It was a cold night, the winter drew nearer in this side of the planet. Moist formed in the corner of his visor. Raguel Kaffaljidhma swatted the thin brittle branch of a dead tree that obstructed his path, Blaster gripped tightly in his left hand. His target was nothing but a silhouette in the distance: cloaked, tall and with pointy ears. He moved across the snow laden road with a brisk but cautious pace. The twin moons of Gladaria glistened in the middle of the midnight sky. It was a beautiful sight; a pearl in the middle of an empty void, surrounded by tiny gems, that was the stars.

He halted his advance when his display link chimed; Aldebaraan letters scrolled across the visor in warning. He blinked them away and crouched as three armored Rodians approached his target. Clad in blue and yellow, the Rodians appeared to be mercenaries from some group operating in these parts. He deduced they must have came from somewhere...

He watched as the figure began moving off, accompanied by two Rodians, leaving the other one alone. The posted sentry had his back to him. How stupid, he thought. To have his guard down when his duty was clearly to defend.

Drawing his Vibroblade from its sheath from his belt, he approached the lone unsuspecting Rodian. He holstered his Blaster to free his left hand and from there, he slowly walked towards his prey.

His lips stretched into a bloodthirsty grin. He drew closer and like a panther jumping to its prey, he pounced at his target with his hand covering the mouth of the Rodian and his blade running across the exposed neck of the alien. Blood spilled onto the snow and the Rodian offered no resistance. Easy prey. He laid the Rodian to the ground and covered him with snow, not caring if the blood would be seen. If he could exert terror in their hearts, seeing how undisciplined they were, he could confuse them.

He followed the tracks left by his target and his Rodian escorts. Lights flickered in the distance and from there, he could make out wooden shelters and a small encampment occupied by a small detachment of the blue and yellow armored Rodians.

"Peace of cake." Raguel muttered as he drew out his Blaster and charged at the encampment.

He took cover before a well near the encampment. He risked a peek and sighted another Rodian. He raised his Blaster and aimed. Raguel reminded himself to slow down. He controlled his breathing first for a few minutes before squeezing the trigger.

The Rodian fell without a word.

Thanks to the modification done to his Blaster, no one heard the shot. The noise of the wind contributed to the suppression of the noise. He searched for another target and easily found one. The Rodian had a stick in his mouth, walking towards another one. Based on their body language, he was asking for a lighter.

He fired at the temple of the Rodian; blood sprayed against the wall of the shelter. His companion frantically searched for his Blaster only to get hit thrice in the stomach.

He moved from the well to the nearby shelter and pressed his back against the wall as he listened for more guards. He moved slightly to take a peek again: twelve more guards remaining. His mark was taking refuge inside the shelter located in the middle. He grinned as he drew another Blaster and revealed himself.

Three Rodians were caught off guard as Raguel peppered them with blaster shots. Two more appeared to his right and fired at him. The sound of their blasters echoing across the settlement. He let out a curse as a round exploded in his right shoulder and the left side of his abdomen. He searched for a nearby cover, cursing in Aldebaraan for pulling off such a stupid trick.

He lowered his body as he sensed the two vermin that shot him. They must be confident to approach him at this rate. He peeked at the corner and fired. Six shots were caught by a Rodian; his companion was visibly startled as he used his colleague's dead body. He set his other Blaster into its highest power and fired thrice. Blood and flesh exploded upon contact. His target fell to the ground; screaming. Raguel approached the yelling Rodian and crushed his face beneath his armored boot.

Advancing further, he took cover once again. He detached a Detonator from his belt as he listened at the Rodians behind the shelter. He pressed the button on his Detonator and rolled it across the gap beneath the wooden house. He heard yelling and screaming followed by a noisy explosion. He moved from his cover and advanced for a couple more steps.

He found the cover where his target was hiding. Unfortunately, it was guarded by two Rodians. One of them pointed at him and raised his weapon at him. Raguel leaned to the right, the blast missing him by mere inches. He thanked his luck as he fired back, hitting the chest of the Rodian. His companion fired back while running away. Raguel moved to a comfortable distance before firing a shot. The Rodian doubled over with a bleeding spine.

He approached the door to the shelter where his target was hiding. He heard voices inside. Raising his boot, he sent the door down with a kick and immediately fired at the figure standing in front of it. He swept the room with a wide sweep of his Blaster's muzzle, none. He entered and to his left, he saw a trio of Rodians with his target.

He set his other Blaster to stun. The sound of the weapon's ammunition changing was audible as a loud click. He fired his lethal one at the guards while he fired the stun ammunition to his mark. He suffered four laser shots but his armor was too tough to stop the blasts. However, it only left ugly scorched marks on the surface.

He holstered his weapons and detached his helmet. He grabbed a stick from his pocket and lit it. He walked outside and glanced at the beautiful twin moons of Gladaria for a few minutes before walking back inside to capture his target.

He was back, the universe will never be the same without him.