Jacob had been watching an individual for some time. The Penumbra kept tabs on Force sensitive individuals, even Jedi and Sith. Always watching and planning which is why they remained in the shadows. For the sake of striking when both of the sides of the coin where at the most vulnerable. A notion that Jacob knew well. In his life he'd been vulnerable and his darker tendencies came out. As a Jedi he had them and tried to repress them and was a well known Jedi Knight and a respected one. But, his fall from grace lead him to the Sith and then he found himself lost because their ways weren't his own. Wandering aimlessly drinking himself to death Killian found him and brought him to Ruusan. That day changed him for the better.

He realized that he didn't need to consume himself in it just use it and find his balance between serenity and chaos. Took him years but he finally did and after that climbed to where he is now. Leader of the Penumbra and the rank of Dark Jedi Master. With that he was here to find an individual who was more or less conflicted as he had been with the ideals of the Sith. As he came to Achillea, in the Tapani sector he was cloaked in his usual Dark Jedi attire. Mask adorning his face as he made his way through the crowds of people as his many agents and members of the Inquisition told their leader where to find this man. Jakob Lennox to be exact.

While the Master hurried through crowds he came upon a gate to which two armed guards appeared. Not wanting to cause a ruckus he then asked to see their leader, which was Lennox of course. Saying that he had an appointment to have an audience with him the guards didn't believe him obviously. Until he took out a datapad and with a notion waved his hand influencing their minds. Which at first he found resistance but through more digging he was able to influence them. With that being said he was let through as he walked through the grounds smirking behind his mask. That display of Force power was the only thing that Jacob used as he pulled his Force aura into himself disguised as a regular man. For now.

Making his way to the door of Jakob he then knocked politely, the metallic voice in his mask present, "I am here to see you sir."