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    Thread: Desbre Gensan

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      Info Desbre Gensan

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      Please Note: This character was accepted in 2016 and has been in play for years. This post is ONLY for bookkeeping and reference sake so that I and other people have easy access.

      NAME: Desbre Gensan

      FACTION: New Jedi Order
      RANK: Jedi Padawan

      • SPECIES: Arkanian offshoot
      • AGE: 24
      • SEX: Female
      • HEIGHT: 5'6" (1.67 meters)
      • WEIGHT: 155 lbs (70.3 kilos)
      • EYES: Silver/Gray
      • HAIR: Platinum white, long, often with a slight wave to it
      • SKIN: Pale/light
      • FORCE SENSITIVE: Very sensitive/strong


      Analytical Mind, Intuitive Grasp - Related to the heightened intellect, Desbre evaluates information with intuitive ease and speed, grasping concepts and information quickly. She learns rapidly and generally makes very good choices

      Mechanic/Tinker - While working as a pilot, Des was often responsible for looking after her vehicle, or while racing, made many changes and modifications to the toys she took to race. This makes her something of a gearhead and with her analytical mind, capable of figuring out most bits of technology quickly.

      Heightened Intelligence - Like most Arkanians, Desbre possesses a higher than average intelligence. In her particular case, she is within the lower stages of genius level intellect. She is capable of processing multiple streams of information simultaneously and maintaining a high level of focus and concentration.

      Infrared/heat vision - Like virtually all Arkanians, Desbre sees not only the visible light spectrum, but down into the bottom of the infrared spectrum. This allows her to see even in complete darkness (for most sentients), and even register changes in blood flow or body temperature, especially in low light. It allows her to see things that may be concealed such as warm wiring behind walls, people hiding in foliage, and see through many stealth fields and Force-based stealth powers depending on how they operate. The trade-off is that on planets with particularly intense sunlight, or powerful sources of heat can be painful, even blinding and must wear darkened glasses or goggles to filter out the intensity. (Ex: Tatooine, vs say ... Kashyyk which would be fine.) Desbre's particular offshoot was engineered for the mines on Arkania and thus she handles darkness and dim conditions with more ease and prefers them.

      Arkanian Physiology
      Like the rest of her species, Desbre possesses infrared vision in addition to the normal visible light spectrum. Due to Arkania's cold environment, she is more suited to cold environments and is more comfortable in them. Temperate environments are fine, but tropical environs and hot deserts are quite problematic without an adjustment period or other means of adaptation.

      Unlike most of her kind, she has hands with four fingers instead of three, as well as opposable thumbs. The fingers are slender and dexterous for sorting through ore, but with a strong grip. Her overall frame is built for a mix of strength, speed, and endurance, able to work long hours with less fatigue. She has pointy ears which are only slightly better at hearing and mostly cosmetic. And her eyes have been modified to have a semblance of an iris and pupil. And like most of her species she possesses more symmetrical features which most sentients find attractive, and she has very little ego to her personality. She is known to have a fair bit of charm and when not torturing herself, is bright, friendly, and generally good company to be around.

      Old Soul - Due to losses at a young age and some personal traumas, Desbre not only learns fast, but appears to have wisdom that comes to her sometimes through inspiration but most of the time, through the lens of a tougher life experience.

      Skilled pilot - Desbre's first career was as a professional driver and a racing pilot. She can handle anything from a speeder bike or swoop bike to any small nimble starship with ease and loves to fly.

      Addict - Desbre went through about of some drug and alcohol abuse during her time racing. She has resorted to using it as a coping mechanism as an adult now and again. Though she is currently clean, she has relapsed in the past. But she has also cleaned her act up without the help of rehabilitation, demonstrating great will and fortitude.

      Wounded Spirit - Desbre, through a series of unfortunate events has found little but loss. It seems every time she finds something good, it gets taken away. This happens so much, especially in recent years, that she believes something is wrong with her. Or that she has done something wrong, and continually punishes herself internally, leaving her wounded and hurting. This often manifests itself in bouts of depression

      Force Powers Known
      • Control Pain
      • Force Leap
      • Force Empathy
      • Force Sight
      • Force Speed
      • Telekinesis
      • Telepathy
      • Saber Style/Tech: Form I (Shii-cho) - Advanced

      Describe your character's physical appearance. While your avatar should represent your character's appearance, there might be some things not apparent in it for use in role-playing. Height, weight, eye color, hair color, and skin color may also be listed here.


