emotions he'd experienced. The young man now felt more connected to the Light then he'd ever felt.

      No longer did he define himself by his father actions. Jacob wouldn't let others define him by his dad either, he would do better then his father. Which he knew his dad would want in the first place. Junior had to find a path set for him, not one his father laid out. Sure, his dad could put the paths down but it was Junior who had to decide where to go. With that, Jacob chose to be a better Jedi then his father, and not succumb to what his father did. He had a struggle but he finally made it clear where he was going. He dreamed of Malissa and her standing to greet him as he came back. That he was there to hug her and tell her that he made it home.

      Four days passed and Jacob had made one stop to refuel and stretch his legs. It was those four days that seemed to pass slow and then he saw Yavin VIII in his sights. Junior then smiled at the home world of the Jedi and then started the landing procedure. Nearly 15 minutes later he landed the ship allotted him and settled it into the hangar. Getting out of the ship he then walked down the ramp, lightsaber hanging at his belt. Brushing himself off the Padawan then walked to where the medical wing was. When he got there he was greeted by Margory as she recognized him. A discerning look on her face Jacob put a hand on her shoulder.

      "Thank you for contacting me." Jacob said as she nodded, "I'll go see what I can do."

      She motioned to the room that Malissa was in and then and Junior walked to it. Seeing her there he didn't cry nor did he feel sad. Things like that could happen, as they were Jedi and they all knew the risks. All he did was sigh, and sat down next to her. Taking her hand he then kissed it and ran his hand along her cheek. Now he would see what he could do to get her to wake up.

      Malissa...I'm home. You can wake up now. Jacob said to her through the Force.

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      Two weeks...

      Two weeks is all it had been. But Malissa only knew that there was no time here. The pain had been unbearable. Between the accident and the drugs, it had been easier to retreat into the darkness where things were cool land dark and calm... And didn't hurt.

      Occasionally she heard whispers, pleas for her to wake up. But every time she started to rise from the darkness, the pain had stabbed into her and she's retreated again. Each time going deeper and deeper, further and further from the beckoning voices.

      Malissa...I'm home. You can wake up now.

      Jacob? No... He was off planet. And she hasn't heard anyone in so long that it had to be a truck of her mind. Well, if her mind wanted a discussion, she'd have it.

      "Jacob...I miss you. It hurts. Everything hurts. But I'm glad you're here." There was a distance to her words as if from far away over a bad sub space connection. But he'd hear it ever so feintly... And that would come with a feeling of connection they their Bond like he felt when with hey I'm intimate moments before he left.

      The nurse had given him a moment then patted his arm in condolences. "The healing is done, physically. Bones were set and mending well. And other than the weight loss from not eating, and just being in the bacca tank and on IVs, there's no reason she shouldn't wake up." She sighed and brushed one of Malissa's blond strands from her face. She was laying in a simple white shift, blanket pulled up under her arms with a peaceful look on her face. "We've had some of the best mind healers here, Sir. I promise you. They can't reach her. I'm afraid you may have come home just to say good bye." She patted his arm once more and walked away to give him some privacy.
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      Jacob heard her speak as if she was far off down some tunnel. Well to him it seemed like she was yelling down a tunnel. If she was still trapped somewhere within her own mind he would try and reach her. For now, he was a Knight and he had finally accomplished that and stepped free of his father's shadow. Now he was his own and with that he would no longer have to be compared to his dad. Sure, his dad was held in high regard among a lot of them. But, to those who knew him best they knew what path his father had really taken. To most he died a Jedi...but again, those who knew him the best knew that the Jedi part of him died years ago. No longer was he that wise Jedi Knight. No, he was something entirely different.

      He then held her hand and smiled, speaking to her through the Force, Yes, I'm here. I finally did it...I'm a Knight now. I finally stepped free of my father's shadow. I no longer have to be held to the candle of him anymore. I've let go of my past...and now...I look forward to the future...our future.

      As the nurse patted his arm he turned to look. Noting what the nurse had said he nodded. Sure, there was weight loss, he could understand that. He experienced that himself at one point. Felt long ago but he knew that notion and bones and such could heal. It was just the mind that would take the most time to heal. An experience that took him years to finally achieve. Junior had finally mended his own mind of his father and with that, he knew his path. He could see his dad without attacking him, without doing something rash to him. Jacob wouldn't even demand an answer from him. All he would do is feel pity for him and walk away because that was what he needed to do. His father had made his choices, and Junior made his own. They may share a name and blood, but that was all to him now. The father he knew wasn't there.

