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      Initiation Into the Ranks (Jack Aleron)

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      Jedi Master Aura SunRider strode into the dojo for padawans. It would be Jack's first lesson so Aura wanted to make a good impression. Her attire consisted of a tan shirt with matching pants. She had on her white canvas shoes to complete the garb. Aura motioned to the center of the room, a ray of sun light accenting her light auburn hair. She sensed Jack Aleron in the dojo before seeing him.

      "Welcome to the New Jedi Order......Jack Aleron," she declared, according him with a nod of recognition.
      I am a Noble Warrior of Light. I battle against the forgers of pain. My blades are the tools of my will and the extension of my destiny.

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      Jack was surprised to be getting a new master since Amalia left. He had been training both physically and with what force powers he learned since her departure after his extended leave of absence. Wearing a sleeves white shirt showing off his large arms and black pants his black hair in a ponytail.

      "Hello master sunrider and thank you for the welcome" he said with a slight bow his training saber at his hip unsure of what this training session might entail. Since every person was different he wanted to give a good first impression as a student.

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      Aura bowed in turn getting out her data pad.

      "Says here Master Amalia trained you for a while. I have the facts, but I want you to say in your own words what Force training techniques have you learned?" Aura inquired waiting for his answer.

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