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      Jacob then chuckled, "Yeah, I suppose."

      When Tasha spoke of more terms as he explained that she would need a public job to throw off the others on Ruusan he noted that she put her hands to her face. As the contents of her bag shifted he could slightly hear metal inside there. Not that he cared what she carried but he did hear it to some degree. It was then that Tasha said that she didn't wish to use a lightsaber. Although that revelation came as a surprise, he then nodded. Some didn't wish to use one and he had to respect that. Which is what he did, he respected that term and notion that she wanted. Building a metal blade herself he would like to see. That he figured would be interesting.

      "Fair enough." Jacob said as he then cracked his neck, "If you can incorporate the slug thrower into your style that should be interesting. But, I will teach you the basics of using the blade. Lightsaber combat and regular blade combat aren't all that different to be honest."

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      "It sounds like we have reached amenable terms then."* She leaned forward and opened her bag aside from her clothes and materials there was also a full face rebreather mask.

      "I figured i would need one of these in my adventures with your group. Speaking of, are there any hoops i need to jump through as an initiation?"* Tasha took out a small puzzle box and started into working out the tricks of the item. It helpped calm her nerves after all, The simple pleasure of a good puzzle.

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      Jacob nodded, "It seems we have."

      With that he saw the mask she had. It would do but at times she should wear different clothing just to be sure that no one would recognize her. Not that most would anyways considering where they were going in the first place. But, it didn't hurt to always have another idea in the pocket. Jacob certainly had many ideas and plans in case, but at times if something didn't work then he just did something in the moment. It worked at times and other times it made things worse. Though, that was just part of life it seemed.

      "No, nothing like that. You can be yourself while your on Ruusan. I'm certain most wouldn't know who you are. Your records and anything else are wiped clean. It's like you didn't even exist until now. Well, in a sense anyways." Jacob said with a half smile, as he watched her play with the puzzle.

      It took around half an hour before they reached the planet of Ruusan. The colorful atmosphere was in view as they were slowing the descent. When the entire planet came into view they were reaching the capital and the ship yard that they were landing in. If one looked into the distance out the window they'd see the charred remains of the church that Jacob built and had established. Before it was all taken away in the blink of an eye. They were still cleaning up what was left of it. Though Jacob would rebuild once more and find those responsible.

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