      "No. I know I can get through. It'll just take time." Jacob said looking at her, "Plus...the Force works in mysterious ways...always has and always will. Just...prepare something for me...something to eat and drink...and if it appears that I'm dead don't worry...I'm alive...just...in deep meditation."

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      *Our future...*

      Malissa had dreamt of that since meeting him. Of him training her, of watching him gain strength and face his father, of coming thru on the other side and being at peace enough that the two of them could travel together, teach together and someday sit on the Council.

      It shouldn't surprise her addled mind that those things were what he spoke of. Doesn't the mind appease itself when it's torn?

      *I'm glad you are free. You waited so long. I'm sorry I can't be there for that future with you. Something happened, I forget... so long ago... but it all went wrong.* She was getting tired. *I am sorry to leave you...*

      There was a pain in those words as she reconciled with herself that she would never feel his lips on her own, or his body embrace her. She could only hope her love wouldn't be forgotten as he moved on.

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      The meditation would have to wait it seemed. Hearing the words she spoke it seemed like she was giving up. Not on his watch! The newly crowned Knight then took her hand and squeezed it before standing up and walking and bent down. Inches from her face he then brushed his hand along her cheek. Caressing her cheek he then kissed her forehead and then retreated back and then blinked his blue eyes at her.

      No, Malissa your not gonna leave me...you have a lot ahead of you.. He said through the Force, Open your eyes and you'll see that I'm actually here. It's not a dream.

      With that Jacob then pressed his lips to hers. Although her lips didn't move in that second he wanted her to feel his lips on hers. To let her know that he was actually there. That it wasn't some dream within the confines of her mind. Junior was there in the flesh.

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      Malissa heard his voice and while she felt herself floating away in the darkness, a tear fell down her right cheek near Jr's lips. As his lips physically touched hers, something happened.

      The darkness screamed around her. Whatever connection they had was bearing down on her like a hand breaking the surface of the water to reach down to a drowning lover. And that's what she was doing, drowning in the darkness rather than gasp in the pain above. But as the darkness receded, she felt the warmth of his reach touch her fading self. He was close... she knew it now. She couldn't reach him thru their bond when he was past the boundaries of the Hall. So he HAD to be close.

      It was then that her body began to twitch as she slowly felt herself rising up thru the darkness. It was a pleasurable thing, to know he was there. Pleasurable until she rose far enough up to feel pain. Her lips pressed his for one more split second before a soft whimper echoed from her and her whole body tensed in pain and fear. Her mind screamed out with a harshness he wasn't expecting. "Jacob! It hurts...I... I can't...!" In that instant she tried to remove herself from the warmth of his mental grasp. She tried to delve back into the inky blackness where pain didn't exist and was deep enough to protect her.

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      Junior could sense that she was pulling herself from wherever it was she was at. That much he sensed and it made him feel a bit at ease with it. He then grabbed her hand once more as she spoke that it hurt too much. Their connection with the Force he felt it himself and it was overwhelming to him. But, with the Force he then felt the warm sensation as he concentrated and healed his mind and soul of it. Not that he had to physically heal himself but it was more a mental state that the Knight had to heal. Jacob then put his hand against her forehead and tried to heal what he could or at least ease the pain.

      It wasn't easy at all. He poured his energy and focus into it as she would feel a warmth that was outside of her own body and mind. The kind of warmth that poured from outside in and her mind would have felt at ease to a degree if she would let it do so. Gritting his teeth Junior kept going at it, I know it does, my love. I felt it too. But calm yourself and let me in. I can ease your pain so you can open your eyes for me.

      He kept his hand on her forehead and kept pouring the Force into her mind and body trying his best to ease whatever pain she felt. The healing would also be like a hand pulling her up whether she would wish it or not. But if Junior stopped focusing it would let go of her and she would remain where he left her pulling her back up.

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      She heard him and felt the warmth. Part of her didn't want him to hurt for her, but a small part, the selfish part, didn't want to disappear, yet. She slowly clawed her way to the surface.

      It took almost an hour. But soon her breathing started to relax and grow stronger. Once or twice he may have felt a slight twitch in her hand where he squeezed. And after another bit, there was a soft moan from her lips that was barely audible.

      It took another hour before her eyelids finally fluttered and she opened her eyes only to close them once more. Her voice, raspy from lack of use, clawed out his name like a dieing man seeking water. "Ja...co...b...."