      Folding pocket knife
      Small but high quality tool kit

      SHIP: Loronar B-7 light freighter

      In the Beginning
      Desbre was considered a talented girl as she grew up. She was athletically inclined, but also wise. Not only did she grasp information very quickly, she understood people easily. The girl had more sense than most and seemed to always know just what to do. While not super-smart for her kind she certainly was on par with them and did well academically. Tragedy struck when she was eleven. Her parents perished in an unfortunate speeder crash, but she survived.

      This terrible event put her in the care of her paternal grandparents. Relations with her grandfather, Holward were decent. There was a much stronger bond with her grandmother, Karlize. She began to hit puberty around fourteen. Missing her parents along with her sister Hannsylv she began to stay out late and act out. With some of the local boys, she began to get into swoop piloting, at first just for fun. It also provided an outlet for her youthful energies. Her mouth and rebellious side also got her into altercations now and again. There wasn’t much more to do in a small mining town. The tunnels underneath the frozen tundra of Arkania made for great places to race.

      By the time she was seventeen years of age Desbre was blossoming into a young woman. Already she was a better racer than almost anyone on her local circuit. She picked up a second job piloting speeders or barring that, handling haulers. At that point, her grandparents didn’t see her much, though her grades were relatively decent.

      One night, after a fight with her grams (grandmother) she had stormed out of the house. Angry, she hopped on her bike and sped off to meet her friends, which were effectively a swoop gang. She needed to blow off some steam. Desbre entered a four-person race through some of the more dangerous tunnels. Why would she care? She knew all the tunnels by now like they were her own home. During the race, along the way she developed a stillness, within the moment. Time seemed to slow some, and she could feel… how things were about to go. It was a kind of awareness she’d never felt. But at the same time, she felt something cold and terrible seep through her. There was distress... and pain.

      In a moment of lost concentration, one of the other racers kicked her into a wall. It took every bit of skill and control not to wipe out at over three hundred kilometers per hour. By the time she made it safely to the ground, deep in the frigid tunnels her swoop barely functioned. With a little bit of work, she limped it back. Returning to comlink range, it was then that the call came in from her grandfather. Grams was at the med-center. The techs were saying it was a stroke, caused by the spike in blood pressure. She’d had an aneurysm. It looked bleak. Hijacking one of her friends' rides, Desbre streaked to the treatment center. But it was too late.

      It was a cold sledgehammer to the gut, losing grams. It was like losing her parents all over again. She found it incredibly hard to live with herself. Her older sister could seem to do no wrong by comparison. And things were even more strained with her grandfather. After a time she forced herself to get back into the motion of things. She swore off partying. No more doing stupid stuff. No more fighting with her kin.

      Eventually, she talked with her grandfather about that night amid tears. She described how she knew what happened. He suggested that maybe she had some lingering talent in the Force. It had been in the family history hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. She doubted, of course. He countered her doubts, pulling up old family archives. She began to do her own research when she had the time between work and school, both of which she threw herself into. Completing her primary education, she continued to pilot. She made more friends with the miners and other locals. Throwing herself into the work, she gained a reputation for being a hard worker. Relentless in her efforts, and outstanding in her ability. Desbre sought to make her family proud, and banish the specter of pain and death. Still, she never felt she measured up. Her grandfather never said it, but she felt he remained disappointed. Whether it was true or not, she did not know.

      Soon she scraped enough credits in chits, along with some diamonds. Discussing it with her grandfather she took a temporary leave from Arkania. She would travel and with any luck… visit the Jedi and find out if there was more to it.

