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      Beacon of Hope: The Ascension [Malissa Arnago]

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      The long time Jedi Master had been reviewing the records of the membership and one name - Malissa Arnago - rose to the top of the list. The padawan had been dutifully serving the Light and attending to her studies in the way of the Force. Her accomplishments were impressive despite her trainers not being able to provide a constant presence throughout. Jedi Master Rendahl would personally attend to the next step in Padawan Arnago's journey.

      Opening a channel on the encrypted channel of the New Jedi Order, Tessa sent a message to the padawan to meet her in the upper tower of the compound in Master Rendahl's quarters. She smiled as she readied the sitting area and then returned to reviewing the membership records.

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      Malissa had gone to her room after her walk to change into practice gear. She still walked with a limp, but she didn't need the cane unless she pushed too hard during the day. It had been the perfect way to practice Block Pain, though. Except for the limp, and the last bit of lost weight she had to regain, she was almost back to normal. The return of Jr. had probably saved her life. It was him who drew her from the darkness and brought her back to her old self. Seeing new students in the corridors had helped as well. It meant things might be turning around for the Temple.

      So many had gone off on missions, or crystal hunts, or personal business and not returned. The silence in the halls was soothing at first, but it was starting to make her realize that things weren't as she remembered. As she finished changing, the comm on her console lit up with a message. Master Rendahl was summoning her. She put on her best Padawan tunic, leaving the training tunic tossed on the bed, pulled Block Pain around her to hide even the limp, and headed up to the woman's tower. Her hair was in a single braid down her back and her face was fresh from washing. The tunic was a bit big, but not so much to make it appear unserviceable.

      Arriving at the tower, she knocked on the door and waited. She knew the Master's were powerful enough to sense her long before she arrived. She had the feeling Lady Tessa had known of her presence before she even finished coming up the steps.

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      The door opened as Jedi Master Rendahl approached Padawan Arnago with a smile, and then bowed to her in a traditional Jedi greeting.

      "Hello Padawan Malissa. How are you this fine day?"

      She gestured to a small table over by the window and both women took a seat. Two glasses filled with pale juice and some fruit were placed on the table by a serving droid that came and went almost before you could blink an eye.

      "I was hoping to have a chance to speak with you."

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      The greeting was mirrored by Malissa in response and she smiled. "I am well, M'Lady, thank you. I hope you are well, also."

      She moved to the table and the offered seat. The droid was impressively proficient. A smile lit her face as the metallic servant departed with equal stealth and skill. "I am always at your disposal, Lady. I know things have been busy for you, lately, with so many gone. What can I do for you?"

      Malissa had often helped with Temple errands and helping settle new students, so it wasn't amiss for her to think that's what this was as well. What didn't occur to her was that Lady Tessa had never asked for her presence, personally. It was usually thru missives sent thru servants or on her personal monitor in her quarters.

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      Jedi Master Rendahl smiled.

      "I am very well, thank you. I have actually called you here to speak about your time here in the New Jedi Order. Please tell me about your training, your accomplishments, and what you look forward to in the future."

      She was eager to hear all about Padawan Arnago.

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