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      Coming full circle again... (Desbre)

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      Malissa awoke in the morning to Des getting up to take a shower. After making her promise to see the Healers when she was dressed, Malissa left to go to her own room to change before looking for breakfast.


      Several hours later Malissa headed for the Healer's Wing to check up on Des and make sure she had come to see them.

      "Lady Arnago, is everything all right?" The panicked voice of a Jedi healer came to Malissa's ear and made her smile as she turned to see a woman coming around the corner, heading in the same direction.

      "Lady Borlain, good morning. I am fine. I promise. And yes, I have been drinking my tea and taking it easy." She patted the woman's arm as they moved into the Wing and down the hall. "I came to see if one of the students, Desbre, had come to see you guys this morning. She injured her knee horribly last night and I made her promise to come down here. I am taking her on as my other student."She smiled at the woman's reaction.

      "Other student? Oh, Malissa! I am so proud of you! When did you pass the Trials? I mean, does Jr. know? Gracious, so who is the other student?" The woman smiled and gripped both of the Knight's hands and nearly squeezed them till they were blue.

      "I am also teaching young Master Bezor. He comes to us very uneducated and timid. I hope everyone will be kind to him. He has power in him like I haven't felt in a long time. I can only imagine him on the Council, years from now, once he learns to channel that power." She smiled and slowly withdrew her hands. "And yes, Jr. knows. Something like that wouldn't easily be kept from him, Amanda. You know that." She laughed as they went thru the doors of the Healer's Wing. "Now... where is Desbre? I am guessing you all waylaid her. So is she conscious enough to see visitors?" She smiled as she adjusted her tunic. It was a deep forest green and her leggings were black. The black belt held her saber on her right hip and her soft bottomed boots, meant for use inside the Keep, padded nearly soundlessly on the stone floor.

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      Des had risen from her coma maybe an hour prior. It had taken a minute to work out the stiffness from laying so still, but she felt refreshed, renewed in a way she hadn't in a long time. Getting up had been somewhat painful at first, but a touch of the Force wiped that pain out. It allowed her to stand and enjoy a long, hot shower. It was a luxury she hadn't truly indulged in for some time either, but it left her clean and refreshed. She dressed once more, much the same as she had the day before, but with a fresh uniform. It gave her time to realize what a stye her room was. It only took a minute to straighten up, using her abilities to do the work much faster and more efficiently. And it was good practice. Manipulating things that were fluttery and such took a kind of concentration that moving something more solid did not. The effort left her a little warmed, but happy. With her destination in mind, she grabbed her wide but thin datapad and headed for the healer's wing.

      There they'd spotted her limp, and quickly gotten the recount. No she didn't have any allergies. Yes there has been a family history of circulatory issues. No she's not on any medication. No she wasn't sexually active. Blah blah blah the usual questions. Then they imaged her knee, confirming what some of them saw in the Force. The structure was outlined in angry reds and oranges, marking places of damage in false colors of severity. She'd been chided for not seeing them immediately, then dosed her with anti-inflammatories, and went to treating it with bacta patches and an injection, then put her leg in a duraplast skeletonized immobilizer. She was told to stay put and not go anywhere, while they pumped her full of fluids and nutrient solutions to help her rebuild.

      Had she eaten? No, but was starving. And so it was she was in a recovery room, reclined on a hospital bed, knee propped up, but unable to bend or move really. At that point she had only a medical gown, as they'd confiscated her pants for the time being. Was hard to work with the legpiece anyway.

      In her lap and hands she had her pad and was contentedly stroking the screen with a finger, humming softly to herself. There was a screen nearby displaying a data stream from the Holonet about some news going on elsewhere. It was on silent and she paid it no mind.

      Outside, the healer glanced over her shoulder. "She showed up a little bit ago. Her knee was pretty torn up. And there's all kinds of other old injuries that aren't healed as good as they could be. She looks pretty beat up. We're patching up the knee, and we'll help the other ones along. None of them are terribly bad, it's more quantity than quality. Most of that is old and is tissue damage that isn't in need of surgery or anything. Just rest... And relaxation. She has a minor ulcer, and she's got some other minor things we see in athletes pushing very hard. Not uncommon around here. She'll be alright." She flashed Malissa a smile. "If you wanna see her, she's over there," she pointed briefly.

