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      Are you sure? (Mason)

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      Are you sure?

      Those words drove Sahra with every leap, every dodge, every swipe of her saber.

      Are you sure you can do this? Yes... dodge the droid as it fired at her.
      Are you sure you are ready to become a Knight? Yes... leap up onto the pillar, then down to slash it in half.
      Are you sure you can leave Jack behind if you need to? Yes... leap up and land on the pillar while using Force Pull to drag a large pillar fragment into the back of another drone...

      ... and miss...

      "Disengage!" Sahra hollered and the three remaining drones stopped their attacks and hovered in place.

      She leapt down and growled as the stone that missed the droid was hefted with the flick of her hand and slammed harder than necessary into the hovering droid. The sound of it being crushed and falling to the ground made her smile and take a deep breath.

      Her trials were soon and she needed to be absolutely sure of herself. So why was the Force Bond with Jack giving her trouble? It was a strength, right? To bind them so they would be stronger together than apart. A feral scream of rage left her lips and filled the air. She flexed her Force Aura and the Barrier she pulled to her was suddenly slung out away from her. The droids slammed into the training pillars of stone, one shattering on impact, the other being disabled and sent to the sandy floor of the arena. Everything within twenty feet was affected. Lighter debris was shoved aside, and heavier objects rolled or toppled slightly depending on their relation to the epicenter. As she let the bellow die down, she pushed the button on her saber to turn it off. The dark haired Sith Apprentice was certainly lovely in her raging glory. Or at least, that's what Jack told her enough times. Her hair, ebony black, hung around her face like a demon's halo, and her eyes were rimmed in red from the rage, but not with true Sith power, but simple Force power that hadn't bled away into her aura again. And her skin, clothed in a sleeveless tunic top, matching leggings and knee high boots, shone in the moonlight as almost porcelain white. She stood there, her back to the edge of the arena as she reveled in the after glow of the rage blast.

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      Munto Codru. How long had it been since he’d seen its night sky?

      That was the first thing Mason thought as he contemplated how long he’d wanted to return. But, he needed to indulge in a personal matter matter of vengeance before diving deep into his training. It was an urge he could not escape. One little indulgence. One indulgence in this swelling, sweltering universe.

      And no-one would notice it.

      No-one important, at least. And when his perfect indulgence was dangled right before his face. The need for revenge on the people who’d sent him to prison so long ago arose, so he ceased it. He hunted down those members of that rival family across the galaxy until they were no more. Not to return until he saw the light leave the last of his enemies eyes. And as he exited from the lift of his Star Courier after landing in the wilderness just past the training grounds the planet, the Tapani noble felt like he was home.

      Mason walked past an old forest clearing in the training ground where Darth Thanatos used to oversee him. His mind flashing with memories of that tortuous training that only made him stronger. His path took him towards the side entry/exitway towards the main, forbidding corridor of the Sith Temple. On his way there, Mason's thoughts were only disturbed by a feeling of confused anger in the force.

      Then bang.

      Explosions in the distance.

      Mason made his way over to the sounds of violence by a training arena, crossing his arms in front of him as he watched a woman train in the moonlight. He stood there clad in the remnants of a seasoned noble man who no longer cared for bright eye catching colors, though the little hits of red did show he had the pride in himself to want to make eyes flock to him. The dueling broadsword hanging from his sides, both as decoration and for general use.

      His hand absently raised to caress the saber holstered under his jackets lapel. Drawing the curved hilt saber in his right hand before igniting it. He held it more in the palm of his hand, with his thumb running parallel to the hilt. Allowing his pinky and pointer fingers to grip the blade tight, as he was informed some time ago by Darth Proeliator about the Form II grip. The saber ignited as he lifted it up in a saluted gesture, with the tip pointing towards the sky. The glow causing the shadows around him to extend. His arm shifting to point the blade diagonally towards the floor.

      This was a training ground, so what better way to return than a duel.

      "You seem, perturbed." He said with a smirk. "Lets blow off some steam."
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      Blow off steam?

      Sahra was still upset, despite her control, and the challenge was a welcome one. If it was a Master, she'd learn soon enough. If it was another student, or the help, they'll be the ones learning.

      The ebon haired demon didn't miss a beat, she fired up her saber, turned and leapt at him. Between jump and speed, Sahra was slashing down towards the stranger as she laughed, "As you wish!"

      If he didn't move, the fight would be over in a couple heartbeats. If she missed, her hand would reach out to shove him backwards onto the sands with a Force push.

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