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      I heard, he said, she said. (Liz)

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      As it turns out, the New Republic happened to be a government.

      It might have been a shocking statement to hear during the moments after the destruction of the second Death Star. But now, it was just that. A full Government. With people working for it just trying to live their daily lives or trying to make things better through good intentions. At the moment, Tygaris was the former. He was assigned an ambassadors role to play. Being a representative that attends international meetings, random banquets that did little to further any political gains, but were rude to deny or ignore; so someone had to go and be sent to sit there. Tygaris enjoyed being a token representative for the government when it came to those time wasting things. It was a hell of a lot better than being stuck behind a desk.

      But today, Tygaris was on planet and needed to be a 'serious' member of the Government.

      He strode though Organa Hall on the campus of Mon Mothma University, dressed 'casually'; to his standards of formality. He was in the process of making his way towards the office of Senator Alizabeth Moroveston, to give her a datapad and talk about all the things on it. Her name was one he'd not recognized, so like any smart person, he did a bit of reading to learn more about the Senator's political standings.

      In any normal setting, it would have been stalking, but not in politics. Tygaris didn't expect to find bits of information which read more like gossip then factual usable facts. "Kidnapped by a Sith operative." He thought to himself while recalling what he read. By the time he made it to her door, he pressed a terminal outside of it let her know he was there before entering a minute later.

      "Here is information regarding the prices of prefabricated room units from the factories of Sullust. They are well within range to help the crisis ground-quake relief aid to rebuild a small town; also called a Cseria, on Elomin." He paused for a moment before continuing. "The numbers were good, but didn't account for the price of basic underground instillation since the Elom live in caves structures. I also simplified the numbers since the Elom species lives in a less technologically dependent life style. So this should be ready for future talks."

      All of this said as he placed the datapad on her desk.

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      Liz looked up as the door opened. Her new position meant either sitting in long, boring meetings or taking the notes from those who did those things. Not being in the meetings meant no invitations to the parties, gatherings, or fundraisers and awareness soirees that most got to attend. But it was a small price to pay. Though she did miss getting out and dressing up. As the man walked in, it was his attire and the thought of how great he probably looked in formal wear that had derailed her clinical thinking to the side rail of dinners and dancing. "Is this something we can possibly use as a gambit to get a representative there? Maybe a restructuring of their underground homes? I mean, if we can help them survive the next rumble, is it enough to warrant a full time presence there?" She set the padd down on the counter and tethered it to her own console to download and put up on the bigger computer screen the numbers he had indicated.

      Her own outfit was a bit casual for the day. And a pair of black heels were kicked off under the desk, her stocking clad feet barely noticeable unless one truly looked. "I'll make the recommendations if you think so," she paused to see his signature at the end of the report, "Mr. Nam." She stood up and held a hand out to him. "Alizabeth Moroveston. But please, call me Liz. Easier on the tongue." She laughed softly and smiled at him. Why did she suddenly wonder if he knew the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork?

      "The only thing better than being with a Mandalorian with a heart, is being in the Mandalorian's heart!"

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      "The Eloms are not that interested in politics, leaving it to the secondary species of Elomin on the planet. The Elomin were enslaved at one point in time by the Palpatine regime, but were rescued by the Eloms. That means aiding one would also put us in the good graces of the other. They are already inclined towards the Republic given their past, so with a bit of work a full time beneficial relationship is possible."

      "Senator Moroveston," Tygaris mused slyly in response while gesturing absently towards himself. Choosing to call her by a formal title, even though his cordially warm tone seemed to betray the formality. "You may call me Ty... Or Gar if you feel like it. Many friends in the past have switched between the two." It was true, he did know the difference between forks. Obviously, a salad fork was smaller and flatter to be used to cut salad. He didn't need to say it, but it was obvious in how he walked closer to her desk until he stood just beyond it.

      Tygaris was a relatively open book when first dealing with people. Not because he was naive, but just to see how people responded to obvious gestures and polite responses. His eyes clearly moved to lock when hers before drifting down, making sure she could see him examining the scars running up the sides of her neck from the shoulder area of her collar. He didn't say anything about it, he just shifted his natural wide grin into a softer closed lip smile.