      "The Council must have plenty of faith in you, if they're allowing you to start by taking on two students at the same time," she beamed.

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      Malissa wasn't surprised by the other injuries, but it troubled her that the girl had neglected them so terribly. "I will see to it that she allows you to help her. But be easy, please." Malissa beseached the woman, "Make it seem routine and please don't judge or lecture her on taking better care. I mean," she laughed, "more than you would anyone else, anyway. I think this goes deeper than merely trying to be perfect in everything she does."

      Looking at the woman seated on the bed, pad in hand, the Knight felt her heart string tug again. She nearly missed the last comment. Shaking her head a moment, she laughed. "Actually, the Council has approved Bezor. Des kind of 'happened' just last night. I still need to get permission for her. But either way, she needs guidance. And she deserves it. Something tells me it won't be long before she can teach others, as well." She smiled at the woman once more and touched her arm. "I'll make sure she lets you tend to the other injuries." She nodded and headed for the student on the bed.

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      The healer turned with her to regard the platinum-haired student who paid them no mind, then looked back to Malissa with concern. "I did get a sense of something greater going on," she admitted. "She hasn't asked for anything, and hasn't said a lot. But she watches everyone out of the corner of her eye. Every now and again she reaches for her saber and other gear she has. Making sure they're their subconsciously. Like she's afraid she'll lose it, or it'll be taken from her without her notice." The woman fell into silence for a minute.

      "Our records show she came from Arkania. When she first arrived we gave her a once-over like everybody else. Immunizations, things like that. She's had organ damage from alcoholic beverage. There's some old traumas. She was nervous then, but excited. This is different. She reminds me of someone who's been in prison or a caged animal. But she doesn't seem violent. Just isolated and having had very little of her needs met." She looked back to Malissa. "We'll do what we can. I don't know how she's slipped through the cracks, but this isn't the first case someone's been in here on edge." She paused then smiled. "We don't just treat the body in here, but the mind and spirit as well. We'll get her back to good."

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      Malissa nodded. "It's why I sent her, Lady. I will go see to her for now. And when she's ready, I'll make sure you are the first she reaches out to." She smiled then and stepped away from the woman. Moving to her student, she smiled. "Hi, Des... I'm glad you made it down here."

      She grabbed one of the chairs and slid it near the girl's bed. "I see they have immobilized you for a bit. Probably a good thing." She smiled and patted her arm. "So what are you working on? Something more than more learning holos, I hope." She laughed figuring the woman was probably still finding ways to push herself and train even with orders to remain still and calm.

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      Des looked up when Malissa entered. A small smile flickered across her face, there and gone again in a fraction of a second. But it was there. Then she blushed lightly and let her gaze shift back to the pad. "Hey hey," she said quietly. "I'm sorta stuck here," she agreed, but then broke into a grin, amused by the thought, then sighed. Clouds once more rolling in between the sun.

      When Mal grabbed a seat she glanced over and smiled, but this time it stayed for longer. When asked what she was working on, she spun the screen toward her. On it was expensive digital art program, able to do simple two-dimensional images, all the way up to three dimensional and holographic models. She was using it as a sketchbook on two dimensions, and had several doodles and gesture sketches already down. Warming up, but basic warmups. In a larger view to one side she had the rough strokes of a protocol droid's head, but deviated from standard with slightly more feminine styling to it. Joining it was a mechanical hand, holding up a leaf and a feather in front of it, as though comparing them.

      "I figured I'd be stuck here a while," she said after giving Mal a moment to study and take it in. "I haven't drawn in so long I was starting to get rusty. But I just ... really felt like it. I was going to watch a holovid or play a game at first, but this is what I settled on. I think it's a better choice, and I'm happier with it for now." With this she finished in a bright smile that crinkled the corners of her eyes for a few seconds. It was the brightest ray of light yet, and despite a mild layer of annoyance at being stuck, and being slightly bored otherwise, genuine enjoyment radiated off of her.

      Setting it back in her lap she turned more of her attention to Malissa. "But yes, I kept my promise," she said, her tone turning mildly adolescent. Yes, I've been good. Leave me alone about it. But the smile brightened once more at the end of it. "I'm sorry about last night." You don't have to pity me.