      Three Years Later (Present Day)
      Three and a half years later, Desbre sits in a dark place. Upon journeying to the temple she could locate, she spent a week among the padawans and candidates. Intrigued and excited, she plied many with questions, as much as they questioned her. But soon she the order accepted for training. In a time of upheaval and conflict, the solace of a temple wasn't always available. The Order placed her with a teacher, a new Knight. She would be his first pupil. The two seemed to take to each other well, and he proved to be an apt teacher. Desbre absorbed the knowledge like a sponge, grasping what he taught quickly, eagerly. She proceeded with an open, ungreedy heart. She made friends with a second student he'd taken on. This other student had some prior training. Desbre found with the other, someone she could measure against. But at the same time, they became friends. Des did all she could to learn and applied herself constantly.

      But it would not last. For reasons never told, her first teacher abandoned her. Or perhaps the order reassigned the man. For a time she roamed the halls of the Jedi alone. She absorbed what she could from group classes, and training on her own with what she'd learned so far. A time later she transferred to a satellite Enclave where a new instructor waited. Her new instructor initially approached with a false cheerfulness. It grated on every nerve-ending she had. When the facade dropped, things improved. Training continued apace, and once again Desbre applied herself with single-minded focus.

      After a couple of months, the Order transferred her back to their main temple. Did her second teacher grow tired of her? Did they run out of things to teach her? Did she do something wrong? Noone ever explained, merely passed orders to the would-be Knight. With no new teacher, feeling like a failure, unwanted, alone, and isolated, even among so many... all she had was training. Training day and night. Never truly resting, she pushed herself. Des worked to stretch her abilities to the limit. She trained against droids, trained against anyone who would seek to spar or train with her. She soaked up as much as she could from group classes once more, but still felt like a marginalized outsider. Was she not doing enough? Was she not training hard enough? What was wrong with her? Did nobody want to take her on?

      Nearing a breaking point, one of the order reached out, at one of her lowest moments. She recognized the pain, the anguish. She saw Desbre put her heart and soul into her training was traveling a self-destructive path. She decided to take Des on as a student. But she would have to stop training for now. She needed to heal, to recover. So Des did. The woman began to help her heal, but eventually, she too vanished without a trace. What trust she had has broken.

      There had to be something fundamentally wrong with her. Something she couldn't understand. Not yet. Or... Someone was trying to keep her alone, isolated. It looked like someone wanted to groom her for some kind of manipulation.

      In the most recent upheavals, she took back to the spacelanes in her ancient ship, on her own for now. Arguably skilled, she seeks fresh answers, fresh destiny. Perhaps she's slipped free of the former bonds she had. She's set to find her own way, her own answers.

      Desbre is a female offshoot Arkanian. This essentially makes her a second-class citizen among people. She is a swoop racer and a pretty good pilot due to fast reflexes and high dexterity. She's also pretty flexible. great hand-eye coordination. She's stronger than a lot of her kind. Her offshoot design is for physical labor, such as with the local mining operation. In line with this, they are tougher and hardier. They are also suitable for vehicle repairs, and dexterous tasks. She worked as a hovertruck driver for a while. She has genius-level intelligence. Despite this Desbre did not obtain any 'highly marketable skills' other than piloting and racing. Racing, however, proved far more lucrative. She’s grown wiser than most would guess for being a twenty-four year old. By the same token, she’s also lost much in those short years. She has a strong sense of self and personality.

      Personality-wise she was a wild child which got her into a lot of the 'wrong' things. She made friends in low places. Lived on the street. Joined the racing circuit. Lived off her wits doing dangerous crap. She is a bit of an adrenaline junky. She's kind of a smart-***. Desbre dislikes fake people or those that put on a false image in their personal lives. The girl will push buttons sometimes in subtle ways if she senses there is a bit of fun to be had. Desbre often seems like the cat that ate the canary. She is a quick study and grasps many things quickly or seemingly intuitively. If you are her friend she will defend you fiercely unless your actions are indefensible. She’s choosy about who makes that list, and if you do, she considers you special. Perhaps a little impulsive or impatient she doesn’t waste time on ‘stupid things’. The death of her grandmother taught her a measure of temperance. And it taught her the value of connection. This has humbled her measurably to those that know her. She has mellowed in the last few years. She cannot abide insults to her intelligence. She knows looks fade, and the body deteriorates. The mind will eventually be all that she has left, and so she treats her intelligence and wit with care.

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