Name (Full) : Ayleana

Age: 24

Species: Dathomiri

Birthplace: Burning Mists, Dathomir

Physical Appearance: 5' 9", 115lbs, long, brown hair, hazel brown eyes, toned build.

Personality: Dedicated to the Fanged God and Winged Goddess, I've developed a tenacity to learn more about the purer side of the Force. Dedicated to my clan, the Sith who visited our world after the cataclysm have helped me devote my time and energies to helping my clan survive as well as learn more about the Force, which has been explained to me as an extension of the powers that our deities possess. Those who argue these points deserve the end they receive and I'm more than eager to carry out that sentence. Survival and the continuation of our culture is paramount, but also having our new allies in the Sith Empire can help make that happen. Some may say that I'm impatient, but they've forgotten where we came from and the lives that we had before the days of darkness for our world.

Family: My mother, Reyleah, died during the volcanic eruption. I have one surviving sister of four and Celia remains on Dathomir with our people.

History: Growing up in the Burning Mists taught me many things. Seeing the ancestors on certain nights, when I was young, influenced my mother to help me learn more about the magics that kept our people safe. She could tell that I had a gift with sight, having been blessed by the Winged Goddess and Fanged God - as they're both malevolent and benevolent. Rancor and other creatures that roamed the nearby mountains were tamed or used for meat, offering their life essence back to the ground, keeping the cycle of life going. A perpetual circle that also bolstered our weapons with arcane magic, as well as specially trained Nightbrothers and sisters that were sent out on special missions. I was never allowed into those rituals, but always had a fascination with the stories. Competing with my two older sisters offered many opportunities for learning how to defend myself also. Being warriors, like our mother had been, they would come home after days in the wilderness with stories of fantastic creatures and other dangers that they faced. Some I believed had been invented, at the time, until I grew older and experienced many unique things myself.
Upon reaching the age of nine, my ascension into the next phase of my life allowed me to begin accelerating my training with bladed weapons and the bow. Hunting trips with my sisters and other girls of the clan allowed me to see more of the surrounding terrain, and appreciate what else was beyond the village's borders. Dangerous plants and other creatures kept me up some nights, hearing movement nearby and waiting to be attacked. But, few things tried to enter our camp site while three of us were on watch. Having a symbiotic relationship with the natural things around us also helped us survive many dangers that would claim offworlders. Another point that endeared the Sith to me, as they seemed to have more of a command of their own magics to help them survive. Much longer than others had.
Imperial explorers had once visited, wishing access to certain resources, but were killed by the clan mother as they didn't have the right to be there in the first place. Knowing now that the Sith have a treaty with these weaker people makes me wary, but once I understood that the Empire commands these normal people I had a deeper appreciation for the Sith. So few command so many with ships, larger than I ever knew existed, and that's amazing to me. Memories of the past that we had, before inciting the wrath of the Winged Goddess and Fanged God, are kept close. Feasts around the large bonfire, on evenings that were observed, are missed. Hearing stories and songs of Nightsisters' bravery, seeing their trophies worn proudly around their necks or on their armor, made me wish for the day when I can sport my own. And now that I've agreed to be a part of the Sith, that day will come soon.