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      Malissa patted her arm as she mentioned being 'stuck' here. "No worries, it's not forever. And you needed the rest, forced or not." She smiled and scooted closer as Des showed her the pics. "Those are pretty amazing. I am a horrible drawer. Healing and maybe a bit of writing is all I do outside of study. Jr. thinks I should write more, but I think he's just being flattering because as my companion, he should." She laughed.

      The emotional roller coaster the woman let wash from her made Malissa take pause. She was opening up, so that was good. But the fact she peeked out out only to pull back again still concerned the Knight. When she pulled back and apologized for the night before, Malissa smiled and pushed a stray lock of golden hair back behind her ear. "There is no need to apologize. You did nothing wrong, Des. Like I said, we aren't celibate monks. If you ever need or want to be held, you merely have to ask. Or merely ask me to stay. That's all it takes. As to the rest," she shrugged and smiled, "just remember I am not the only one who feels bad that you were not found sooner. Most who come here pester and stalk till they have guidance. Perhaps others thought since you didn't, that you were being seen to. And I will certainly address that with the Council when I go to tell them I am going to be your teacher." She winked, "Cause make no mistake, I will train you and see you to your Knight Trials, Desbre." She rested her hand on the girl's arm once more so she could sense the truth in her words.

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      The arm under Mal's hand pivoted a little, turning to line up with it, and rotating palm up, to essentially take her arm in her hand as well. "I meant just dumping all of my emotional junk out on you," she said, but then blushed once more at the offer of that kind of contact and comfort. It sent an ache through her, faint but deep. Not so much related to attention or anything, but having someone around she could lean on like that when she needed, or wanted. When she felt a lone or terribly lonely. Even if it was nothing more than that. The kindness in the offer was enough to make her eyes want to water again, but she swallowed the lump in her throat and blinked them away quickly.

      "I appreciate that," she murmured. It was the most kind and generous thing anyone had offered in maybe forever. It made her feel better. It made her feel worse at the same time, as associations and the internal mess rearranged itself. Another layer of scraping out old infection, of cleaning out old wounds. But as much as it made her chest and throat tighten, it was easier now. It washed over her, and drained away. But this time her hand tightened as it rolled over her, holding onto Malissa. She was a steady presence, and more than that, a friendly face if not a friend. A soothing balm.

      Part of her still wondered how much of these moments was a matter of pity. Malissa was being awfully nice. Most people were after something if they were being that nice. Or they had an ulterior motive anyway, when it came to a stranger. Or they were doing the socially-acceptable and expected thing until they could drop it at their earliest convenience without looking scandalous. But she sensed none of that from Malissa. The woman was something of an open book, going out of her way to be readable. She was genuine in her intent, or genuinely trying to be genuine. Her gaze had settled somewhere near her feet stretched out in front of her, but she found it looked on Mal again. Searching, measuring, seeing.

      The woman meant what she said. Or believed what she said at least. Her intentions were good. She'd seen that before in others. Yet... here she was. Desperately she wanted to believe in Mal and her offer, her intent. Yet she remained skeptical, perhaps even cynical.

      "I want to believe that," she said quietly. "I do. So very much." She gave Malissa a look of apology,hoping to keep those words from stinging too bad. She knew they might be painful to some people, and she didn't mean for them to. They were simply the truth. "And you've already helped so much. At least I can move forward now, in some fashion." The words were slow, being picked with great care as she worked through what she wanted to express. She seemed to be examining them and processing even as she gave voice to her inner struggles. "I see you believe what you say. And that would be good enough in most cases. But I've been burned before. I don't want to get my hopes up to have them dashed. I know what you said last night, and keep saying." She paused, considering how to phrase it. "But just because someone says something fervently, over and over again, doesn't always make it true. Vacuum is not good for the lungs, no matter how much you say it is." She lifted one hand, as though holding up an example.

      "That's not to say that I don't want it to be real. And I don't want to toss away an opportunity, or someone who has helped me as much as you have. I just need you to understand that ... finding out the truth in a matter like this is only proven over time. Establishing a track record. So if this is what you want to do, out of the kindness of your heart... Then we should take it a day at a time." She gave her the briefest and tiniest of smiles. "Because I really want this. I learn very fast, but I need help. And so far you've been wonderful. And I don't want to give that up. But if this turns out like the others... It's a reason to not get too attached. And if it pans out like we both want.. then we're gonna be stuck with each other for a long while. So we have to know that is going to work. Or how to make it work. And I .. just want it to work, for us to get it right."

