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      Happy Hour (Wallace)

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      Several weeks had passed since DM arrived on Yavin and in that time he had yet to venture outside of the Jedi temple. His life had settled into a steady routine of morning run, Force training, breakfast, archive studies, lunch, saber training, afternoon workout, dinner, additional archive studies, and sleep. He was thankful to have both a purpose and a routine to keep his mind occupied... but he found himself desiring a conversation with anyone about anything... Master Tessa was an incredible teacher, but he'd only interacted with her as Master and pupil and if he was completely honest he found himself a little intimidated by the disparity in their knowledge and skills. He needed break, which is how he came to find himself in the Mountain Side Tavern.

      Dash entered the building and allowed his eyes to scan the room. From the number and spacing of the tables he believed that this place at one time or another had been very popular though the number of patrons currently occupying the establishment was paltry at best. From behind the bar he hear "Have a seat where ever you like." He nodded to the bartender with a grateful smile before making his way across the bar to a booth along the far wall. The location of the seat would allow him to see anything that happened or anyone within the bar. A few moments later the server came by with menu and said "What can I get you to drink?"

      "A Transdoshan Ale please." DM responded. As the server moved off to get his drink, the man opened the menu to see what the local cuisine looked like.

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      Finishing the ships landing procedure the Jedi Knight known as Wallace Riker sat back in his seat nonchantly. The trip had gone good, he had been asked by the insitute to check out a region on the world of Agamar. It had been the site of a Separatist holdout that managed to continue to exist into the era of the Empire before it finally fell. There had been rumors that there were still more places on the world that held various weapon caches and battle droids. Some rumors made mention of a long ago fabled battle between a Jedi and Sith as well though Wallace had come to find that was the stuff of imaginative story tellers as told by space faring wanderers who always enjoyed a good story, even if it had no basis in reality. There had been a Separtist ship hidden away at the base of a cliff, vegetation and bush had come to cover much of it over the decades since, inside there had been several deactivated groups of battle droids. Wallace had managed to enter the ship and explore it finding no resistence, everything must have been shut down to avoid detection as best as possible. Thankfully he had been given a small transmitter that would signal if any of the old Separtist ships or droids were around and had managed to find the location on his third week there. Old stuff from the clone war era once properly de armed or fully deactivated made prized exhibts on many worlds, once he had made sure the reactivation system was destroyed he contacted the insitute of the location and the prize that lay there.

      Walking through the space port after landing he thought about going to his quarters but decided there was plenty of time to rest later, for now he felt like a drink. Whistling a little tune he changed direction and started for the cantina, entering the place he let the tune he was whistling fade away. Striding up to the bar he ran his fingers atop the counter as he looked upon the various bottles before settling upon Soulean brandy. Two ice cubes clinked in the glass as Wallace took it from the bartender and gave a grin.

      "Here's mud in your eye" he said before taking a shot of the brandy, turning around to lean against the bar Wallace took another look at the various patrons throughout the bar, he saw a few he knew as regulars, some others might be merely passing through. Traders and temporary visitors were not uncommon. All walks of life came through, some looking for help, occassionally every once in awhile someone wanted to see if they could outdrink a Jedi also came issuing forth a challenge. He had personally defeated four different people of different species. It didn't appear there were any such challengers this day but you never knew what might come ones way.

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      DM watched as a new face entered the tavern. He didn't know the man, but he moved with a similar ease as Master Tessa. Dash suspected that the man was a member of the Order.

      The server returned with the ale and sat it on the table. "Are you ready to order or do you need another minute?"

      Dash looked at the server and said "Who is the man that just came in?"

      The server looked towards the bar and replied, "That's Wallace Riker. One of the Jedi Knights from the temple."

      "Ah OK." Dash responded. He hadn't had the chance to speak with many other Jedi in his time on Yavin as many of them were off world attending to their duties. This would be a great opportunity he thought... "I'm going to need another minute with the menu, but would you please get Master Riker another drink and put it on my tab?"

      "Sure no problem." The server replied and moved off towards the bar.

      Dash took a sip of his ale and found the crisp beverage refreshing.

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      Pressing the glass to his mouth Wallace was enjoying the brandy while leaning against the counter, his mind on potential future trips on behalf of the Adama Institute. There always seemed to be some object that needed verifying, some site that needed to scanned and cataloged. Wallace never minded such trips, they allowed him time to enjoy different worlds, get exposed to new cultures and peoples. Occassionally to run away from them should the trip go south. The Force had proven a great boon in keeping himself alive during some of the more dangerous situations, once he took it for luck, now he knew better. Not that there were that many dangerous days, certainly nothing compared to the red tape that often appeared when something of worth was found, in those cases everyone wanted a piece of the find. The local people, the local government, wealthy patrons on planet, wealthy patrons off planet, protesters that said nothing should be disturbed and the odd potential rival who wanted to get the goods first and make a claim. Some were professionals in the field, some were treasure hunters, the random bounty hunter might even show up. He hated dealing with them, bounty hunters preferred to be demanding first and threatening second, nothing good ever came out of one appearing.

      The sound of a glass being put down on the counter just behind his shoulder caused Wallace to slightly turn around as the bartender pushed the glass to the Jedi. "A drink from the man over there." Wallace gave the bartender a nod before downing the reminder of the brandy from his first drink and picked up the new one that had unexpectedly come his way. It hadn't been the first time he been given free drinks, thankful citizens for the aid of the Jedi bestowed drinks upon any Jedi that might be in the bar should they see one. It didn't matter if it was the same Jedi who had helped them or a completely different one, or even if the place was packed full of them, thankful beings often showed their gratitude by purchasing drinks as best they could do. Not that it was ever asked for, nor was it often turned down. Sharing a drink was a small but effective way to grow bonds with people, it also had the benefit of making the Jedi more relatable to people who did not always know what they were or how they acted in daily life.

      Wallace didn't know the man who had purchased him a drink, if the man was a trader, a new member of the Jedi order or what. Not that it mattered, he appreciated the drink so it would take nothing to exchange a few words with the stranger. It was the least a Jedi could do and most appreciated a Jedi taking the time to speak to them. Walking over he rose up the drink slightly in a toast. "Thanks for the drink, been a few weeks since had a chance to indulge."

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