It was as usual Antony walking the halls late at night. Sighing out loud, whatever Sianna did to him wasn't enough. Now that it had been a few weeks after she did...whatever procedure she did with that scepter she got from when she rescued his father, James, it didn't get rid of everyone. As she strolled the halls, thankfully he had slept a bit earlier preparing for this already. His eyes wide awake he kept walking through he halls, muttering to himself or it seemed that way. Whatever or whoever he was muttering to he was highly ticked off at. For good reason, it was keeping him from enjoying himself, and having his alone time.

"God will this bull crap end? Seriously!" He said muttering it.

Can't get rid of me that easily, boy! Remember, I'm part of you...just as you are me. The Dark Passenger stated although no one heard him but Antony.

Oh leave him alone! I'm also not easily gotten rid of...I'm also part of him too, Dark One... Jaden's voice trailed off.

Antony then put his palm into his face as he let his hand slowly fall down his face. Both of them could be annoying at times, but as both stated they were part of him. In his mind they all sat in chairs. The only one that Sianna managed to get rid of was the personality of Lykeira. The others retreated somewhere for that moment but came back after it was all over. Sometimes they'd sit there for hours, days, or longer. Waiting for their turn 'in the other room' which was a door that was the conscious part of Antony. Antony himself was in the other room so the others sat in their chairs. All the chairs in one big room as the others interacted with one another. Talking among themselves which annoyed the Sith Apprentice.

His long sleeved shirt fluttered a little when he passed a breeze way connecting another part of the temple. Stuffing his hands into his pockets of his black jeans he then rolled his hazel eyes shaking his head. He hoped that the others in the chairs would stay there and not move. Unlike the Dark Passenger and Jaden, they weren't too vocal trying to talk directly to him. Sadly, Antony could see the aforementioned Dark Passenger and Jaden at times.

Bro you need to socialize. You always stay to yourself. Jaden said walking next to him.

"That's cuz people think I'm freaking insane...which I am more then likely." Antony said back to Jaden.