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      Catching up (Bezor, Force abilities testing)

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      Malissa was in the Dojo awaiting Bezor as the sun slowly crested over the top of the Temple. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her cape was hung on a peg by the door on the wall. Her training gear was simple, a tunic belted with her saber on her hip, and leggings tucked into soft bottom boots. She was absently humming as she used physical and Force abilities to move mats and clear the center of the floor of the 50 square foot room.

      She knew he was up, she had passed his room an hour before and sensed it. Deciding not to knock, she gave him his leisure to eat and make his way here. She was in no hurry and today was to be a simple one.

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      Bezor had awoken early that morning. He felt energized, excited to be finally taking this step. Having been so reserved, for what felt like an eternity as he followed his feelings here, it was a relief to finally...train. He had dreamt of doing such things, thought of it with wonder for many times. He had largely expected that fate would have twisted him and he would meet someone here that was to bring him somewhere else, but that had faded in time. In just a few days, he had felt home. Not the kind of comfort you get when you expect to leave in a few days, but as though he was finally amongst his peers. People who understood what was inside him, what drew him forth, what drove him. He hardly understood it himself, but he would now. Now he had a chance.

      He had had a light meal, not wanting to be ill-prepared for whatever lie ahead, but not wanting to be overly indulged either. He was nervous, his fingertips felt like they were buzzing. His eyes were darting everywhere, trying to take in every detail as though they held something of great import. He had smiled and waved to a few students, he was beginning to recognize a few faces that he saw often enough.

      He was home.

      After finishing up, and tidying his space, he had embarked towards the training dojo. If it was anything like what he had seen of the training facilities of CorSec, he would be fine. He was not disappointed either with what he found. His instructor, the Jedi Lady Arnago was there, using soft, but precise movements and moving things. Without touching them. It was a long moment as he stood and watched, before he approached. Clearing his through, "Lady, good morning." He said, hoping to not startle or disrupt whatever she was doing. He certainly didn't want to be moved around like that.

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      Malissa felt her student long before he spoke. But she didn't tell him that. Instead, she settled what she was moving and turned to smile. "Good morning. I hope you slept well. I know sometimes settling in is a bit hard. Even after several nights."

      She motioned him to join her in the middle of the room where she took a seat on the mat and crossed her legs to get comfortable. "So let's start at the beginning. What do you know of the Force and what you are doing here?"

      She was relaxed and the question want delivered like a test, but simple friendly conversation.

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      Bezor nods, moving forward to stand and then sit before the woman. His eyes took in everything."Well..Ma'am..almost nothing to the first. I've been trying to read through a few books from the library, but they are really just making my head hurt." He says, shifting his legs to be cross legged as the woman was. "I suppose to the latter, i'm searching for answers. I've spent a lot of my life following a set of steps that was not my own. I left home, where I was comfortable, because I felt a pull otherwise. I don't know. I can't explain it any other way than I was told to come here by my inner voice. I was meant to be here." He says, eyes searching somewhere distant as he recounts from his memory, drawing forth thoughts of his adventure to arrive here. They eventually refocus, and return to Malissa.

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      Malissa nodded and smiled as he spoke. "Many come to these Temples because of some pull. It's not unusual. The Force led you here, in some form of fashion because of something inside you that is needed." She smiled brighter and nodded towards the door. "The idea of I know everything about the Force, and, I came here to do exactly this are both rarely ever heard. And I've never known anyone to have both answers at the same time."

      "The Force is a field of energy, so to speak, that everything living and not living exudes. Try something for me. Close your eyes and relax." She took a moment to let him do so before continuing. "Not feel your body, and your skin... then work your way in to that something you felt pull you here. Where did that pull come from... your chest, your head, your gut... find that place." She closed her own eyes and reached into her core. For her, it was in the center of her chest. Not quite her heart, but close.

      After a couple moments, her soft voice would carry to his ears once more. "Find it and feel it... let me know when you are solidly connected to that part of you..."

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      Bezor listened intently. He had to agree, he had neither of those answers, but sought both, in his own way. He had closed his eyes when she had asked, taking a deep breath and letting it go. He sought his calm, that space in him that was unmovable, unflappable, but fluid and undefined. It was a place in him that he had shied away in most cases, maybe because he wasn't in danger, maybe because he had concerns of what it truly was.

      Here, in this temple, of ferrocrete, cloth and beings, he felt safe, comforted in the ability to move forward and seek answers. He pushed his feelings down, a breath in, a breath out, and felt there. He had always equated it to his abdomen, but it was something of him and not of him. Like a buzzing in his diaphragm. For his entire life he had wondered, and now he knew. His head tilts down slightly, a breath in, a breath out.

      There, he felt it. It was the Force, or what he believed it to be. Something he had, perhaps, long denied, but long sought. As he felt, and tried to interpret, he realized he had the same feelings spreading out, pointed back in. It was like he could..touch upon a sound and hear its reverberations. His inner feelings could blossom out like an underwater mushroom cloud, spreading out to the world around him. He felt his immediate surroundings. The feeling of the cold ground under the padding beneath him, but also the reverberations it made, tiny, almost faint noises that he couldn't quite hear, but with an entirely different sense. He stood rooted in this moment, this feeling for a long moment, before speaking, his voice low. "I...am..." He says, eyes still closed as he concentrates inwardly, but feeling outwardly, even just the air that touches his skin.

