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      TSE Thre Return of the Ghost (Sith Council)

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      Jakob had been away from his order and the Sith Empire for a very long time dealing with family matters and eradicating rivals of his in Achillea. It had taken far longer to weed out all of the traitors but it was something he rather enjoyed doing. He had to ensure his home was safe for his family and ensure that his House would continue to be of value to both him and the Empire.

      Making his way through the headquarters, Jakob wondered whom all remained and whom led the council...if their even was a council any longer. "Great Sith Masters, I have returned home and wish to know if their is any need for my skills any longer after my long disappearance." he called out looking around trying to catch any sign of someone that could provide him any guidance.

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      Zephyrus Cloud was dead. The hope. The fire. All snuffed out by the all-consuming dark side. All that remained was the Sith Master, Darth Destru, second of his name sake. The Son's weak empathetic nature was purged from the being. The Father, persona remained seeking a rebirth of the Galaxy in his image. Without the anchor to humanity the Son provided, the Father would take his seat amongst the rubble of the destroyed Throne of Balance, and in it's place a Throne of Power.

      Zephyrus Cloud, the brigand of fire and quick temper was gone. His dreams of being with his lost love shattered and cast aside with his corpse. Darth Destru beneath his executioner's mask exuded the dark side through his entire being. He was whole.

      He walked forward, from the entrance of the Dark Council's Chambers. His footsteps echoing throughout the room. He walked right past Jakob and looked over his shoulder at him. The vast emptiness behind the mask smoking with darkness manifested. He turned to face Jakob and started to laugh sinisterly.

      "Have, we, forgotten our manners?" Which was an ironic thing for someone with the former Zephyrus Cloud's reputation would say. "No sacrifices? A long journey, and what have you to show for it?" His voice was no longer that of Zephyrus Cloud's but many voices talking in unison, the most prevalent being a deep one accented with a gruff yet airy sound. "You come before the Council, brash and foolish standing as if you are their equal?"

      The dark side now poured from Darth Destru's body. " You are not! " He bellowed forcefully but not angrily. He knew the brash and while he didn't believe Jakob to be as brash as the Son... things still needed to change. The Sith needed one voice.

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      "None of you are...we are all mere children compared to the pure power of the dark!" The dark gruff voice of the Dark Passenger made his presence known within the room.

      Antony's eyes were completely yellow colored as he stood arms folded similar to his father. Yet, this may be the shell of the young man but it wasn't him at all. Indeed, Antony had a voice like his father but this one he spoke with was a lot darker in tone than either. The voice almost sounded ancient if that was a correct way to put it. The Dark Passenger looked between Jakob and Destru and breathed through his nose as he walked around the torches lit and stood near one of the pillars.

      As the other personalities in the young Sith's head waited their turn they sat in the chairs in one room with a door leading to another. That door lead to the consciousness of Antony's body and his conscious mind. The young Sith himself sat there as he felt he would let the Dark Passenger handle this situation. Plus, Antony hated Cloud with a passion as did the Dark Passenger. Jaden, Antony's brother sat next to him as the two looked at one another.

      Oh come on brother don't look so ticked off all the time, it's bad for your face... Jaden said to his brother grinning.

      I get it Jaden...mom said frowning causes wrinkles. But mom is dead now, remember? He said back with a roll of his eyes as he remembered that day their mother died.

      As the Dark Passenger kept his eyes on the two other Sith he then chuckled, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but, isn't the saying 'The prodigal son returns?'"

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