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      A Night Out [Open]

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      "Hey, we're leaving in about ten, so," Curry stated, pointing an accusing finger at the mechanic, then smiled as he turned and headed into his own room.

      "I'm not the one that has the issue of leaving on time," Torgeir defended as he moved into his own room, two doors down the hall. Living in the servant's quarters situated off of the back of the palace, the dark jedi had enjoyed being around the normal people that lived and worked here, though also had his private moments training with his mentor and master in the dark arts. Though that had been some time ago now, the Corellian enjoyed being able to have a normal job as well to keep him busy.
      Closing the door behind him, Torgeir undressed, showered and then put on a more casual outfit, the long sleeved shirt covering up his metal arm which made many uneasy. Slipping on the black glove to his left hand to complete the ensemble, he took one last glance into the mirror and shook his head, then turned to head to the door. How he had let the other technicians talk him into this, he had no idea. It had been some time since he had gone out, still having a place in his heart for the girl he had promised to one day marry, back home. Amelia hadn't tried to find him, apparently, so that made things even worse in some ways.

      Opening his door, the Corellian stepped into the hall and noticed that none of the others had made it out yet. Typical, he mused as he closed his door and continued on into the living area, used by everyone that lived here in the servant's quarters. Glancing to the holovid, he noted the news still covering the loss of the church which the archbishop was still tending to, keeping him from other business here at the palace. But that was understandable.

      "There he is," Curry interrupted as he stepped out and joined Torgeir in the living room, also dressed up and slipping on a grey coat. "Thought you may still be combing your hair," he grinned, back slapping Torgeir on the chest playfully.

      Grinning, the Corellian expected that. "I wake up this handsome, so."

      "Wow," Curry laughed. "And so modest too, amazing." Turning back into the hallway, he then raised his left arm and glanced at the chronometer, then lowered it again. "You guys don't hurry up, then me and Prince Charming are leaving without you. Have to get a cab."

      "Coming," Marcus shouted.

      Within moments, they were joined by the two remaining technicians and shortly after, in the speeder that Curry had recently bought. Cruising toward Olmondo, the back road was typically used by the staff and delivery vehicles to the back entrance, leaving the main drive up to the portico in the front for the nobility. Another thing that Torgeir accepted with his new life here, even though these men with him never knew that he was part of a secret society of dark jedi. Had the people of Ruusan known, the anti-Force using population would riot.

      Soon, the city lights emerged through the tall, ancient trees and downslope as the road carried them down into the valley. Sprawling before them, the beautiful homes and plazas that made up the northern district passed by, allowing Torgeir to eventually see the front facade to the Cabaret. A club that he had been hearing a lot about, but never visited until now. Lights along the front illuminated the well dressed patrons as wealthy men escorted gorgeously dressed females into the club.

      "Man," Curry smiled as he pulled into an empty parking spot. "Love this place."

      Thanks Satkia

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      Initially uncomfortable in the low cut, black dress, the music that hit them as the door opened to the cabaret immediately shifted the Hapan's attitudes, knowing that she had a reputation to uphold. Clubs back home were frequently visited by her sisters and rarely the studious, 'gearhead', as they called her. Ondraeya's life had changed so much in the past few years that her family wouldn't recognize her. Literally. Violet eyes took in the scene as the three girls walked in, greeted by tables full of well dressed patrons, most listening to the beautiful singer and host of scantily clad dancers moving around her. Barely able to hear anything else, the brunette didn't catch the directions to an empty table until Casey grabbed her arm, then dragged her toward it.

      In heels, she tried her best not to stumble and followed the blonde to the booth, then slid in and moved around to get a better view of the show. A melodic, but energetic song accompanied by a band in the shadows to her right, an equally gorgeous waitress moved to their table and leaned in. "What can I get ya," she smiled.

      "Bespin Port," Casey yelled back, then motioned to Ondraeya. "Two."

      Nodding, the auburn haired girl in short skirt turned and headed for the long bar which commanded the far wall, tended to by the triplets whom it was rumored, actually owned the place.

      Once the song ended, an equally energetic round of applause and whistling erupted and soon faded as the cone of light focused on the center of the stage.

      "What do you think so far," Casey asked, leaning in.

      "Love the music," she replied, grinning at her friend. "Heard a lot about this place, but," she said, then her attention was grabbed by the voice that now commanded the room. A strong, yet smooth tone that seemed to captivate everyone in the room. A profession that Ondraeya always wanted to pursue, but didn't have the talent.

      Thanks Judah

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      Just people watching, the Saami native of Belsavis listened to the music and knew that her cousins would love this place. If Maggie and her brothers ever made it back to Ruusan, Anana was going to have to bring them here, she determined. This was right up their alley. Sipping on her wine, the oracle could sense the emotions of those within the brilliantly orchestrated light show that accompanied the singer and dancers whose boundless energy commanded the far end of the cabaret. Sitting up in a loft booth, Anana admired the entertainers as well as they did what they loved.

      Her ancestors were probably upset with her right now, but she had grown to enjoy certain aspects of the galaxy's culture. Their art, sciences and entertainments had so much to offer and she knew now why Maggewetok had embraced their life away from the now empty and snow covered homes that they once called home. It seemed that more than just their families had been killed that night.

      "This seat taken," a male voice interrupted from her right and Anana glanced to the well dressed man now grinning at her.

      Backing, she grabbed her glass and motioned. "Not at all."

      "Thanks," he moved in and sat down, drink in hand. Motioning with is head, "Love this singer. She's made a fortune since joining the cabaret two months ago."

      "Really," Anana nodded. "Interesting." Instinctively reading his surface thoughts, the oracle knew he was in love with the woman, though had never been given the chance to talk to her, much less ask her out. Now he apparently thought that his charms would win this exotic looking female instead, until that day came. "So, what do you do?"

      A door opened, he looked at her again. "Accountant, for Algin Pharmaceuticals. Been there about eight years now...," he informed, then began rambling about his hobbies, excursions with friends to the western beaches, his hovercraft, vacations with nobles that had accounts with him and other things that all centered around himself.

      Missing the show, she focused her attention on him and once he seemed let down that she wasn't that taken with all his apparent accomplishments, turned his attention to the show without even asking about her. Now free to listen to the songs again, Anana remained quietly content within her own place, away from the crowds now only feet from her.

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