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      Jacob was drained to a degree. But after he finally stopped after an hour he then stood there nearly collapsing himself. Though it took another hour before she was awake. There were a few twitches here and there but Junior finally saw her eyes open and she uttered his name which was like music to his ears. It was raspy from lack of use and he then smiled wide as he heard her say his name.

      "Yes Malissa I'm here." Jacob said holding her hand and then grabbed a cup which had water in it.

      Taking the cup he then tilted her head slightly so that she would be able to drink from it, "Here you go. Drink this but take it easy."

      After she drank from it he then sat down in the chair next to her as he still held her hand. The Knights blue eyes never left her face as his face was still lit up from her being awake and alright. Junior was proud that she fought her way back and didn't leave. There was still more for the two of them to do that was certain. Her destiny wasn't to go out like that, to him at least.

      "I'm glad your awake. Just know I'm not gonna leave your side till your completely better." He said kissing her hand.

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      One of the nurses caught Jacob and helped him sit down again. Then brought him a more comfortable chair as he waited for her to awaken. Healing drinks were brought to him and a nurse offered to help heal him a bit to give him his energy back.

      When she awoke, a small tear fell down Malissa's cheek at the realization he was really there. "Jacob...." she managed before he gave her a sip of water.

      After several minutes, she shook her head and smiled. "You can't spend all your time here. You have your own lessons and things to attend to. I don't want to be a burden." *And I don't want you seeing me this way* her mind echoed without her realizing her shields were completely shattered and he would hear everything thru their bond.

      "I heard you call for me. Was it you?" She wasn't sure how much was the haze and how much had been real.

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      Jacob thanked the nurse for her help getting him back to normal. It took a bit but he finally felt better after pouring so much energy into getting Malissa back into the world from where she was before. But to him it was worth it though. As the tear fell down her cheek he smiled at her as she was finally awake. When she took the water he put the cup back down and then nodded. Then she said that he couldn't spend all his time here and he then half smirked.

      "You know I'd do that. Not like anyone is gonna tell me that I can't. They'd understand." Jacob said to her as he then held her hand, then shook his head when she said she'd be a burden, "You're not a burden. If things were reversed I'm sure you'd do the same thing. Both of us are stubborn that way."

      Junior winked at her and then heard what she said through the Force and he then spoke back to her, I heard that...

      Shaking that thought he then nodded as she asked if it was him calling for her, "Yes. That was me indeed. I was trying to bring you back from wherever it was you were. But, I'm glad I got through."

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      The pain blockers the nurse gave her meds for, and Jacob had bolstered and left in place when he left her mind, were working well enough to allow her to shift to face him and sigh. "It was dark... and nothing hurt. It was like when we floated in the lake last summer. Weightless and relaxing." She closed her eyes slightly and squeezed his hand. Her voice nearly apologetic. "I didn't want to come back."

      She looked back at him a moment. "There was an accident. I wasn't... couldn't get out. I'm sorry...."

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      Jacob looked at her and listened as she spoke of what transpired and what it felt like where she was. Not that it seemed a bad place...but to him it just wasn't her time. She had much to do still and of course in his mind he didn't want to lose more than he already had. The young Knight had lost his father and sister already. Junior just didn't wanna lose anyone else that he could do something about. That in mind he then squeezed her hand.

      "I understand that." Jacob said then kissed her hand, "But I'm glad you are back."

      Then Malissa spoke of the accident. Which he was only told slightly what happened. Not that he didn't care he just figured he'd get filled the rest of the way in by someone else or Mal directly. Now that he was in front of her though, Jacob figured he would get the answer from her. At least it would be all the facts he'd need. As she apologized, Jacob then leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

      "I know. At least I know you were in some kind of trouble before coming here. You can tell me when you're ready. First let's get you feeling better."

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      "I already feel better," Malissa smiled at her companion. But then it occurred to her that they were dwelling on her healing. She squeezed his hand and took a deep breath as she tried to move and pain shot thru her. A soft hiss sifted thru her teeth and she went still a moment.

      She closed her eyes and pulled pain block to her mind. It wasn't much, but it took the edge off enough for her to breath a bit easier. Opening her eyes once more, she murmured 'sorry' and then smiled once more. "Enough about me. Nothing entertaining about knowing I've been asleep a few days." She wasn't aware she had been unconscious nearly a month.

      "Tell me how the Trials went. I had no doubt you would pass them, so it seems silly to ask."

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