After settling in, getting to know the basic areas of the temple, Nila soon found herself easily drawn to the library or Jedi Archives area of the temple. Back on Corellia, she would visit the local library of her area at least once a week. She loved to read and research. Though the Jedi Temple had quite the number of the same basic concepts, its methods were different in terms of how one used the library. If Nila wanted to do some research, for instance, she had to check in, with some kind of login code. At the moment, she was having trouble accessing her profile for the temple, if only because she couldn't login yet. The librarian had offered her an access card and the information she needed to login, even asking if she needed assistance signing in. Of course, she'd said no thank you, figuring she could figure it out all on her own. She'd been wrong, but not one to give up, she persistently kept trying.

When she had arrived in the library, the librarian had not found her straight away, so she'd initially gone exploring, pulling various datasticks and holobooks. Excitedly, she had taken about four or five of each, not really grasping any kind of concept for rules. When the librarian had caught her, she'd been offered a sympathetic expression and had taken a moment to sit with Nila and explain the rules. Straight away, she had apologized, explaining that she'd been used to the system at the library back at home. She was told not to worry, and that it was okay, and that she just needed to sign in on the main computer. Each datastick and holobook had specific due dates of when they were to be returned, so it was important to check them out first. Then there was the concept of trying to figure out which items she could check out and which ones she couldn't. She was a Jedi Padawan, so did have some restriction, but it was all fairly new to her, but hopefully she would be bound to catch up on everything very quickly. She was nervous about holding onto items that were not yet checked out, in case someone else was after similar items. Not one to be greedy or selfish, she'd definitely find herself handing over items of personal interest to others should they need them. She could always check items out at a later date if she needed to.

Having offered a minor squeal of delight for finally finding the ability to check into the main computer after twenty minutes of being unsuccessful, Nila found herself blushing while looking around in embarrassment for being just a little too loud. "Sorry," she whispered, actually hoping no one would even really notice, but she felt inclined to apologize, just the same. Logging in had only been part of the process, next Nila found herself attempting to work on her profile, which set to go in as smoothly as logging in had. Good thing she was capable of being patient.