      She had moved her hand down from Mal's arm then, to take the Knight's hand in hers, holding on tight, as if she could impress upon her the gravity of her words, her hopes, her fears. "I know what you've said. I know you believe it right now. And my questioning might hurt, but you know why, so I hope that doesn't offend. These are the truths that I'm dealing with," she added, her eyes pleading and a little scared she may have jsut shot those hopes in the head.

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      Malissa held on as long as Des did. She listened to the silver haired fairy speak of pain and hurt. She had been thru it as well, though not to the extent Des had. It pained her to know the trials of fire this ice princess had been thru. Her Force abilities were stronger than anyone Malissa had ever seen in a student. Had she not been aware of the lack of control as a sign, she would have thought her already a Knight and past Malissa, herself.

      She nodded and smiled with understanding as Des spoke of desperately wanting to believe it, but hesitating because of past experiences. When she tried to pull away, Malissa held her fast. "Des, I do believe what I say because it's true. And I understand you wanting to give it time. But as you said, we will be together a long time." She nodded and moved to sit on the side of the bed, her hands still holding to Desbre as she shifted positions to be able to look into her eyes. "I will not abandon you. I am learning to be a healer, so I will not travel off world like many others. The best trainers are right here," she motioned to the hospital wing with her hand. "So I will not ask you to fall over in gratitude, or anything like that. I merely ask that you allow me that day at a time ability to help you enhance your abilities and teach you even more about yourself and what you are capable of." It crossed her mind that this woman would be a perfect partner to a healer. Her skills ran more to protection and attack versus healing. Having her as cover and protection while a healer worked would be a wonderful thing. But she kept the idea to herself, for now.

      "If you are willing, I am more than happy to take this time you are in here, to discuss what you know and possible paths for once you depart." She smiled hoping the woman would understand her reason behind basically starting at the beginning. "And all I ask if that you allow her," she pointed to Amanda hovering at the end of the room pretending to be busy, "to help you. Her name is Amanda Borlain. She is a Jedi and a Healer. She is a Knight, like me, but only because her powers are not strong enough to grant her Mastery. But her healing is second to none and I literally owe my life to her. She was the one who saw to it that Jr was notified of my condition and knew how to keep me stabilized till he arrived to pull me from the darkness."

      It was her turn to worry about reactions as she continued. "There are wounds and injuries you neglected. Things that will hinder you as they heal improperly. And she is a wonderful person to confide in," she leaned in and whispered like it was a secret she wouldn't admit. Sitting back up, she nodded, "And so you know, nothing you say to her goes any further." She wasn't sure if Des would understand what she said, she only hoped she did.

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      She listened quietly, holding tight onto Mal's hand. That hand was no soft, delicate thing, but was thicker, and hardened from work. There were fading callouses there that came from working with tools. New ones were forming from working with her saber. There were little scars all over it from where she had banged knuckles and scraped hands, mixed with others from catching herself, or gained from other bits of training. She'd worked hard before she'd ever came here. But they were still very nimble, flexible, designed for fine work, and there was a strength to her grip, but it still managed to be soft in it's touch. Balanced. She had no intention of letting go any time soon.

      She gave Mal a small nod, then an equally small and slightly sad smile. "If I didn't intend to give it my best, I'd have probably left already," she murmured. Her gaze flickered over to Borlain then back to Mal. She said nothing out loud, but there came the feeling of I'll try to give her a shot layered with You're the only one I trust right now. It wasn't a complete trust, but it was more than she afforded most people lately. It was something.

      "I'm more than happy to fill you in on what I've been shown, and what I've done since. Or demonstrate. Though lightsaber technique is probably not a good idea right now. I know at some point I'm going to have to learn to do it even when seriously injured. But for now I'll just make my leg worse and then I might as well cut it off and grow a knew one, or get a cybernetic replacement." The prospect of either did not appeal to her by her expression.