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      Malissa smiled but didn't open her eyes. "Now... think of that place being filled with light. Slowly turn up the brightness so it begins to fill your body then spill out. Feel what it bumps into. First thing you should feel is me."

      She fell silent and used Force levitation to lift herself and move slowly off to his right. If he was truly sensing things, he would sense her changed position. She was now closer to the wall to the right of him. She settled back silently onto the mat and waited for him to sense the difference in what he thought and what he felt.

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      Bezor nodded absently, he was within himself, within this buzzing. It was light, just as she said, and he could almost feel that he was being filled up. He..pulled upon it, drew it into him and filled himself up.

      He sat in that for a moment, feeling like a waterfall dammed up, ready to overflow. He was aware of himself, aware of his feelings of anxiety, misgivings, doubt, but also of his hope, his drive, his thirst for knowledge. He was aware of his ankle that had been bothering him since he trained, he was aware.

      His Master's words echoed in his mind and his pushed that awareness, the same sense that he drew, he pushed. That well flowed over and began the leech out around him. He could feel tingles responding back. Like a spiderweb with vibrations returning to the spider. It was amazing.

      He reached that awareness towards where his Master had been, and found nothing there. In his minds eye, she had been slightly to his left. He raised a hand, unconsciously and pointed. "Master." He began, his voice low. "I cannot feel you. I..thought I would feel your presence. As an aura as it has been described to me, but...you have vanished." His face frowns, but inwardly, he doesn't feel defeated, more curious.

      He brought his awareness back to himself. Maybe he hadn't pushed far enough? It felt like had exhausted his limit. He could feel himself tiring already, like he had been holding a breath. He could go longer, he knew it, but how far did he dare?

      He dared more. He wanted to see where the well went, and pushed his awareness back out, and beginning to move that awareness around him in a circle, counter clockwise. He felt tingles, tiny ones, like a fly on the web. Maybe it was a small creature? Maybe it was a rock, he didn't know. It was something he could feel. There were other little tingles, he smiled unconsciously. They were everywhere, really. He was just now somehow aware of them. His awareness continued to move around him until he stumbled upon something bigger. It was like a hydrospanner hitting his tendrils. It was different though, it shone. Brightly. It was thin and veiled, but brilliant. Like a courageous whisper in an otherwise empty room. He tilted his head and continued to try to interpret the things he felt. "It's..I feel something else, Master." He says.

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      Malissa watched Bezor with a soft smile on her face. She watched the Force ebb and flow around and thru him as he sought out his center and then let it go to wash away from him.

      It didn't surprise her that it was more forward than outward. But as he mentioned not feeling her, he took it upon himself to reel it back in and try once more.

      This time the outward search was more controlled and her head nodded silently in approval. She watched the edges touch over rocks, insects and eventually touch upon her own aura. "You feel me..." She said softly in confirmation and then slowly lifted herself to rise and drift back to be in front of him. She stayed on the edge of his senses so he would feel her move this time. Once settled on the mat in front of him, again, she spoke.

      "Everything whether person, animal or object, has a feel to it. You can learn to tell the difference between trees and people, between pets and wildlife, and, in time perhaps, between individuals, themselves. Open your eyes." She was smiling when he finally looked at her again.

      Nodding at him before he voiced the question, "Yes...I moved over there before you felt me. Then I let you feel me move back here. There will be times when we blond by darkness, rage, despair or even just overwhelmed with too many opponents that being able to sense an individual will become necessary. Or even seeking someone, hiding out or hurt, that's unable to give us their location." She relaxed and leaned back on her hands. "Tell me how it felt... And what questions you have on your mind." She stretched get legs out so she was at a slight angle to him, now, letting her own body relax. She still tired a bit more easily than normal, but she'd never let Bezor know that.

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      Bezor nodded slowly, his eyes looking down, but distant. He started to speak, and then stop. He still felt the Force around him, within him, but he allowed it to abate. It wasn't a push, so much as a release. He let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. "It's like nothing else I have ever felt. Both daunting and wondrous at the same time. I just...I felt..you..but not as I see you, and I mean no disrespect when I say you are easy on the eyes, but when I felt..you were..vibrant..you were radiant. As though a beacon of light." He starts to shake his head and trails off, eyes working back and forth as his brain tried to place pieces together. "How would I know it was you? I suppose is my first question. Or that a rock is THAT rock?" He raises a hand to scratch the back of his head as his mind continued to try to wrestle with what he was now feeling.

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      Malissa actually blushed at the compliment. She'd been told her Force aura was bright, before. But no one had used 'radiant'. "Thank you, Bezor."

      As he asked about how to discreet between objects and people, she smiled. "Can you tell the difference between the heat and brightness of a son and the brightness of a moon? Perhaps it's a bit extreme, but it's the same principal. Come outside with me a moment." She rose up and moved out into the training yard. The courtyard was large with a stone wall surrounding it. There were a couple trees on the edges and some bushes. The center was short kept grass that showed it was tended and cared for but was also well used.

      Once outside, she nodded to the foliage. "Reach out with your Force sense. Feel the tree, then the bushes. Then feel me once more. There will be a difference, even if it's extremely slight at the moment. You don't need to memorize how they feel. But like tasting sweets, take a sampling so you can tell there 'is' a difference."

      She then stood back to give him room and not interfere with his newly discovered skill.

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