      "When was the last time you had work outside of this office, Liz?"
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      Liz smiled. "This could be the perfect opportunity, then. Especially if it gets both sides into the fold."

      She felt a touch of heat on her cheeks at the offer of familiarity with him, "As you wish, Ty. Thank you. And if you think the Elomin would be open to a delegation, I think this might be the time to see about such things."

      His question about being out of the office caught her off guard and her face displayed a moment of panic. He wouldn't see it if he wasn't looking, she recovered that day and smiled. But this time it didn't quite light her eyes. "It's been a long time," was all she said. But her heart started racing.

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      "I know of a way to shake off the rust of desk work. That is, if you are up for a bit of excitement?" He said while shifting the conversation away from politics. He started to become more invested in Alizabeth as a person, given what he read up on her political dossier. If it were true that she was kidnapped by a Sith, then the scar on her neck would have come from that event. Was she a 'spy' like many gossiped about? Or just recovering? Either way, Tygrais had enough common sense to not pick at a persons trauma. That was just a vulgar thing to do. Instead, he needed to see if he could get the Senator out of her office. She was someone who carried more weight in the political climate than he, so could do more for the Republic.

      "When you have the personal time, we can meet up at the Anaxes Citadel and take a few shots at a War Collage firing range. A bit of 'meditative' action after dealing with the stress of desk work."

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      Well... That's unexpected...

      Liz had expected many things to come from his lips, but going to the shooting range hasn't been one of them. She hadn't fired a weapon since... Well it had been several years.
      "Sure... Why not?" She answered without thinking. Adam and Tal would be pleased. Neither had been happy she'd stopped practicing.

      She glanced at her desk chrono and shrugged. "I'm free now. If you don't have anything planned this afternoon. Yours was the last of the reports and no one's expecting follow ups for another day or so." She powered down the computer terminal and stood up. "Maybe not the greatest clothes, but hey, the Empire and the Sith aren't going to let me change. Are they?" There was a bit of sarcasm in her voice as if she'd been there, done that.
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      “Likewise, yours was my most important meeting of the day. You could say, I’ve been looking forward to spend time with you all day.” Tygaris said with an amused chuckle. “I personally enjoy looking my absolute best at all times. So, when a fire fight does happen, It makes me feel even better if I make it out without a scratch. Like a hero in a holo-vid.” He chose not to comment on the sarcasm, but motioned a hand towards the door.

      “I honestly didn’t expect you to have free time at this exact moment… so I worded the offer accordingly; off planet. I can be true to my word and get a ship ready to take you off-world all the way from Corellia to Anaxes,” He paused for three seconds, “I’d actually not mind that to be honest. But that might hurt your schedule? I feel like the fastest thing would be for us to stay on planet and visit the firing ranges at the Onasi Compound.”

      He pulled out a comlink from an inside jacket pocket, then called for a government transport to be ready for them at the lobby of Organa Hall to escort him and the Senator to their on world destination; or to take them to an appropriate shuttle off world. He looked over his shoulder at Liz while stepping past the doorway of her office, awaiting her response if she did want to head off world.

      Well, He did want to get her out of her office. Ty internally chuckled at wondering how far he could literally get her to go. "So.... where are we heading Senator Moroveston?" He said to her as he slowly walked to where the air-taxi would be waiting.

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      Liz managed to recover quickly enough that she hoped he wouldn't notice the half step pause in her gait. "Off world?" She glanced at the desk she had just vacated as they headed out into the hallway.

      "I..." she bit her lip and it wasn't till after he made the call and they were waiting for the lift that she took a deep shaky breath, turned to him and smiled. "Off world." The laugh that accompanied it was a bit shaky like she wasn't sure what she was doing. "I mean... yes... I'm tired of..." she quickly bit off her true reason and recovered with barely a stammer, "I'm tired and probably not thinking clear, but off world." She wasn't ready to admit she was tired of being scared, of being alone, of being on edge every moment of her life.

      Maybe it was time to just be...

      But her face and momentary shallow breathing as they stepped into the lift would certainly give her away and she wasn't even aware of it. Also wasn't aware she was playing with the seams of her skirt as if trying desperately to keep her hands from wringing. But the determination in her eyes and smile on her face were sincere.

      "The only thing better than being with a Mandalorian with a heart, is being in the Mandalorian's heart!"

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