Ronin had disappeared for a lot longer then he ever planned but he knew he wasn't of any use to the New Republic without departing to take care of some personal business. How could he serve with a shadow of his own past just stalking around out their, waiting to strike down his beloved intel agents, even if some of them were a pain in his rear he still wasn't gonna let them die because he made a mistake and when it revealed itself for the briefest of moments.

Dreading what may have happened in his long absence, he decided it was best to report directly to the leader of the New Republic. She would be the first and possibly only person aware he had finally returned, unfortunately he was returning without his prey. The fiend had been smart enough to return to deep hiding and even after wiping out all of their power base, he was no closer to locating time he would be he had to redirect his focus and attention on the New Republic he had served longer then anyone else had.

Arriving undetected at Atara's home, he did his best to draw her attention without being seen by anyone, even though he had appeared to have aged a great deal since he was last home.