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      Recruitment Dash Malo - Recruitment Bio

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      Name (Full) : Dash Malo

      Age: 31

      Species: Human

      Birthplace: Tralus (Corellian System)

      Physical Appearance:
      Height: 6’ 3”
      Weight: 245 pounds
      Hair Color: Brown
      Eye Color: Green


      Dash comes across as a lighthearted individual who likes to laugh and tell jokes. Those who know him better understand that his use of humor is a defense mechanism to cover up an earnest soul. Dash has very few close friends as he tends to be a bit of a loner, but he takes caring and providing for those around him very seriously, which is why he accepted internment at the hands of the cartel in order to pay for his father’s medical expenses.


      Dash’s mother, Karine Lightfoot was a Corellian Jedi knight in the waning years of the Republic. She worked as a liaison between the Order and the Republic University where she met Cliph Malo. When Order 66 was executed, Karine was on assignment with Cliph and his research team studying the ruins of a temple on an Outer Rim planet. When news reached the team, she went into hiding with Cliph’s aid taking the role as a research assistant. The amount of time the two spent together brought them closer together and they were married in 9 BBY. Karine gave birth to Dash in 4 ABY on her home planet of Tralus in the Corellia system before the little Malo family returned to the Outer Rim. News of the second Death Star’s destruction brought a time of relative peace and relaxation for the Malos as they settled down for a few years. In 11 ABY, an upstart bounty hunter in need of credits was seeking out Jedi to make his fortune… On a fluke he recognized Karine from some old holos that he’d been studying and shot her down just outside the Malo’s home.

      Dash’s father, Cliph Malo was a former professor of history at the Republic University on Tralus with a special interest in the traditions and heritage of Corellian Jedi. Following Order 66 and the Fall of the Republic, Cliph went to work for a private university with multiple campuses throughout the Outer Rim. The family moved between campuses every couple of years to stay ahead of the Imperial Inquisition. He served as a professor of archaeology until he fell ill about ten years ago. The cost of his medical care forced the family to take a loan from a cartel. Cliph passed away from complications of his condition about six months ago and Dash has been working as a prize fighter to pay off the loan.


      Dash Malo was born in 4 ABY on his mother’s home planet of Tralus in the Corellian system before the family returned to the Outer Rim where his father was working for a private university. Later that year, news of the second Death Star’s destruction reached the Rim and the Malo family felt at ease enough to settle down in one place after having moved every couple of years to avoid notice by the Imperial Inquisition. For the next seven years the Malo family experienced immense joy, Cliph continuing his work at the university while Karine stayed home to educate Dash. That joy was brought to an end when Karine Malo was shot down outside the family home by a young bounty hunter seeking his fortune.

      In 24 ABY, Cliph Malo fell ill with a heart condition. He continued working for the university until his condition made it physically impossible around 30 ABY. When he could no longer work, Dash took it upon himself to make sure that they had the financial means to continue Cliph’s medical treatment. He started out fighting in amateur tournaments until one day a representative of the local cartel approached him with an offer. Dash became a prize fighter for the local cartel in exchange for his father’s medical bills being paid with an additional stipend for living expenses. Dash was clever with his allocation of the additional stipend. He lived an extremely spartan lifestyle and stashed as many credits as he could. Dash was aware that Cliph’s condition was declining and it would only be a matter of time before he passed. Dash knew that if he wanted to leave the service of the cartel when his father passed that he would either have to pay a hefty sum or flee and either way that would require credits.

      Six months ago Cliph Malo passed away from complications of his heart condition. Dash spoke with the head of the cartel trying to figure out an exit strategy. He was given an itemized list of every expense the cartel had paid in medical and living expenses as well as the cost of promoting his fights. Dash knew that he would never make enough credits to pay off the list, and the cartel made it a point to place him in increasingly difficult fights. It was obvious to Dash that they were trying to kill him, but they didn’t want to miss a potential pay out. A week ago Dash was schedule to fight a Wookie slave in a death match… the first of his career. Dash put into action a plan he’d been working on since his father’s passing. Minutes before the fight was supposed to begin there were explosions at the venue, in the chaos and confusion Dash slipped out of the facility and was spirited away by an old family friend who happened to have some smuggling connections. After a week of transit Dash finally arrived on Yavin VIII, the home of the New Jedi Order.

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      Great looking bio! Welcome to the NJO. You can select a master to train you (although some are absent at the moment) and then hopefully get started on your adventures in the galaxy!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tessa Rendahl View Post
      You can select a master to train you (although some are absent at the moment)
      Really? It works like that? When has it ever worked like that? Where's the list?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Desbre Gensan View Post
      Really? It works like that? When has it ever worked like that? Where's the list?
      It has been like this for some time. The list is on the Masters Available to Train thread in the All About the New Jedi Order forum, although as I stated to Dash already, not many are around or are active. But Dash PMd me and we are making plans for his training.

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