I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river, and it made me complete

Here he was sitting near the river that ran half a foot ball field from the palace. It was here that Jacob came to think, when he was alone and when he had no one to help him with anything. Jacob was certain Nissa would find him here, but he sat here alone looking out across the fields listening to the water flowing smiling for a moment. With everything going on recently it was good for him to connect to a place he felt comfortable at. A place that he knew well, a place which made him feel complete. Even if it was for a moment or two. A soft smile on his face the Knight sat with one leg up and the other stretched out.

If any sort of feelings or anything were to be felt by her she'd know where he was. His orange eyes looked to the vast plains that were in front as he then listened to the water flowing down the river. It was calming to him, and he was content at this moment. As the Knight kept looking he then saw the small tree that had fallen over some time ago as it appeared the branches were reaching toward him. Wasn't the case but it felt that way to him, and it made him feel close to the nature of things. The tranquility of nature itself. The Force and all things of balance.

Laying back on the grass, arms folded behind him he then looked up at the sky as the sun wasn't in his eyes. Closing them he then kept listening to the water flowing as it went downstream. The smile still on his face in the moment, he felt peaceful. Something he hadn't felt for a long time before, as he had felt himself out of balance. That he was losing himself in darkness. It wasn't that way now and he was glad he had found it again. Found it with Nissa's help.