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      Malissa nodded, "I am sorry. I didn't mean to say you wouldn't, give it your best, I mean." She started to let go of the woman's hand so she wouldn't feel Malissa's hesitance. She hadn't meant to raise Des' defenses or make her doubt her. "And I don't think we need to go as far as cutting off limbs." She tried to laugh but it was nervous. She was pretty sure Des wouldn't actually cut off a limb, but the fact she had said it so blase made Malissa question what she heard.

      "I just meant, there are others here as well who can help. Some in ways that I can't. I know I can never make up for the time you weren't given training. I can only do what I can from here, forward. And I sincerely want us to be friends. And there are others here who will wish the same." She moved to sit on the bed still, but facing the foot of the bed and sitting beside Des. "So, I will make you a deal. If you will allow Amanda and the Healers to help you, I will see to it you get training for as long as you desire it. If not from me, than from someone else capable of training you beyond me so you don't have to wait. And I will see to it personally that they don't abandon you." If Des was as gifted and ready as Malissa thought, then the girl would become a Knight long before Malissa was a Master. She wouldn't be able to teach her, but would be able to spar with her as a peer and keep her moving forward.

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      With the shift around to sit next to her, side by side she flexed her hand a little, letting the heat and moisture from prolonged contact fade into the air. An impulse came over her as Malissa went to settle in, but instead of ignoring it,s he embraced it, and put her arm around Mal's shoulders, drawing her closer, and trying to impart some of the same comfort and contact offered back.

      "I mostly meant that the chance you asked for is already being given.. or taken, however you wanna phrase it," she said with a small smile. "At the very least we can look out for each other. And I don't doubt the Healers here are good at their work. I just..." She floundered for a moment, looking for the right words to impart the right understanding, keeping them on the same page. "When I was younger... man, I sound old saying that. But when I was younger, I didn't really care. I just sort of threw myself into everything, and everyone. It was fun, but I made some bad choices, got dinged up along the way. So trust is earned, usually. It's a process. Some people, though, I can meet and immediately know if I can trust them. Or at least trust them some. Which means I can give them more to work with.. see if that trust is well-placed, and if they merit more." She gave Mal a small squeeze with her arm. "Like you. And... something I've come to understand is... Just because you know something intellectually..." She tapped her temple with her other hand. "Doesn't mean you have really taken it in, in here, or understand it here." With that she tapped Malissa's chest, just over her heart, ever so lightly.

      "It'll take time," she said quietly. "You're great. But my trust with... the Order.. I guess is going to take time to mend. I guess there's an association with it.. between 'people' and 'a person'. The Order are just a bunch of people. An organization. But you... you're a person. One I happen to like, a lot. I feel like I know a bit. Maybe not every detail about you... but I have some idea of who you are here." She tapped Mal once more over her heart. "And that makes all the difference." She nodded her head toward Amanda. "For now, she's still The Order... but that will probably change, trapped in here long enough." This she finished with a brighter smile, and wrinkled her nose with it at the end.

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      When Des put her arm around Malissa, she smiled and leaned in a moment and listened to the spilling of information. She had the feeling that the girl hadn't spoken this much in a long time. And it troubled her.

      When she was done, Malissa shifted her arm back into her lap and moved to pull Des into her embrace. "Come here, minx," she said with a laugh. "The Order, as you put it, is a group. But I can assure you, Amanda spends so much in here, she probably couldn't tell you how many students or Masters were in the Keep at any given time." She laughed as she tried to help the Healer's cause. "But you are right. And I am sure she is more aware of earning trust than most of us. She sees folks at their worst, and their weakest. She knows that many have come here because of issues not always just coming from accidents in training."

      She leaned back and tried to draw Des onto her chest. "So, since we have that settled... Let's move on to other things. So, I know you can leap, drop, and speed. My guess is telekinesis as as well. And when I spoke to you, I heard you back. So you also have telepathy. Tell me what else you know. Saber skills you mentioned. What styles have you learned?" She was holding Des, if allowed, and trying to keep things light. She didn't want to press, but she wanted to know where she was, skill wise, so she wouldn't have to treat her like a baby.

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      When her arm was pulled away she frowned a little, only to have Mal draw her in closer, turning her some. At this she winced and hissed in pain. Reaching down she pulled the bolster under her knee free, and sat it to the side, so she could rotate, and lay on her side comfortably. There she rested, and even allowed herself to use Mal's chest as a pillow. For a minute she just listened to her breath and her heartbeat.

      "I know," she said quietly, meaning Amanda. She shook her head inwardly. The message had gotten lost somewhere, probably in translation, so she let it rest for now. When the subject of training came up she shifted a little and shrugged.

      "My first teacher, as I mentioned, was Brandyn. He was... youthful and boyish. A little stormy. A little troubled, and maybe uncertain. Like he was still figuring himself out and how he fit into things . It was just after he was Knighted. I think he was still struggling with the idea of himself as a knight. But he was a good teacher, I think. There was an immediate connection. Like us, but different. Something that I felt on a level that was just.. instinctual. I dunno if he felt it or not. Very quickly he taught me how to Sense the area around me. Blindfolded me actually, before we even started."

      "When I first heard that I might have the potential, i started studying everything i could get my hands on. Personal accounts, stories, holovids. I compared the commonalities I could find, and commonly related experiences. i correlated that with what I knew of various species of animals and other races too. I wanted to know what was likely possible, and even what the outliers might look like. And remind myself that some of these things also show up in the animal kingdom. I wanted to have an open, prepared mind when I arrived here. Not just the starry-eyed hopefulness of a child who had no idea what harsh realities there might be. I came expecting everything, but also nothing. I full expected to be sent away as soon as I got here. Everything was possibility. And I think that had a large portion to do with my acceptance, and the speed with which I learned from Brandyn."

      "Shortly after I learned to sense not only my environment, and where people were, but what they were feeling.. thinking. And the outgrowth of that was to make myself heard as he could send to me. It mostly only works with others strong in the Force. I don't have the power to get a clear message through to someone who isn't. Maybe someday. And an outgrowth of that Sense came also the ability to feel a remote, to feel something coming my way, sense an attack. And also learning to manipulate objects with my mind. At first all I could do was slow down something thrown at me, or change it's direction. But eventually I could catch it, send it back, and so on."

      "We worked on all of those things while he also began teaching me saber technique. It wasn't so much there's this, and this power. It was all interconnected, organic. Each thing an outgrowth of the other, built in layers that used the building blocks of the previous. It was there that I learned to speed up my movements, but .. I didn't learn to cover ground there. That came when I went to Ossus. Same day I arrived, my instructor there decided to test me by sending me on a run where I had to follow them. I actually learned how to do that from following their example and direction. Then they pulled ahead, and started throwing things at me with the Force, testing my awareness and prediction. I got hit a few times, but avoided most of it. After that, they taught me how to increase the power of my body, my muscles, to leap, but also catch myself or lighten myself for those leaps. At first she was just seeing if i could.. then after that it became a game of following her up the side of a tall mountain, jumping from cliff to cliff, ledge to ledge. At the top... I learned to numb my wounds, which I mentioned last night." She smiled faintly. "I practiced most of that endlessly for a time Still have been. The feeling and direction of each, i wanted to be reflexive. I wanted to never forget, even if I forgot. You know? Mental muscle memory."

      "As for saber technique, I'm not sure he had time for more than the basics. I learned some combat skills back home. It's good sense, but also in the circles I was in, eventually someone would want to hurt me or worse. A few tried," she said, offhand. "And I've always had very good reflexes and instincts for movement. I actually enjoy it a lot. It helps me clear my head, makes me feel alive when I really get going. So does running or exercising. I don't know if that's a psychological thing, or a physiological trait of my subspecies."

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      Malissa made a mental calculation of the skills as Des rattled them off. She had indeed learned the core, and effectively, to the point Malissa saw no fault in the training. "Well I am certainly impressed with your drive, Des. But we need to branch out on that. Have you given any thought to what you wish to do as a Jedi? We are diplomats, body guards, healers, and even protectors and justice in various cities, planets and stations all over the galaxy. I am going to be a healer. Jr. goes more towards the protective side. We are training to try and become compatible as a team. One where he could protect me and the innocent while I help them." It was putting it in a very small nutshell, but basically an offense and defensive team.

      "There are skills that can compliment whatever route you desire to follow. From shielding to control, from sensing to seeing." She glanced down at the woman, her hand absently once more caressing her hair with the flat of her hand, mindful of ears and tangles once more. "When you see yourself as a Jedi, what do you see yourself doing?" It wasn't an easy question, but one meant to make her ponder.

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